Last Minute Christma Gifts

10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Are you a last-minute shopper? Whether you thrive off the pressure or you simply felt uninspired for gifts this year, the team at Joshua James have your back. From joke pieces that’ll have the recipient giggling to fun for all of the family, we have put together this easy to read last minute Christmas gift guide that’ll give you inspiration for every family member or friend that you have to buy for in 2021.

So, without further ado…

1. Snugzy Cushion

Who wouldn’t want to receive a person-shaped cushion with your face on? First on our list of last-minute Christmas gifts is a Snugzy pillow. Snugzy allows you to personalise a cushion with yours, your mums or even your dog’s face on, and if that isn’t a humorous gift for everybody to laugh over, what is?

Price: £29.99
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 20th December

2. Pictionary Air: Harry Potter

Remember that much-loved game that your grandparents used to get out every Christmas? Well, it’s back and better than ever. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this one’s for you. Draw in the air using your wand and have a whale of a time as those you’re spending Christmas with try and guess what it is as it shows up on your TV screen.

Price: £16.99
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 21st December

3. Happy Socks

Let’s admit it, we all love to receive socks for Christmas. And when they’re from Happy Socks, they’re extra fun. With so many patterns to choose from, including funky pizza slices, you know they’ll brighten anyone’s Christmas day. 

Price: From £6.95
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 19th December

4. Mr & Mrs

Another fantastic game option on our selection of last minute Christmas gifts which you can enjoy, especially if there are plenty of couples in the room is Mr & Mrs. This game puts your relationship to the test as you battle to get the most questions right against other couples. We guarantee everyone will have a ball playing this one!

Price: £17.80
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 22nd December

5. Virgin Experience Day

If you’re still stuck on what your recipient would love, why not give them the opportunity to decide? Virgin Experience Day gift vouchers allow you to keep to a budget and give your nearest and dearest the chance to choose an activity they have always wanted to do. 

With meals on the London Thames to race car driving or even days out for the family to the aquarium, they’ll have an option to suit every cup of tea!

Price: From £5
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 19th December

6. Mini Disney Castle

Next up, we have a gift for those Disney princesses and princes. Lego sets are an excellent gift for both the little ones and adults. Trust us; we’ll still be building Lego at the age of 60. It’s relaxing and a creative lease from life, and this set, in particular, is lovely for those who are Disney mad. They have so many themed sets available, so head to their site to find one to suit your recipient.

Top tip: Let your recipient open this before tickets or an IOU to go to Disneyland Paris! A last minute gift that they’ll be blown away by.

Price: £30.99
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 20th December

7. Daisy May Cooper Book

This might not be one for the faint-hearted, but Daisy May Cooper, the star from BBC’s This Country, has bought out her very own book that’ll have you slapping the table and gasping for breath as you laugh endlessly. A feel-good addition to our collection of last minute gifts.

Price: £10.00
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 22nd December

8. Fitbit Luxe

The wait is over, and now, Fitbit has brought out a fitness and wellbeing watch that looks like a stylish accessory. With a chain-like bracelet strap that connects to the interface where you can track your fitness, keep on top of your Facebook notifications and stay on top of your health. 

Price £179.99
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 20th December

9. The Self Love Colouring Books

As our second to last last minute christmas gifts ideas, we have the self-love colouring book. Found on Etsy, this book is both modern and creative and a much-needed gift for those who like to take their mind off of reality for a little while. Especially fitting for the current climate, this gift can remind someone to love and look after themselves.

Price: £12.00
Last chance to order on standard delivery: 17th December

10. Jewellery

Last but certainly not least, and one of the best last minute Christmas gifts is jewellery. Here at Joshua James Jewellery, we stock so many incredible designer jewellery brands, as well as our own, which can give you a last minute Christmas gift that says a thousand words. From Shaun Leane to ChloBo or for the gents, we even have Fred Bennett and Thomas Sabo; only a handful of the sparkly goodness on our website.

Treat her to a pair of diamond earrings or a promise ring that she can cherish forever. And for him, there’s always the charming Nordgreen watch or a dog tag necklace. The possibilities are endless with Joshua James.

Price: From £5
Last chance to order on DPD next day: 22nd of December @ 1pm

Have we inspired you for your last minute Christmas gifts? From fun to stylish, we have chosen only the best products in this Christmas gift guide. Head over to our Christmas gifts for her and Christma gifts for him if you think jewellery is the right option for you