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How to Care for Pearl Jewellery Sets

Pearls, the only gemstone that comes from a living creature, are one of the most traditional and beautiful gems on the planet. Their pearly lustre is what sets them apart from any other gemstone on the market. Their organic nature means that they take from several months to years to form, and with the help from nacre, best known as the Mother of Pearl, they have an iridescent finish.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you our top tips of how to care for pearl jewellery sets, as well as delve deeper into the history of the pearl so that you can fully appreciate the wondrous beauty it holds. This is all before treating yourself to a jewellery piece or two from the Joshua James’ pearl collection.

More About Pearls

The pearl gemstone dates right back, even further than the Egyptian and Roman times when they were used for decorative purposes. Since they have quickly become one of the most popular gemstones to be worn, as well as presented in the home as luxurious features. Their fascinating history is what makes these gems so popular today, especially as they offer a timeless appearance that can be incorporated into all styles and forms.

Usually opaque, pearls can also come in white, off white, black and grey, with stunning overtones of pink, purple, green and you name what else. In terms of their natural form, you will usually find pearls in a round, asymmetric round, droplet or baroque shape but can of course be manipulated into other forms.

If you didn’t already know, a pearl’s quality and beauty are always determined by the shape, surface quality and lustre. As every pearl varies depending on how it grew and where it came from, this can take effect on the jewellery created. See below for more information on the appearance of pearls:

The Lustre

Also known as the iridescence of pearls, the lustre refers to the sheen seen on the surface of pearls. The lustre of a pearl is completely unique compared to any other gemstone. When grading the lustre and price point of a pearl, the more expensive and precious pearls will have strong depths of colour and an abundance of shine. On the less pricey end of the scale, you will find pearls that are somewhat dull and opaque.

The reasoning behind the lustre of a pearl comes from the environment it was created in. Here is a chart that showcases how both the temperature & mollusc itself can determine the shimmer of a pearl:

A Chart Showcasing How a Pearl Gets the Ultimate Lustre

The Shape

There are several shaped pearls that you can get your hands on. The Round pearl is the most sought-after shape being that it is the most difficult shape to culture; therefore the rarest and most valuable. Also, size comes into play when we’re talking about the expense of a pearl; the larger, the pricier! Here are the different shapes of pearls that you can find:

A Chart Showcasing The Different Shapes of Pearls

The Colour

Now, let’s talk colour. While the traditional pearl holds a white, creamy and yellow-hued shade, there are other various colours that you could find too. Whether they’re saltwater or freshwater, an even-toned pearl stone offers more value than an uneven finish. Deep accents with vibrant overtones are the most expensive in the market. For a closer insight into what pearl colours you could find, here is a little guideline:

A Diagram Showcasing The Different Pearl Colours

Key Facts About Pearls As a Birthstone

People born in: June

Personality traits: Integrity, creativity & charitable

Associated with: Purity, innocence & beauty

Both the pearl and Alexandrite are the birthstones for June. Pearl is the traditional birthstone of June; they were once given as a wedding gift many years ago and said to have many beneficial properties such as staying focused. Over the years, many celebrities have rocked the birthstone pearl during their birth month. Here are some of our favourite celebrity looks:

Angelina Jolie

Embed from Getty Images

Nicole Kidman

Embed from Getty Images

Natalie Portman

Embed from Getty Images

How Do I Look After My Pearl Jewellery Set?

Now, let’s talk about how we take care of pearl jewellery. Like with any metal, gemstone or fabric, it’s crucial that you take care of it so that your jewellery has the best chances of looking its best. Pearl set jewellery requires the following to be carried out always in order to hold a longer lifeline looking as ravishing as the day you got it:

Storing Pearl Jewellery

We don’t want to see your drop your pearl jewellery into box trinket box full of all of your costume jewellery. Pearl jewellery sets require a clean, soft and shaded area to be kept in to be able to uphold their shine. Our Stacker’s jewellery boxes all include a velvet interior; keeping jewellery safe and out of any dirt or grime’s way.

Wearing Your Pearls

You may think that always keeping your freshwater pearl jewellery sets within a jewellery box is where they will thrive, when actually pearls can dry out if they’re stored away for too long. In fact, pearls improve their appearance when touching skin. However, this doesn’t mean you should never take them off- they shouldn’t ever become too moist so take them off before the shower or bath!

Applying Cosmetics

Did you know that perfume, hairspray, sun cream and any other body lotions can affect the lustre of the pearl? It’s important that you avoid your pearl jewellery when applying any substances to ensure that they’re kept their best. Putting on your pearl jewellery should be your last step!

Polishing Pearl Jewellery Sets

In order to keep your pearls glistening, it’s always worth polishing them! A good quality specialist silver cloth combined with the Connoisseurs Pearl & Gold Jewellery Cleaner will guarantee that your pearl jewellery sets will be kept in prime condition.

Pearl Jewellery Sets From Joshua James

Now that you know how to look after your pearls, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a pearl jewellery set or two. Here at Joshua James, we only stock the most sensational pearl jewellery on the market. All of our pearls are freshwater, making them full of the mother of pearl lustre.

Need some inspo? Below we have put together an array of designer pearl jewellery sets for you to rock either during the day or evening:

A Pearl Jewellery Set From Joshua James & Shaun Leane
Bracelet & Necklace: Joshua James, & Ring: Shaun Leane
A Pearl Jewellery Set From Joshua James & Claudia Bradby
Earrings & Necklace: Joshua James & Ring: Claudia Bradby
A Pearl Jewellery Set From Joshua James & Diamonfire
Bracelet & Earrings: Joshua James & Necklace: Diamonfire

& here are some more pieces that are designed to be paired together from our website:

Do you know how to take care of your pearl jewellery sets now? Whether they’re old or new, pearl jewellery always needs some TLC. If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with us over on our socials. Or head over to our blog where we talk about how to care for new jewellery.