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How to Clean Your Jewellery: The Ultimate Care Guide

When was the last time you gave your jewellery a good clean? From your everyday accessories to the standout pieces that are saved for special occasions, all jewellery needs a little TLC to remain beautifully sparkling. We’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to clean and maintain your jewellery, from simple home remedies to using specially formulated cleaning products from Connoisseurs. Our guide on how to look after new jewellery offers quick and easy tips for day-to-day jewellery care , but if you’re looking for something a little more... Read More


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020: Jewellery, Figurines & More

 It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to treat the father figure in your life. Whether it’s your father, a grandparent, father-to-be or a male mentor who has always been there for you, now is the perfect time to show him just how special he is and how much you appreciate him.  Whether you’re looking to splash out and wow him with a stunning piece of designer jewellery, or simply looking for inspiration here at Joshua James, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to make this Father’s Day the best one yet.    JEWELLERY GIFT IDEAS   Here at Joshua James we offer a range of magnificent jewellery to suit every budget, along with free... Read More


The Joshua James Guide to Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Every love story is unique, and you’ve probably realised that your partner is just as unique. If you have found the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then it’s time to pop the question. But finding the right ring can be a challenge all of its own. Especially, if you know your bride-to-be is not a lover of traditional style. So, you may be asking yourself, what’s next? Traditionally, most engagement rings are a simple silver or gold band with a small to medium... Read More


Watch Buying Guide: How to Choose your First Designer Watch

Tired of watches that lose accuracy, show scratches or simply fall apart after less than a year? It might be time to consider a higher quality designer watch that will last!  The good news is that quality watches don’t have to come with a jaw-dropping price tag – there’s no need to break the bank if you’re simply looking for a stylish watch that will last. We have a diverse selection of fashionable watches for men, women and children here at Joshua James, all designed to accompany you from day... Read More


Star Sign & Birthstone Jewellery: Gift Ideas for Gemini

Next up in our zodiac series: Gemini! Looking for the perfect personalised gift for your starry-eyed friend? A piece of zodiac or birthstone jewellery should do the trick. With designs ranging from casual chic to breath-takingly luxurious, we’re going to cover some of our favourite Gemini gift ideas here at Joshua James. But first, let’s take a look at what it means to be born under this complex star sign: Key Facts about Gemini Dates: May 22 – June 21 Symbol: The Twins Element: Air Personality traits: Complex, intelligent, witty,... Read More


World Bee Day: Bee Themed Jewellery To Make A Buzz

Did you know that May 20th is globally recognised as World Bee Day?  This celebration dates back to just 2017, when it was formally recognised by the UN. This means that many people are still unfamiliar with the day – so what’s all the buzz about? We’re going to cover the relatively recent origins of World Bee Day, along with the best ways to celebrate and our favourite bee-themed jewellery picks to get you in the spirit! How and when did World Bee Day start? World Bee Day began in... Read More

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Pearl Jewellery: A Look at Fashion’s Most Timeless Trend

A gemstone that has effortlessly endured the test of time, the pearl represents one of the biggest and longest lasting trends to have dominated the jewellery world.  No longer reserved for special occasions or your grandma’s jewellery box, pearl jewellery continues to trend in 2020, constantly showcased in new and exciting ways by top designers and brands. But it’s fair to say that this lustrous gemstone has come a long way over the centuries, consistently adapting and updating to reflect the latest jewellery trends.   We’re here to explore the fascinating... Read More


Wedding Trends 2020: Themes, Dresses & Bridal Jewellery Ideas

The current pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for couples across the country, as many have been forced to postpone or even cancel their upcoming nuptials. As uncertainty continues to dominate, it remains unclear as to when circumstances will return to normal, and so many have put off their wedding planning for the time being. Especially for those with hopes for large, lavish weddings filled with hundreds of guests, it seems unlikely that their dreams will become a reality this year.  But did you know that many... Read More


How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Firstly, let’s start this post with a huge congratulations to you and your partner! If you have found yourself researching the perfect engagement ring selfie, then you may have answered that all-important question, or you expect to be doing so soon. So, it makes perfect sense that you want to be prepared with all the hints and tips on how to take the perfect engagement ring photo to announce to the world the start of your new chapter.  When it comes to gym selfies, duck-face pouts or mirror selfies you... Read More


Star Sign & Birthstone Jewellery: Gift Ideas for Taurus

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can sometimes feel like a mammoth task. For any ladies who love the more luxurious things in life, jewellery is a fail-safe gift that is sure to earn you major brownie points! If there’s a birthday coming up over the next couple of months that you need inspiration for, why not consider a piece of jewellery inspired by their star sign? A personalised gift is sure to go along way, as it shows the recipient that you know them well and want... Read More


How to Organise Your Jewellery: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you starting to run out of things to do around the house? You’ve trimmed the hedges; dusted every surface; alphabetised your bookshelf; fixed that leaky tap that’s been bugging you for months. Let’s be honest, this is probably the most thorough spring cleaning and DIY season you’ve ever had!  Before you go stir crazy, remember there’s probably one thing you haven’t done yet. It’s a time-consuming activity that many women tend to put off for as long as possible, but it’s something you should definitely include in your spring... Read More