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Boho Jewellery UK: All About ChloBo

Looking for ways to enhance your spring/summer style? The warmer months tend to bring out the boho girl in all of us, whether you’re dressing for a casual garden party or looking to create a statement festival outfit.  

But as we’re one year further into the era of sustainable fashion in 2021, it isn’t just about finding a stylish accessory. It’s about knowing where your jewellery comes from, understanding how it was made and discovering the story behind it. We’re proud stockers of boho jewellery in the UK, and are confident that our ChloBo jewellery collection will help you prepare for festival season.

We’ve created the ultimate guide on everything you could ever need to know about ChloBo, the name behind handmade, stackable and boho-luxe jewellery for all ages and tastes. Read on, and fall in love with this dreamy jewellery collection by ChloBo.

Who is ChloBo?

Founded by Chloe Moss, “ChloBo” was born following her travels to Bali, Thailand. At the age of 21, she spent 3 months travelling and soaking up the culture, during which time she also noticed the number of people who would be out crafting jewellery in the streets and even on the beach. It inspired her to return home and learn the art of handmade jewellery and silversmithing herself, enrolling in a jewellery-making course and beginning her journey by crafting ChloBo bracelets around her kitchen table.

What started out as selling bracelets to friends and family has since evolved into a network of more than 180 stockists worldwide, but every single piece of ChloBo jewellery is still handmade, now in a studio in Chester.  

Model wearing ChloBo silver stacking bracelets and drop earrings

What is ChloBo jewellery?

Every item of ChloBo’s boho girl jewellery in UK is handcrafted in high quality 925 sterling silver, or sterling silver with 18ct gold or rose gold plating. Occasionally the designs might feature natural gemstones such as pearls or iolite, and the overall style conveyed is one of “boho-luxe”: your bohemian side will delight in the meaningful charms and expert handcraftsmanship, but simultaneously this is a jewellery range that exudes style and class. In other words, it’s the perfect option for adding just a hint of luxury to your everyday style. 

The brand is built around themes of freedom, love and peace, with collections inspired by travel and the positive philosophies that can be found across other cultures. ChloBo wants you to express yourself through this jewellery, to connect with it in your own unique and spiritual way.  

ChloBo is widely recognised as “the original bohemian stacking brand” due to the vast array of bracelets, ChloBo rings and necklaces that are designed to be layered to create statement individual looks. If stacking isn’t your thing, then simply wearing one of the stunning ChloBo pendants or a couple of ChloBo bracelets will allow you to create a delicate, minimalist appearance – while still communicating that bohemian vibe.  

Model wearing ChloBo silver stacking bracelets from the Iconics collection

Throughout the ChloBo catalogue you will find plenty of everyday inspiration in the form of their Iconics collection, or for something more suited to special occasions (including weddings), make sure to browse the beautiful pearl jewellery of the Confetti Falls selection. In autumn of 2019 they showcased their seasonal Cosmic Connection range, inspired by a deck of positive affirmation cards.

In recent years, ChloBo has also released a dedicated Kids range of bracelets for littler wrists.

What are the benefits of buying handmade jewellery?

As previously mentioned, every piece of ChloBo jewellery is lovingly handmade here in the UK, and this is something in which the brand takes great pride in. Boho jewellery in the UK is becoming more and more popular every day, in part due to the growing importance of ethical fashion but also for reasons relating to quality and the desire for a more unique style. We’ve summarised just a few of the key benefits below… 

1. Environmentally-friendly

As we move into an era of socially responsible fashion, we are all digging deeper into where our clothes and jewellery come from, wanting to be sure that our new accessories have seen sourced and manufactured as ethically as possible.  

Handmade jewellery isn’t mass-produced, meaning a reduction in the amount of energy and resources used to create each piece. No machines means less electricity, which in turn benefits the environment and makes for a more sustainable process. 

Furthermore, every single piece of ChloBo jewellery is handcrafted in a studio in the UK, unlike many brands which will outsource to factories overseas. This prevents the need to transport the products long-distance, again presenting a greener and more sustainable option.  

2. Unique

No two pieces of handmade jewellery are exactly the same, meaning you will have something truly unique in your collection. Rather than mass-produced jewellery which will look very uniform and relatively simple, handcrafted jewellery often offers intricate designs with more character and originality.  

ChloBo notes that all of the semi-precious stones used in their jewellery are natural, meaning that they will sometimes vary in appearance. Instead of regarding this as a flaw, the small imperfections should be looked at as “beauty spots” that add personality and individuality to the jewellery.

3. Artisanal Perfection

When you look at a piece of handmade jewellery, you can see the time, effort and expertise that has gone into it; jewellery artisans love what they do, and this shines through in the finished product. Small-scale production also means that the manufacturing process can be more closely monitored, so from start to finish your jewellery is receiving all the love and attention that it could possibly need. 

