Personalised Christening Gifts A Stunning Ivory Baby's Gown & Shoes

2021 Christenings: Personalised Christening Gifts & More

With Christenings said to be allowed from May the 17th, according to the GOV.UK, now is the perfect opportunity to start prepping for this joyous occasion. From decorations to the buffet food, topped off with lovingly made personalised Christening Gifts, this is an important event that you can make look the part.

In today’s article, we’re going to be giving you our top tips when planning your Christening in 2021. While you might not be able to invite everyone that you wished, you can still make it a beautiful day that you, your child and your loved ones can cherish for years to come.

Personalised Christening Gifts Parents looking down at their newly christened baby

Step 1) The Outfit

When Christening your baby, you need to think about the adorable gown. Now that the shops are open, its the perfect opportunity to support your local boutiques who will most likely design you a bespoke gown or outfit, making it one of a kind for your special day as a parent. Failing that, there are plenty of shops online that offer stunningly-made Christening Outfits, we have listed a couple of our favourites below:

Personalised Christening Gifts A Little Girl in a Beautiful Ivory Gown
Roco’s Sarah Louise Baby Girls Ivory Dress

Personalised Christening Gifts A Little Boy in a Christening Outfit with Hat
Emile Et Rose’s Pierre Traditional Baby Boys Romper

Step 2) Decorating Your Venue

Although the main event will take place in your local church, you may want to hold a little get-together outdoors with a few of your family and friends as the day is still nigh. If that is the case, finding the right spot is needed! Whether you decide on your lovely spacious back garden or your village hall, getting the venue right sets the scene and atmosphere of the entire event.

To ensure that Covid-19 precautions are always met, we recommend a lovely outdoor space that offers space and peace of mind for all guests. If this so happens to be in your garden, fear not because you can make it look as stunning as you wish; delivering a memorable day for everyone who attends. Through balloon arches, string decorations hanging along your entire garden and preciously decorated table centrepieces, you can transform your garden’s entire aesthetic.

Personalised Christening Gifts Pink Table Decorations, Including Floral Decorated Vases
Personalised Christening Gifts Blue & White Balloons & Paper String Decorations

Step 3) The Cake

Now that you’ve transformed your garden, it’s time to feed your guests. Explore the internet for local catering companies who could really do with the business during this tough time. Whether you decide on afternoon tea or the usual party buffet spread, it’s time to top it off with a cake.

If you’re local to Hull, Kelicious Cakes, a lovely little independent cake maker, creates wonderfully delicious Christening cakes that’ll make for a show-stopping centrepiece for your little one’s big day. Failing that, why not try and bake your own if you’re on a budget? There are plenty of how-to’s on YouTube!

Personalised Christening Gifts A Girls Christening Cake with Flowers
Personalised Christening Gifts A Boys Christening Cake with a Train & Stars

Step 4) Personalised Christening Gifts

Whether you’re a parent who wants to find a keepsake that’ll always remind you of this special day or you’re a guest who is in desperate need of some gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Our wide range of personalised Christening gifts are nothing short of a true sentiment that a baby’s parents can cherish as their little one grows up. Whether you’re looking for personalised christening gifts for girls or boys, we have a wide range of stunning handcrafted kids jewellery from our all-time favourite brand Little Star.

We have given you our top picks below so you can get an idea of how Little Star jewellery offers the perfect symbol of a child’s christening day:

Little Star’s Grace Silver & Diamond Cross Children’s Necklace

Ideal for both boys and girls, this stunning necklace holds the religious elements of a christening, while also looking captivatingly adorable. Using 925 Sterling Silver that is draped around a genuine diamond star, iconic to Little Star, this is a christening gift that you can’t go wrong with.

Little Star’s Gisele Silver & Diamond Heart Baby Bangle

Give a little princess up to 5 years old a gift that keeps on giving for years to come with this Silver & Diamond Heart Baby Bangle. Using 925 Sterling Silver for a sleek finish that offers comfort and safety to a child, finished with a heart and diamond star, this is a gorgeous and traditional personalised christening gift.

Little Star’s Xandra Silver & Diamond Baby Bangle

This unisex bangle offers a contemporary but timeless finish as it uses 925 Sterling Silver and a genuine diamond star for adorable daintiness. Completed with a hinge closure, making it suitable for many ages and boxed in genuine Little Star packaging for authenticity.

Little Star jewellery have a wide selection of baby bangles that can be customised to make a personalised christening gift for boys and girls. By adding your own personalised message, you’re making this gift one-of-a-kind and an emblem that’ll signify this day forever. Personalised christening gifts from godparents can be tough to find, but with Little Star bangles and pendants, you’re given nothing but quality and simple beauty in every single piece. Not to mention, they also create matching pieces for the parents to signify a special bond.

We hope that we have helped you to plan this beautiful occasion for your little one. Are you looking for personalised christening gifts in the UK? Fear not, here at Joshua James, we stock several brands that make heartfelt jewellery pieces suitable for both parents and children. Explore our entire website for more christening gift inspiration our blog for more helpful gift guides!