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How to Clean Your Jewellery: The Ultimate Care Guide

When was the last time you gave your jewellery a good clean? From your everyday accessories to the standout pieces that are saved for special occasions, all jewellery needs a little TLC to remain beautifully sparkling. We’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to clean and maintain your jewellery, from simple home remedies to using specially formulated cleaning products from Connoisseurs. Our guide on how to look after new jewellery offers quick and easy tips for day-to-day jewellery care , but if you’re looking for something a little more... Read More


Christmas Countdown: How to be Prepared with Joshua James

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun, with just 3 months left to go now until the big day! That might sound like a long time to some people, but we believe that now is the perfect time to start buying your gifts – or at least start thinking about what to buy for those special people in your life. We’ve put together some top tips to help you get the most out of your budget and avoid the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping! 1. Stay organised with... Read More


How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

As you are no doubt already aware, here at Joshua James, we are dedicated to the selection and care of truly stunning jewellery and accessories. And we think that there is no piece of jewellery more special than your engagement ring. For many of us, it is the first truly sentimental piece of jewellery that we own, and of course, it is a sign of your commitment to your other half. So, with all this considered, we wanted to make sure that you have all of the information, tips and... Read More


Libra Gift Ideas: Star Sign & Birthstone Jewellery

As we sadly bid farewell to summer and enter into autumn, those born under the Libra star sign get their moment in the spotlight.  Whether you’re a Libra looking for more information about your sign or a loved one looking for gift inspiration, here at Joshua James we’ve put together the ultimate Libra gift guide to help you out! Key Facts about Libra Star Sign Dates: September 23 – October 23 Symbol: The Scales of Justice Element: Air Personality Traits: Trustworthy, diplomatic, sociable, witty, romantic Interests: Fashion, creative arts, travel,... Read More


Wedding Planning: Our Top Tips for Organising Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy task. In fact, some couples will sink hundreds of hours (and a lot more money!) into organising the event, only to find that they’ve no energy left to fully enjoy it! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to streamline your wedding planning experience and ensure that you can make the most of your big day. We’re going to share our top tips for organising your wedding, whether you’re opting for a no-frills ceremony or a fairytale extravaganza. Is planning a wedding really that hard?... Read More


Back to School Gift Guide 2020: Gift Ideas for Teachers & Students

Summer is coming to an end (didn’t it only just start last week?) and that means it’s almost time for school to begin again. The idea of returning to school in 2020 might be more daunting than usual for many students and teachers. On top of the usual school stress, they must also adapt to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis. That’s why we’ve put together this special 2020 back to school gift guide, with meaningful gift ideas for teachers and students! A small but thoughtful present can make... Read More


Wedding Ring Care Guide

Whether it’s gold, platinum, set with diamonds or plated with rhodium – every wedding band requires regular TLC. This is a ring that you’ll wear for a lifetime, and so it’s vital that you take proper care to maintain its beauty and lustre. While wedding bands are crafted from precious and durable metals, they also have to put up with daily wear-and-tear, and even the hardiest of rings will begin to suffer eventually! We’ve put together our answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding wedding ring care, from polishing... Read More


Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 Jewellery Trends: What To Wear

As we move towards September, it’s nearly time to break out the chunky knitwear, throw on a cosy scarf and start complaining about the cold weather. But it’s not all doom and gloom – the new season means new and exciting jewellery trends, straight from the runways of London, New York, Milan and Paris. In case you need a little refresher, we’ve broken down some of the key jewellery trends for autumn/winter 2020, along with some additional tips on how to really make your outfit pop this season! AW20/21 Colour... Read More


Virgo Gift Ideas: Star Sign & Birthstone Jewellery

Next up in our zodiac series… the Virgo jewellery gift guide! If you’re on the lookout for a gift for the special Virgo in your life, look no further! From star sign related charms and birthstone jewellery to styles inspired by our favourite Virgo ladies, we’ve gathered together a stunning selection of jewellery that anyone would be lucky to receive. Key Facts about Virgo Star Sign Dates: August 23 – September 22 Symbol: The Maiden Element: Earth Personality Traits: Kind, loyal, attentive, practical, perfectionist Interests: Puzzles, reading, DIY, gardening What... Read More


Placeholder Engagement Rings: 2020’s Latest Proposal Trend

Planning a surprise proposal but want to choose your engagement ring as a couple? Or perhaps you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship, but don’t have the funds right now to buy your dream ring?  Placeholder engagement rings are one of the biggest proposal trends for 2020, especially following the severe impact of COVID-19 on many peoples’ financial situations. But many couples still wonder if a temporary ring is right for them, or they simply aren’t aware of the benefits. We’re here to cover everything you need... Read More


How to Pack Jewellery For Travel: DIY Tips & Tricks

Packing jewellery for travel can be a real headache. Necklaces get tangled up, small earrings get lost in the depths of your bag, and you worry about your more delicate pieces getting damaged.  We’re going to show you just how easy it can be to keep your jewellery organised and secure while travelling, whether you’re packing for a one-off summer holiday or constantly on-the-go for work! Read on for our favourite DIY jewellery packing hacks (including advice on how to keep your necklaces from tangling when travelling!) and tips on... Read More