All That Glitters Shaun Leane wearing his Talon Hoops
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All That Glitters: Styling Shaun Leane Jewellery

Have you been keeping up to date with BBC2’s new talent show ‘All That Glitters’? The show is hosted by Katherine Ryan as she works alongside Shaun Leane & Solange Azagury-Partridge as they find Britains next big jeweller!

Shaun Leane, a world-renowned jewellery designer best known for his sculptural work for Alexander McQueen, stocks his jewellery in our very own shop. Both online and off, we showcase Leane’s most prominent and best-selling pieces such as the Talons & Hook collections which are both affordable and accessible for all budgets.

Each week we’re going to be taking inspiration from the Shaun Leane jewellery that we see in each All That Glitters episode and styling it up just for you. This article will ultimately become a look book for the achievable Shaun Leane style, and we can’t wait to talk to you more about why Shaun Leane should be in your jewellery collection.

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All That Glitters Episode 2
All That Glitters Episode 3
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All That Glitters Ep. 1: Talon Hoops

All That Glitters Shaun Leane using a spectacle to look at someones creation, wearing his Talon Hoops

The infamous Shaun Leane Talon Hoops made a first appearance in the All That Glitters episode on the 13th of April. While Leane’s hoops were adorned by diamonds on the show, the Talon Hoops found in our collection are priced at £225; a fantastic cost for such versatile and timeless earrings. These are also available in both Rose Gold & Silver at Joshua James.

The stunning hoops are inspired by sculptural art and are a true reflection of Shaun Leane’s contemporary and unique aesthetic. When styling these bold but simple small hoops with other jewellery pieces, we recommend leaving these as a statement pair of hoops while wearing your hair up if you’re a female. Then, it’s time to inject further daring but simple pieces through rings & bracelets. We have chosen a few complimentary items below:

All That Glitters Shaun Leane Joshua James Yellow Gold Double Knots Hinged Bangle
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Double Knots Hinged Bangle
All That Glitters Shaun Leane Joshua James Yellow Gold Bar Ring
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Long Bar Column Ring
All That Glitters Shaun Leane ChloBo Gold & lolite Bangle
ChloBo Gold & Iolite Dream Achiever Bangle

All That Glitters Ep. 2: Rose Thorn Studs & More

All That Glitters Shaun Leane speaking to contestants about the challenge

In the second episode of All That Glitters, Shaun Leane wore both his Talon Hoop in one ear and his Rose Thorn Bar Stud in the other ear. Inspired by the seductive and alluring rose, Leane has brought the danger and simple beauty of the thorn to life with his Rose Thorn Collection.

Complimenting his earwear, he is also rocking the Serpents Trace Bracelet that replicates the form of the majestic snake. Shaun feels that the serpent has one of the most magnificent natural structures in the world, which is why he based an entire collection on this Ancient creature.

Lastly, paired with the Trace piece, he is wearing a bracelet from his Quill Collection. Using supple leather, embellished with gold vermeil, the range that this comes from was based on the Porcupine quill to signify warriors and protectors. While we don’t have the exact model featured, our Yellow Gold Vermeil Quill & Black Leather Bracelet is very close, and a lot more affordable.

If you’re drawn towards one or two of the above Shaun Leane Jewellery pieces, here are some complimentary jewellery pieces that’ll make them pop even more:

All That Glitters Shaun Leane Fiorelli Chunky Chain Link Pendant
Fiorelli Silver Chunky Chain Link Pendant
All That Glitters Shaun Leane ChloBo Wave Gold Large Hoops
ChloBo Gold Dancing Waves Large Hoop Earrings
All That Glitters Shaun Leane Fred Bennett Studded Huggy Hoops
Fred Bennett Stainless Steel Pyramid Detail Huggy Earrings

All That Glitters Ep. 3: Silver Arc Collection

All That Glitters Shaun Leane speaking to contestants wearing a branch brooch and interlocking ring

In episode 3 of All That Glitters, Shaun Leane wore very similar to week three, but to top it off he wore a branch brooch on his tie. One collection that he is lovingly showcasing is ‘Interlocking’ which is very similar to our Shaun Leane Arc Collection.

