Capricorn Birthstone Jewellery Gift Ideas

Looking to treat the Capricorn in your life? We’ve put together a few sparkling Capricorn birthstone jewellery gift ideas to suit anyone born under this star sign, as well as some key facts that might offer a little extra inspiration.

When it comes to gifting, a little personal touch is always appreciated. If the person you’re buying for is a horoscope fanatic, or simply a fan of all things astrological, then basing your gift around the earth sign Capricorn will always go down a treat. Luckily, the cosmic trend of zodiac birthstones is massive in jewellery right now – so you have the chance to buy them something that is on-trend as well as meaningful. What could be better?

Key Facts about the Capricorn Birthstone

People born: December 22 – January 20

Symbol: Sea-Goat

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Ambitious, responsible, realistic, sensitive, practical, disciplined

Interests: Puzzles, DIY, music, family

Famous Capricorns: Dolly Parton, David Bowie, Kate Middleton, Bradley Cooper

The Capricorn birthstone is one of the more serious signs within the Zodiac. Their independence, leadership and drive mean that they are likely to progress well within their professional lives. The Capricorn nature also possesses a high level of self-control and are highly disciplined, meaning they can make great managers within a business environment. It can also mean that they are good at saving money or achieving goals that they set for themselves. As a friend, the sign of Capricorn will always be there for their close ones and can be very caring towards others. They are also very family-orientated and bare little negative energy.

Capricorn Jewellery Gift Ideas

Within our collection of Capricorn birthstone jewellery, you’ll find a selection of personalised gift ideas that any friend or family member is sure to love – from meaningful Nomination charms to luxurious birthstone necklaces. Click below to view all Capricorn birthstone jewellery gifts, or read on to discover our favourites!

Capricorn Star Sign Jewellery Gifts

From delicate engraved pendants to cute Nomination charms, each of our Capricorn birthstone gifts features the bold Sea-Goat symbol or astrological sign. If your giftee is a big Nomination fan, there are a number of charms to choose from, whether their taste is gold, rose gold or silver. We also have a selection of beautiful engraved Capricorn necklaces, designed to make you go starry-eyed! See our top picks below…

ChloBo Gold Link Chain Earth Necklace

Classic Silver & CZ Capricorn Symbol Charm

Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Capricorn Zodiac Pendant

Joshua James Silver Capricorn Zodiac Sign Pendant

Classic Gold Capricorn Charm

Capricorn Jewellery Gifts

An alternative gift idea that still offers a personal touch is Capricorn birthstone jewellery. This might be a better option for Capricorns who aren’t so into astrology, or simply prefer a colourful gemstone over everything else!

Whether their birthday falls in December or January, we have a wide selection on offer, from pendants to rings to charms.

What is the Capricorn birthstone? For a Capricorn born in December, there’s a choice of three different gemstones: tanzanite, blue zircon or turquoise. Our own range of December birthstone jewellery features beautiful Capricorn birthstone color blue gemstones set in sleek sterling silver or luxurious gold. View our favourite elegant matching birthstone for Capricorn set below:

Joshua James Radiance Silver & Blue Topaz Multi Prong Drop Earrings
Joshua James Radiance Silver & Blue Topaz Multi Prong Drop Pendant

Meanwhile, the birthstones for Capricorn‘s in January is the fiery red garnet. Why not treat them to a rich gold pendant from the Joshua James Birthstone collection, or take a look at some of the other garnet jewellery that we have to offer, ranging from Nomination charms to beautiful gold necklaces…

Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold & Garnet Pear Drop Earrings
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold & Garnet Celtic Drop Pendant

For up-to-date Capricorn birthstone gift ideas or for more inspiration for every star sign, make sure to keep checking our blog for our latest posts, where we’ll be discussing each zodiac sign and beautiful jewellery to match!

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