Christmas Decoration Trends 2021

Christmas Decoration Trends of 2021: Swarovski Christmas New In

The time has come to start thinking about your Christmas decorations. You read that right; we’re talking baubles, fairy lights, wreaths and every kind of festive ornament you can possibly think of. Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and so it’s only fitting that you celebrate this global holiday the right way.

Last year’s Christmas trends consisted of navy’s & white’s, neutral champagne’s and pops of cotton candy. But how you dress your home’s interior will depend on how you choose to decorate each room. And with the help of Joshua James, this year, your home will be looking as on-trend as ever.

In today’s article, we’re going to look back at 2020s Christmas decor trends, as well as explore what trends are on their way for 2021, before delving into the intricately detailed and mesmerisingly beautiful Swarovski Christmas collection that can help you decorate this year.

Christmas Themes for 2020

Crisp Royal Blue Brilliance

With the Pantone colour being ‘Classic Blue’, we expected to see this luxurious shade laced all over homes. Not just for Christmas, but this shade became everyone’s preferred choice for walls, large pieces of furniture and decorations. When it came to the festival season, fully royal blue trees combined with silver and white accents took the stage, and this look instantly offered a focal point for the entire room.

Earthy Tones & Greenery

With sustainable living becoming more and more spoken of, leaf-like features and recycling of natural beauty has been a typical appearance in home aesthetics over the past year or so. That’s why, in 2020, we saw many neutral colour palettes using woods, dried foliage and raw greenery. With real Christmas trees of more popularity, homes were dressing up the branches with subtle twinkling lights and rustic decorations.

Scandinavian Haven

The Scandi homeware trend took a front seat in 2020, which fell into the Winter season. Pale tones, industrial features and dried foliage finished off Christmas centrepieces to ensure organic consistency. For Christmas trees, they either took their natural form or were slightly more dried before being complemented with champagne-coloured baubles and twine rope bows.

Christmas Themes for 2021

For the year 2021, we’re still going to be seeing the above themes enthralled all over homes; however, there are a few brighter numbers that will be making an appearance too.

Nostalgic Retro

Retro, a theme that will never leave us, is going to be massive for Christmas 2021. Whether that’s through bold designs, foil-coated baubles, or an array of neon coloured figurines that you haven’t seen since the 90s. Either way, you can make your home’s Christmas theme unique and vibrant, all with the help of bright colours and nostalgic features.

Pops Of Playful Colour

After retro comes bright and statement colours that can take your neutral background to new heights or complement your already wildly colourful and spirited home’s theme. This can either mean pastel colour palettes for a candy-inspired look, or you can go even more show-stopping with distinctive colours of the rainbow dotted around each room.

Monochromatic Mayhem

Now that we have the colour out of the way, it’s time to talk about the sleekness of monochrome. Black, white, and all the tones in between have become a trendy look for homeware all year round. Whether you opt for a black or white tree and spruce it up with a few bold colours or further chrome tonal features, or you choose to keep it dark, this is a trend we can certainly get on board with. We love this theatrical but compelling 2021 Christmas decor trend that we expect to see in modern homes.

Swarovski Christmas at Joshua James

Now that we’ve gone through the trends of Christmas 2021 decorations, it’s time to look at Swarovski Christmas. With further lines being added to our product menu, we guarantee that you can make your Christmas 2021 theme pop with figurines by Swarovski.

Garden Tales Holly Leaves Crystal Ornament Set

Swarovski Christmas ornaments are some of the brand’s most popular seasonal items. We all know and love Swarovski crystal figurines, and their beauty doesn’t end when the winter months hit. Instead, we’re met with an array of heavily themed pieces, as well as more subtle products that add a touch of sparkle to your Christmas decor.

This Garden Tales Holly Leaves Crystal Ornament Set is the first on our product list this year. Perfect for your au natural theme of green tones, this inspired candlestick ornament uses an emerald green crystal to create holly-like leaves that pop next to brass gold hues and dark berries. Use the hanging holly ornament upon your curtain pole or as another addition to the tree while the candlestick lays as a beautiful centrepiece on the Christmas dinner table.

Kris Bear – Annual Edition Christmas 2021 Crystal Figurine

If you’re a Swarovski Kris Bear collector, you’ll love 2021’s take on the bear while he wears a green and red hat and glove set, as well as holds onto a giant red sweet. This Swarovski Christmas ornament is timeless. Using a traditional colour palette of red & green’s that are topped off with an adorable teddy bear, you can’t go wrong at all.

Whether you choose to place the Kris Bear on your fireplace or you decide to gift the little guy, this is undoubtedly the perfect item to top your retro Christmas decoration theme of 2021 off.

Joyful Christmas Scene Ball Ornament

Next up, we have one of the Swarovski Christmas Tree baubles. If you want to inject luxurious crystal into your tree, this is the perfect piece to do it with. Swarovski has inserted a tiny Christmas tree motif into the centre of a glass dome before its then finished off with a lovely little brown bear.

Representing the morning of Christmas, this will certainly become the show-stopping bauble of your collection.

Holiday Cheers Small Reindeer Crystal Figurine

If woodland animals are your jam at Christmas, this reindeer Swarovski Christmas decor item is the one for you. Using nothing but captivating crystal, Swarovski has formed a clear reindeer head that is then finished off by green antlers, red ears and a green nose. This little guy is certainly adorable and would work lovingly when placed on the nearest shelf or bedside table to add a touch of Christmas in any room.

Little Star Crystal Ornament

Last but not least, we have the Swarovski Christmas Star bauble. It boasts a beautiful shape carved into traditional crystal that’s then topped off with muted gold leaf-like architecture formed into a vibrant snowflake. This bauble will be sure to finish off any tree, especially when it’s designed with a scandi theme in mind.

The hanging tree ornament is then completed with a silver clasp and white ribbon. The star decoration is stunning while encompassing champagne tints for a scandi theme.

Do you want to add Swarovski Christmas decorations to your Christmas 2021 theme? If so, you’re in the right place. Our entire Swarovski Christmas range is full of some of the leading luxury brand’s iconic designs, as well as some of their latest editions that they release every year. If you want to find out how to look after your Swarovski crystal once you have purchased it from us, check out our recent blog post.