Aquarius Birthstone Gift Ideas: Star Sign Jewellery

At Joshua James, we feature a whole host of personalised jewellery, perfect for those who are looking for that special gift for someone they love.

Our selection of charms and pendants are ideal for creating an individual piece of jewellery that reflects your style – and what could be more unique than a star sign?

We’re here to give you the rundown on the Aquarius star sign, just in time for any birthdays coming up in January & February! From engravable gold pendants to delicate birthstone earrings, we’ve got a range of personalised Aquarius birthstone gift ideas here at Joshua James.

So… let’s get down to the key Aquarius facts!

Key Facts about Aquarians

Dates: January 21 – February 19

Symbol: Water Carrier

Element: Air

Personality traits: Imaginative, intuitive, quirky, hardworking, sociable

Interests: Sci-fi, technology, art, writing

Famous Aquarians: Oprah Winfrey, Christian Bale, Jennifer Aniston, Shakira

What is the Aquarius Birthstone? An Aquarius Birthstone is the gemstone that responds to those born in the January and February months. And for this particular Zodiac, the birthstone is the mesmerising Amethyst.

An Aquarius is usually seen as a deep thinking, highly intellectual individual who loves to help others and this deep thinking usually leads them to becoming effective problem solvers. Although an Aquarius is often shy and quiet, they can also be energetic and sociable too. They see the world as their oyster, which is full of possibilities and often find themselves bored if they are not being mentally stimulated. Their desire for freedom also means that they hate being tied down and value their independence, making an Aquarius quite the free spirit and a lot of fun to be around.

Aquarius Birthstone Jewellery Gift Ideas

A personalised Amethyst Gem gift is the perfect way to show your friend, relative or partner that you’ve put thought into their present. It could be a zodiac Nomination charm, engraved pendant or an Aquarius gemstone ring. There’s plenty to choose from at Joshua James! Whatever the occasion, a piece of personalised February birthstone jewellery is sure to put a smile on any Aquarian’s face.

Aquarius Star Sign Jewellery Gifts

Is your friend a horoscope fanatic? Or perhaps they’re looking to add a personal touch to their Nomination charm bracelet? No matter their style, our collection of Aquarius zodiac jewellery has something to suit every age, taste and occasion! We’ve picked out just a few of our favourite pieces below…

Stainless steel Nomination charm with 18k gold symbol of the Aquarius water-carrier
Nomination Classic Gold Aquarius Charm
Stainless steel Nomination charm with 18k gold & cubic zirconia Aquarius water-carrier symbol
Nomination Classic Aquarius Cubic Zirconia Charm
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Aquariaus Zodiac Pendant
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Aquarius Zodiac Pendant
Joshua James Silver Aquarius Zodiac Sign Pendant
Joshua James Silver Aquarius Zodiac Sign Pendant
Stainless steel Nomination link with 18k gold oval engraved with 'Aquarius' and zodiac symbol
Nomination Classic Gold Oval Aquarius Charm
Stainless steel Nomination link with 18k rose gold oval engraved with Aquarius zodiac symbol
Nomination Classic Rose Gold Oval Aquarius Charm

Aquarius Birthstone Jewellery Gifts

In our Capricorn gift guide, we noted that the January birthstone is vibrant garnet. But what about Aquarians born in February?

Well, you’re in luck: the birthstone for Aquarius is the beautiful amethyst. A classic stone with a rich history, the Aquarius birthstone color is a deep purple which is often seen as a mysterious, exotic treasure.

We’ve selected just a few of our favourite Aquarius stone pieces for you to peruse below…

Joshua James Radiance Silver with Pink & Purple Amethyst Multi Prong Drop Earrings
Joshua James Gold Plated & Swarovski Amethyst February Birthstone Pendant
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold with Pink Amethyst & Purple Iolite Marquise Cluster Pendant
Fiorelli Silver & Purple Amethyst Crystal Infinity Bracelet
Joshua James Radiance Silver & Purple Brazilian Amethyst Emerald Cut Ring
Nomination Classic Rose Gold February Amethyst Charm

We have a range of Aquarius birthstone jewellery across our site, including our own Birthstone jewellery, all-inclusive of this stunning purple gem. Any of these pieces would make a meaningful gift for those born in this month, but make sure to consider their taste so that you get it just right.

Do they own a Nomination bracelet? Do they prefer gold or silver jewellery? Make sure to mull these things over first before shopping our January Aquarius birthstone jewellery.

To keep up with our Zodiac series, check out the next instalment with the Pisces birthstone!

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