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Festival Season Style Guide

Festival season is here – so it’s time to get your flower crowns, crochet crop tops and wellies out!

This year’s festival season promises to be an amazing one, with more fun, more good weather (hopefully) and even more opportunities to experiment with different fashion styles and trends in a relaxed atmosphere!

Packing a festival bag/suitcase is always a lot of fun, and the end result is a colourful mash-up of flowers, long chain necklaces, knee-high socks (to wear with multicoloured wellies, of course), oversized sunglasses, a bunch of crochet crop tops and big, flowing maxi dresses.

If you haven’t already thought of what your festival bag should include this year, here is a list of the most popular festival looks, outfits and accessories to inspire you so that all you have to worry about is having a great time and making memories to last for a lifetime!

Crop top and high waisted jeans

This is perhaps one of the most iconic festival looks out there. Classic without being old-fashioned, edgy without being vulgar. In one word: perfect!

This outfit is also really easy to accessorise and personalise according to your individual style. It’s the kind of outfit that would go great with some long layered pendant necklaces and a stack of colourful bracelets, as well as with a pair of really colourful wellies, wedge sandals (if you’re lucky enough to get nice weather and a spot of sun) or even cowboy-style ankle booties

festival jewellery

Punk vibes

If you’re not entirely comfortable wearing a crop top, fear not: you can still look flawless and be comfy at the same time! Opt for a worn, oversized t-shirt that hangs loose around your waist, and tuck it into a pair of high waisted mum jeans, or even into a patterned pair of denim shorts to create that rebellious contrast that is very trendy this year.

Going with the rebellious theme, feel free to add a flannel shirt around your waist and some chunky statement pieces of jewellery and there you have it: your perfect rebel punk princess look is complete.


Playful Playsuits

Play suits are all the rage at the moment, and a festival is the perfect place to rock fun, colourful playsuits with reckless abandon!

Try adding some statement pieces to your play suit, like big belts or colourful kimonos. In terms of bling, less is definitely not more when it comes to accessorising play suits! Go for bold geometric pieces of jewellery and contrasting, playful colours (see what we did there?)

Other than that, don’t forget to pack some sun protection, an oversized hat and a big pair of sunglasses and you’re sorted!


Are you going to a festival this year? What style are you most looking forward to wearing? Let us know in the comments below!

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