Gift Ideas For The Boho Girl

Relaxed, timeless and feminine; the boho trend is one that resurfaces every spring and summer without fail, bringing with it pretty lace and crochet tops, flowing skirts and an array of dazzling, embellished jewellery. Maybe you’re looking to perfect the bohemian style yourself, or you’re on the lookout for a boho inspired gift for somebody special. Or perhaps you’re wondering how the bohemian trend even started in the first place? Whether you’re looking to swot up or are hunting down some stunning boho inspired jewellery, we’ve put together the ultimate boho guide with everything you need to know about the must have trend of the season.

Who were the bohemians?
Bohemian roots can be traced back to Paris shortly before the French Revolution, when young men from the bourgeois rejected the growing industrialisation in their societies and instead looked at the beauty in the world, turning their talents to art, music and writing.
More recently, bohemianism is a subculture based around the practice of an unconventional lifestyle. The bohemian movement reached its prime in the 1960’s and 1970’s with the ‘hippy’ movement, when bohemians would surround themselves with like minded people, bonding over their love of music, art and literature. Often known as wanderers, the bohemians were always free spirits, unrestrained by the common ideals of their societies and times.
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What is boho style?
Boho style today is a type of dress that takes its inspirations from the bohemians of years gone by. Often characterised by flowing clothing, vintage pieces and embellished accessories, boho style focus on nature, using natural fabrics and layers to create a whimsical look.

Boho chic style has gained popularity over recent years through the music festival scene. The likes of Coachella festival attract thousands of young people who bond over their mutual love of music, usually sporting all the hottest new boho styles – think Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth and the Olsen twins, and you’ll have hit the boho nail on the head!

A typical boho outfit could consist of a crochet or lace top layered over a flowing maxi skirt or loose fitting trousers, accessorised with hats, scarves and jewellery. Perfect for the warmer spring and summer months, boho chic is comfortable, relaxed and feminine.

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How do I dress boho chic?
The boho chic style is great as it doesn’t necessarily need to be worn head to toe – you can work boho elements into your look for a relaxed take on a typical day to day style. Here are some of our top tips for perfecting the boho look:

● Keep it natural. Boho style works best with natural tones and natural fabrics. Look for shades inspired by the earth – creams, browns, khakis and monochrome all work fabulously. Natural, loose fitting fabrics all fit well with the boho trend. Choose cool linens and light cottons, and work in chiffon, lace, silk and crochet pieces to build on your boho look.

● Layer it up. Boho chic plays with layers – choose clothing in different lengths and play around with different textures to add an element of interest to your ensemble. Beading, fringing and lace / crochet patterns are great for layering a look while keep cool and comfortable.

● Experiment with patterns. While pretty cream clothing may work well with the boho trend, patterns are great for taking your look to the next level. Look for Ganado print, tropical tapa prints and Chinle patterns, which all work perfectly with the boho style.

● Accessorise! With the boho look, accessories really are key. A simple, floaty maxi dress can be given an instant bohemian edge with embellished jewellery, a pair of vintage sunglasses, a fedora hat or a tasselled scarf.

A guide to boho jewellery
Whether you’re looking for the ideal piece to complete a boho look, you want to work a boho element into your day to day style or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the boho girl in your life, we’ve gathered together some of our top boho jewellery picks at Joshua James.

When perfecting the relaxed boho look, keep an eye out for jewellery that combines materials; think metals combined with natural stones, or jewellery that incorporates beads, fabrics or feathers. Natural shades and materials work best, and floral or nature inspired jewellery is a boho must-have.


Drop earrings are a necessity when creating a boho look – look for earrings with intricate patterns or a combination of shades and materials. These earrings are a stunning choice that fits perfectly with bohemian style and will bring a glamorous, hippy inspired edge to any look.
If you’re looking for a something a little more subtle, the Swarovski Ginger Gold & Blue Crystal Chain Earrings feature a simple chain given an edge with stunning blue crystal discs. If you fancy heading down the nature inspired route, the Trollbeads Dragonfly Beauty Earrings are dainty and pretty, featuring a dragonfly pattern that fits the boho aesthetic like a glove.


Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets and bangles are the ideal way to complement a boho chic look. Whether you opt for stacking bracelets to create a layered look or chunky jewellery to make more of a statement, look out for contrasting materials, nature inspired bracelets and feminine embellishment.
The ChloBo Charm Buddha Head Bracelet offers a subtle and pretty way to add a boho edge to your look. This dainty silver chain bracelet features a buddha head charm that represents protection and positivity – as part of the exquisite ChloBo stacking collection, it can be worn alone for an understated look or built up with other bracelets for an eye catching style. If you’re after something a little more glamorous, take a look at the Swarovski Baron Leaf Rhodium with Blue & Clear Crystal Bracelet. Embellished with glittering Swarovski crystal, this stunning bracelet is made up of a pretty leaf design, making it the perfect option for a glam take on a nature inspired look. One fail safe way to nail boho chic style is with a charm bracelet – choose a feminine style such as the Nomination Classic Rose Gold Charm Bracelet and build your own bespoke piece with a number of nature inspired charms.



When it comes to boho necklaces, experiment with lengths; for example a shorter choker style layered with a longer chain creates an instantly striking look. Keep the look hippy chic with natural stones, tassels and floral designs. Look out for necklaces with nature inspired pendants, such as the eye catching Orla Kiely Daisy Chain Multi Coloured Long Flower Necklace which features a retro inspired colour palette and bold flower pattern. For a more delicate boho look, how about the Swarovski Duo Rose Gold with Green & Clear Crystal Clover Pendant? With a subtle silver chain decorated with nature inspired green crystals and clover pendants, this pretty necklace is a must have for any boho girl. To fully embrace nature and add a boho edge to your look, opt for the Fiorelli Silver Bamboo Chain Drop Necklace. Taking inspirations from the natural shapes of bamboo, this necklace is in equal measures simple and stunning, and would look wonderful paired with a pretty crochet top.



The boho chic style is big on accessorising, and one of the most fashion forward ways to accessorise is with rings. Opt for big statement rings with coloured stones to wear alone, or adorn multiple fingers with rings in contrasting metals and styles. Keep the nature theme going with the pretty, floral inspired Trollbeads Blue Flower Ring. With carefully crafted silver vines and leaves leading to a blue patterned glass flower, this ring is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your look.


To perfect your boho look, or to discover a further collection of jewellery that will make a charming gift for any self confessed bohemian goddess, be sure to explore the full ladies jewellery collection at Joshua James Jewellery. 

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