Emmy Awards ’19: Colours, Custom and Carats

The 71st Emmy’s marked the beginning of awards season, and as expected was full to the brim with glamour and sophistication. With looks ranging from all-out glam to understated elegance, this year’s purple carpet featured some truly inspiring jewellery styling, with trends that are likely to evolve and continue into the new year. We’ve selected some of our favourite jewellery looks from the event to inspire some glamour and luxury in these grey autumn/winter months, from unique statement earrings to traditional glittering diamonds.

Diamonds Are Forever

A night featuring no shortage of sparkle, our favourite celebs were draped in diamonds of all shapes, sizes and styles. From graduated strands to elegant sautoirs, we saw traditional designs that often featured a stunning contemporary twist. Some of our favourites included Naomi Watts, channelling classic sophistication in a black gown and an elegant draping sautoir necklace, and Viola Davis, sporting a striking monochromatic look accentuated by a beautiful graduated diamond necklace.

And no one can stop talking about Sophie Turner’s stunning diamond collar necklace, which featured approximately 900 diamonds and apparently took over 1175 hours of work to complete. From looking at it, that isn’t difficult at all to believe…

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Making A Statement

Statement earrings make up a trend that we’re definitely going to see plenty more of in the autumn/winter season – and there were plenty to swoon over at this year’s Emmy’s. In a variety of colours, shapes, gemstones and metals, we also saw some exquisitely unique pieces, our favourite example being Emilia Clarke. Super chic and full of colour, these earrings featured opals with green, blue and crystal white diamonds.

We also have to give a shout out to Sandra Oh and her statement earrings, combining wood and diamonds in a truly original chic look.

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Rings For Every Finger

In a mix of modern and antique styles, the rings seen at the Emmy’s are certainly not to be overlooked. We again saw a heavy diamond influence here, with many A-Listers sporting a coordinated look with matching rings and earrings. One of our favourite examples of this was Mandy Moore, showcasing a dazzling diamond ensemble of jewellery.

Again, as much as we would love to adorn ourselves in diamonds from head to toe, we know it isn’t always an affordable option! Go for cubic zirconia, and if you’re feeling luxurious you can check out some of our Swarovski jewellery sets (see below!) to achieve that effortlessly coordinated look.

Colour Me Intrigued

Bold coloured gems are here to stay this season, as demonstrated by celebs such as Catherine Zeta-Jones – in striking statement ruby earrings – and, of course, Emilia Clarke’s stunning style as mentioned above. So don’t be afraid to carry your favourite summer colours through to the grey winter months – in fact, we’d encourage it!

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What next?

We’re excited to see what the rest of the 2019/20 awards season has in store! From the Grammy’s to the Golden Globes, there’s plenty to look forward to this winter… and plenty more fashion and jewellery inspiration on its way.

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