In a recent video produced by ChloBo, founder Chloe Moss noted the way in which their team is involved at every step of the process: “We are like a big family, everybody cares about the business and each other, and we strive to get better at everything we do.” It’s this devotion to the craft and the story behind it which shows in every piece of jewellery created.

4. High Quality

Handcrafted jewellery is often only made high quality materials that have been carefully and ethically sourced, reducing the risk of dirty metal blends that can cause negative skin reactions or discolouration. The metal used by ChloBo all passes the AnchorCert Protect test, which screens for all 17 allergens (such as nickel) that could compromise the quality of the metal and cause allergic reactions. Passing this test indicates that the jewellery is safe to wear and highly unlikely to cause any kind of adverse reaction – good news for those with sensitive skin! 

What do the ChloBo charm symbols all mean?

If you’ve already had a browse of the ChloBo necklaces, bracelets and rings on the Joshua James site, you will have noticed the numerous different charms that feature throughout the collection. Whether it’s sterling silver boho jewellery UK or their vibrant golds or rose golds, ChloBo always has a story to tell.

As a story-telling brand, they have chosen to incorporate each of these charms due to their special symbolic meanings, often derived from the inspirational and spiritual philosophies of other cultures. Steeped in positivity, these charms can be worn individually or combined to create your meaningful style statement.

Elephant symbol
A symbol of strength and wisdom, the elephant is a reminder to have compassion and conviction in everything we do.

Hamsa hand symbol
A protective symbol that is said to bring happiness, health and luck to the wearer, the hamsa hand helps to ward off negativity.
Tree of Life symbol
Symbolising growth, wisdom and individuality, the tree of life reminds us to focus on our own personal journey.
Heart symbol
The heart has always been a symbol of love, whether that is romantic or platonic. A reminder to have compassion always.
Flower symbol
The flower is a reminder to stay wild. Live life to the full, and you will blossom to become the most beautiful thing.
Horseshoe symbol
A traditional symbol of good luck and prosperity, the horseshoe is also said to protect the wearer against negativity.
Dragonfly symbol
A symbol of transformation and adaptability, the dragonfly brings joy and inspires us to embrace change.
Star symbol
The star is said to provide hope and guidance, aiding the wearer and inspiring patience on their path to destiny.
Hummingbird symbol
Those who wear the hummingbird charm enjoy the sweetness of life, spreading joy wherever they go. A symbol of hope and kindness.
Peace symbol
A symbol of serenity and calm: the peace sign encourages harmony within ourselves and the world around us.
Lotus flower symbol
It grows from mud but blossoms into something beautiful: the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and strength.
Evil eye symbol
A protective symbol that shields us from negative energies, the evil eye is said to bring good fortune to the wearer.
Crescent moon symbol
Representing power, creativity and wisdom, the moon is historically a feminine symbol that rejuvenates the soul.
Angel wing symbol
A comforting symbol that offers guidance, the angel wing charm can represent a loved one who is no longer with us.
Om symbol
“The sound of the universe”: the om encompasses and unifies all that exists, expanding the horizons of our mind.
Butterfly symbol
The joyful butterfly reminds us that change is often a positive thing. As we grow, we can become the best version of ourselves.
Mandala symbol
A symbol with great spiritual significance, the mandala is a reminder that everything in the universe is connected.
Feather symbol
A positive symbol with great spiritual power, the feather represents trust, integrity, strength and freedom.
Symbolising happiness and abundance, the buddha encourages us to practice patience and compassion.
Sun symbol
The sun inspires balance within, encouraging us to pay attention to what helps our soul grow.

How do I clean my ChloBo jewellery?

To keep ChloBo jewellery looking lustrous and fresh, you should polish it frequently using a soft, lint-free cloth. This is a low-effort activity that will help to prevent the metal from tarnishing over time. 

We also recommend the Silver Jewellery Cleaner by Connoisseurs, which is suitable for when your silver jewellery is in need of a more thorough clean to remove any tarnish which has built up. Please note that this cleaner shouldn’t be used on precious or semi-precious stones, which some ChloBo boho jewellery in UK may contain.  

As a general rule, your jewellery should avoid contact with beauty products such as perfume, fake tan, body lotion or hairspray; it is also recommended to remove any jewellery when showering, swimming or sleeping. Check out our blog post on how to care for new jewellery for everything you need to know!

Still life photo of ChloBo rose gold necklace and two bracelets

We hope that we have answered any of the questions that you may have had about ChloBo and their handmade boho jewellery UK. Make sure to have a browse of the full ChloBo Jewellery range here at Joshua James for all of the boho-luxe and spring/summer styling inspiration that you could ever need!