alex and ani friendship jewellery

Friends in Shiny Places: How Alex and Ani Helps Connect You and Your Friends

alex and ani friendship jewellery

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and the right friendship jewellery makes it more beautiful still. Alex and Ani are your new best friends when it comes to finding gift ideas for your favourite people in the whole world. We’re here to show you the best pieces to help connect you and your friends on an extra special level.

Link arms, folks, it’s friendship time.

Alex and Ani Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are the ultimate, classic display of unbreakable companionship. Easy to wear, stackable and beautiful, Alex and Ani friendship bracelets are truly special. They combine on-trend fashion and treasurable quality that will last forever, just like your friendship itself.

Something For Them

One of our favourite pieces from A&A’s Best Friends Forever collection is the stunning ‘Because I Love You, Friend’ Rafaelian Gold Charm Bangle. The perfect gift for your true friends, this bracelet incorporates the three most important pillars of friendship. Loyalty, inspiration and supportiveness.

alex and ani friendship bracelets

The design features a golden honeysuckle, a hardy plant that remains strong in both good and bad times. The honeysuckle also represents the sweetest of dispositions, which it shares with everyone around it. Does this sound like your best pal? Then this is the most fitting gesture if you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas gift. It’s even perfect if you simply feel like reminding them how special they really are.

Something For Both of You

Alex and Ani friendship bracelets also exist in pairs. This means you can forge an extra special jewellery bond that’ll always be there no matter where you are. We love the stunningly simple Kindred Cord Gold Plated Elephant Bracelets, which come as a set of two; one for you and one for your best pal.

alex and ani friendship bracelets

These stylish, adjustable bracelets show your friendship is as strong as the elephant and to be treasured like gold. No matter how far apart you may be, with these bracelets you will always ultimately belong together.

Alex and Ani Friendship Gifts

Alongside the brand’s range of stunning stackable bracelets, Alex and Ani also designs an extensive collection of beautiful necklaces and stackable rings that make perfect friendship gifts all year round. The great thing about Alex and Ani jewellery is that each piece intertwines deep meaning with its beautiful design. This means you can say a great deal with just one piece of jewellery.

friendship necklaces alex and ani

Take the Anchor Rafaelian Swarovski Crystal Necklace, for example. As well as being a truly stunning piece of jewellery that any friend would love to receive, you are also sending powerful messages of strength, stability and hope; everything that the anchor symbol stands for and everything that your friendship provides. Available in both gold and silver designs and set with a stunning Swarovski crystal in its centre, this symbolic gift is as meaningful as it is fashion-forward.

The Fellowship of the Rings

Rings are a traditional symbol of everlasting companionship and commitment, making them perfect as friendship jewellery gift ideas. If you’re on the hunt for a piece of jewellery that will show your friends how special they are, Alex and Ani can help you find it with its latest range of stackable symbol rings.

alex and ani rings

We especially love the Alex and Ani Gold Plated Triangle and Circle rings, which come in a perfectly stackable set of two. Wonderfully minimal yet irresistibly stylish, these rings make the ideal friendship gift without feeling over the top. And, for the strongest bonds with the closest friends, you can take your gift one step up with the adorable Rose Gold Plated Love Wrap ring. Love comes in all forms, after all, and your very best friends will love this truly from-the-heart gesture. And the best part? You don’t even have to worry about finding out your friend’s ring size, as all Alex and Ani rings are adjustable.

Inspired? Head on over to our full collection of Alex and Ani jewellery for even more friendship jewellery to add to your gifting list this year.