Everyone knows their star signs, but we wanted to find out whether the British public knows their Birthstones....

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What is my Birthstone?

At Joshua James Jewellery, we surveyed over 1000 people to see what they knew about their star-signs and birthstones. We found that the British public is clued up on their star-signs and birthstones, with 99.5% of people knowing their star sign and 83% of respondents aware of their birthstones.

We then asked if people thought their destiny was written in their horoscopes and whether carrying their birthstones would bring them any luck. Over 40% of people stated their life accurately reflects their horoscope, with 35% believing that their birthstones would bring them luck. Wearing or carrying your birthstone is said to positively affect your life.

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What we do know is that these birthstones look beautiful and would make a colourful addition to anyone's outfit.

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