The Arc Collection was derived from the illusion of reflecting light. It captures the powerful structure of a single, sculpted line that looks sophisticated and sharp for the modern male. We have chosen the Single Leather Wrap Bracelet, Arc Triple Bangle & Diamond Tusk Ring that all hold that sleek, interlocking design that really resonates with Shaun’s vision.

The Sabre Collection is where you will find the Tusk-inspired creations from Shaun Leane Jewellery. You may have heard of the iconic Tusk Earring which was first debuted by Alexander McQueen! Well, this diamond-tipped collection is inspired by the architectural work of the House. Embodying strong and precise lines with the simple beauty of the diamond, this is a collection for both men and women.

If you’re a fan of the above, here’s some pieces that you can style them up with for a truly stylish look:

Nomination SeiMia Silver Rigid Necklace
Joshua James Stardust Silver & CZ Curved Bar Stud Earrings
Thomas Sabo Engraved Crossover Ring

All That Glitters Ep. 4: Quill Hoops

All That Glitters Shaun Leane

In episode 4 of All That Glitters, not only did Shaun Leane wear his pieces but so did the presenter Katherine Ryan. Ryan wore the Shaun Leane Yellow Gold Vermeil Quill Large Hoop Earrings from the Quill Collection. Like previously mentioned, this range was designed with the intentions of replicating the porcupine quill, but while still offering that tribal and structural dimension that is always seen throughout Shaun Leane jewellery.

We absolutely love the gold against Ryan’s mustard yellow dress, and feel as though shes showcased the earrings as a one-man show for the outfit which works with many of the earrings found on Joshua James. See below for similar styles that would work as a standalone piece for a true bold statement:

Shaun Leane Vermeil Quill Earrings
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Circle Link Drop Earrings
Nomination Charming Silver & White CZ Pave Rectangle Hoop Earrings

All That Glitters Ep. 5: Engagement Rings

During episode 5 of All That Glitters, Shaun Leane was having a silver moment while wearing his everyday jewellery attire with his Rose Thorn Studs & Diamond Talon Earrings. As you can see in the image above, the Sterling Silver & 0.14ct Diamond Hook Earrings offer the same luxurious and statemented aesthetic as the Talon’s, but with a slightly larger curve.

The Hook Collection by Shaun Leane was designed on the premise of taking the structural beauty of nature and turning it into curves with poise. Leane wanted to convey modern elegance, while still incorporating his iconic style throughout. Adorned with diamonds at the tip, these earrings aren’t for the faint hearted, but act as the perfect finishing touch to any evening look.

Now, we know that Leane wasn’t showcasing his Cherry Blossom collection on the show, but the bespoke challenge given to the contestants was to design and create an engagement ring. While the Sterling Silver & Double Pearl Cherry Blossom Ring isn’t necessarily designed for proposal purposes, the Cherry Blossom Collection is known as Leane’s alternative bridal range.

Using lustrous pearls, brilliant-cut diamonds and sleek enamel, the range unveils the beauty of the Japanese Sakura using precious jewellery pieces that would suit any alternative bride. Pair these pieces with some of the complimentary jewellery items below and you’ll have a stunning look on your hands:

Claudia Bradby Pearl & Silver Cone Earrings
Nomination Charming Silver & White CZ Pave Short-Link Rectangle Necklace
Fiorelli Silver & Clear CZ Twist Bangle

All That Glitters Ep. 6: Signet Rings

For the sixth and final episode of All That Glitters, Shaun Leane was wearing his usual jewellery attire while showcasing a bold & gold signet ring. Created for the Bound Collection, a range that first launched in 2011 but has since concluded, the Silver Star Signet Ring is one of Leane’s personal favourites which he will be reissuing in celebration of the jewellery contest TV show.

As this is a discontinued piece, we, unfortunately, don’t stock the iconic star ring, however, our Shaun Leane product menu does include some of his most memorable and brand-establishing designs and collections that we will forever love. See below for some of our top pick Shaun Leane rings which you can shop on our website now:

Sterling Silver Quill Triple Bar Ring
Yellow Gold Vermeil Rose Thorn Band Ring
Sterling Silver Hook Ring
Sterling Silver Black Rhodium Rose Thorn Wide Band Ring

Congrats to Sussex jeweller Hugo for winning All That Glitters 2021! If you want to watch the full series of All That Glitters and what Shaun Leane jewellery is being showcased on the show, head over to the BBC iPlayer & start shopping on our site!