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How to Build Your Nomination Bracelet

Nomination is one of the most talked about jewellery brands in the industry. Whether you’re a new Nomination shopper, or buying for a gift, here’s everything you need to know about this iconic charm brand and how to build your Nomination bracelet!

Nomination was founded in beautiful Tuscany the 1980’s by Paolo Gensini. Paolo’s dream was to create innovative modular jewellery for both men and women, with options to suit everyone’s budget. This led to the creation of the ‘Composable’ bracelet, a customisable bracelet which can be personalised to suit your style and taste. Starting with just a small selection of Alphabet charms, the concept was a huge success, and has continued to soar in popularity over the years.

Thanks to demand for the popular Italian charms, there are now over 2,000 charms available to suit the classic composable bracelet, covering themes such as travel, love, family, animals and hobbies. This truly is a brand that has something for everyone.

Want to read more on the history of the Nomination brand and the Italian charm trend? Make sure to check out our blog post here.

How to build your Nomination bracelet

The mechanism of a Nomination composable bracelet is completely unique to the brand, and can be quite tricky to get the hang of at first. Luckily that’s where we can help!

The Nomination links and charms on a composable bracelets use a unique spring mechanism to attach together, allowing complete and easy customisation of the bracelets. If you’re wondering how you can add a charm into your bracelet, follow the 3 easy steps below on our handy video guide to help!

Step 1
Stretch the bracelet links, gently pulling it at the two ends as if it were an elastic band. If you have a Charm Tool, use this to help separate the links!

Step 2
Once the bracelet is stretched, grab the two links where you will be adding in your new charm and unhook them

Step 3
Now expand your new link and hook this on to each side of your bracelet, one at a time, to complete your bracelet

How to design your bracelet

Now that you know how to put your bracelet together, it’s time to start designing your bracelet.

Boasting over 2000 charms, our Nomination jewellery collection will allow you to create and rewrite your own story. With new charms being added all the time, you’ll never run out of new charms and themes to add to your bracelet. If you run out of space, stack multiple bracelets so you never have to miss out!

Here are some of the most popular categories:

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Not found the theme that you’re looking for? Head over and take a look at our full range of Nomination charms. You can shop by colour, style, theme or occasion to easily find the charms that suit you! And for those who already own Nomination jewellery, make sure to check out our guide on how to clean your Nomination bracelet and keep your links looking shiny using everyday ingredients.

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