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How To Clean Rose Gold Jewelry

Is rose gold your preferred metal? With brands such as ChloBo Jewellery & our very own Joshua James collections, there’s no wonder it’s your favourite. Its warm, rosy hues make for beautiful feminine pieces that add dimension to any outfit, day or night. But, when not taken care of regularly, you will soon find that the sheen of your precious rose gold jewels won’t stick around. As with every other metal, you should always approach cleaning your rose gold pieces with care.

The precious metal of rose gold is actually formulated from silver, copper and gold which can all experience corrosive reactions when combined with harsh cleaners or hard-hitting cleaning methods. In today’s post, we’re going to give you our expertise for how to clean rose gold jewelry; ensuring that you’re using best practices for the perfect finish. 

How To Care For Your Rose Gold Jewellery

First up, we need to address how to care for your rose gold jewellery so that it always stays vibrant between washes. While you may forget to give your jewellery extra attention, you will notice a significant difference if you do decide to take care of your collection. 

While we are talking about rose gold jewellery in general, rose gold rings, especially rose gold engagement rings, are even more important to nurture as they’re worn on a daily basis. By wiping away any visible dirt on a daily basis, you are lessening the need of cleaning your rings. Rose Gold is a metal that deserves special attention; especially as then, it can be passed down generations.


When wearing jewellery every day, you’d be surprised at how much dirt and grime your pieces pick up. Jewellery is an easy surface to trap dirt and oil from your skin, cosmetic products, cooking and just from being outside, amongst other things. We do recommend that you clean your skin before wearing jewellery, but if you’re wearing products before attending an event, for instance, this isn’t always possible.

With that in mind, use a dry polishing cloth, specifically our Connoisseurs Gold Jewellery Polishing Cloth which delves deep into all the hard-to-reach areas of your jewellery items; keeping them fresh and radiant. When this is done on your rose gold rings, your ring will stay beautiful and require less maintenance. 


While polishing is a great way to keep on top of your rose gold jewellery’s shine, there will be areas such as the chains and intricate settings that require a deep clean. To ensure that your rose gold metal is kept in tip-top condition, you will need to clean your jewellery every few months. Here are the at-home methods that we live and breathe by here at Joshua James:

Soap & Water

As a quick, straightforward option, why not use good old soap and water? This foolproof way is very effective when it comes to how to clean rose gold jewelry. Here’s how:

  1. To begin with, place a soft cloth or towel at the bottom of a bowl to protect your piece of jewellery.
  2. Then, fill it up with lukewarm water and mild soap or washing up liquid. You will then want to soak your rose gold pieces for around 5-10 minutes, of course, this is dependent on how dirty your jewellery is. For everyday oils and dirt, 5 minutes should suffice. This method also works great for diamonds too!
  3. Once the time has passed, rinse the jewellery thoroughly with even more warm water. If you’re washing a ring, make sure it doesn’t fall down the drain! Another way to rinse any access soap off is to fill up another container with lukewarm water and swish your jewellery around until it is no longer slippery.
  4. Once all residue is gone, delicately dry your rose gold jewellery with a soft cloth; the perfect option would be a glasses cloth! This’ll prevent any scratches or snagging of stones. 

Just to give you peace of mind, mild soap is perfectly safe for precious metals and diamonds!

White Distilled Vinegar

Next up, we have another easy option for how to clean rose gold jewelry. White distilled vinegar is a great option for rose gold and diamonds again, but if your jewellery piece includes stones such as pearls, opals, rubies or sapphires, as it can damage the brilliance. Here’s how to use your vinegar to clean your rose gold jewellery:

  1. Grab a small container that has a lid. Pour your vinegar in, ensuring that it’s enough to submerge your jewellery.
  2. Add several teaspoons of salt while stirring until it dissolves. Once dissolving stops, that will be enough salt. 
  3. Once ready, drop your rose gold pieces into the container for a couple of seconds. The mixture only requires a few seconds for rapidly removing dirt, grime and even tarnish. Please note, if you leave your jewellery in the mixture for a minute or so, it is powerful enough to corrode your metal.
  4. Once you have dipped your jewellery in and out, you’ll want to immediately rinse it in lukewarm water.
  5. Lastly, gently dry your rose gold with a soft cloth. Feel free to keep your mixture for several months, topping up on your jewellery’s shine. 

Connoisseurs Gold Cleaning Products

Here at Joshua James, we stock the Connoisseurs brand. A renowned company that creates several jewellery cleaning products, formulated from effective ingredients that’ll give your rose gold jewellery the best clean possible. Below we have listed some of their most popular rose gold cleaning products that achieve optimum results:

The Connoisseurs Precious Gold Jewellery Cleaner

When it comes to how to clean your rose gold jewelry, the Connoisseurs Precious Gold Jewellery Cleaner works wonders. Its properties rejuvenate the precious metal and smooth out minor scratches. Ideal for rose gold and precious stones, this jewellery cleaner is one of the best on the market. The polymers found in the solution rectify the tiredness and dullness of your rose gold metals. And is best used in conjunction with the Connoisseur’s Gold Jewellery Polishing Cloth!

Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes

These aren’t your generic wipes. They are the most convenient way for how do you clean rose gold jewellery. Their anti-tarnish shield found in the wipes’ solution will keep away tarnish and instead have your rose gold jewellery lustrous. Dirt, grime and anti-shine is a thing of the past with these 25 non-toxic wipes. Great for on the go cleaning too!

All how to use guidelines are found on the packaging; but don’t worry, it’s always an easy task with Connoisseurs! 


If you’re still concerned about your ChloBo jewellery, here are a few of our most asked questions answered: 

How do you clean rose gold plated jewellery?

When it comes to how to clean rose gold plated jewellery, it is slightly different to your 14k and 18k rose gold jewellery pieces. Pure rose gold is a lot more durable than sensitive plating. Plating is only a thin coating of rose gold on top of another metal such as 925 Sterling Silver, therefore harsh cleaning products can wear the beautiful rosiness away.

To keep your rose gold plated jewellery looking like the day you got it, always be extra gentle and avoid wearing products that can fade the plating quickly. Wiping down your plated jewellery after every wear, and using a soft cloth to remove oil and dirt are both top tips of ours. We also recommend always removing gold plated jewellery before bed, not wearing it in chlorine or salted water. 

In order to make rose gold plating last as long as possible, it’s important to clean it carefully and avoid things that can cause it to fade more quickly. Wipe down rose gold plated jewelry after every wear with a soft jewellery cloth to both remove oil and dirt that can cause it to fade and restore its shine.

How do you clean tarnished rose gold jewellery?

Lastly, how to clean tarnished rose gold plated jewellery. As previously mentioned, the simple salt and vinegar solution is great for tarnished rose gold. Their chemical reaction powerfully removes tarnish and dirt, leaving your jewellery looking its best. But when it comes to plated rose gold, make sure you follow the same measures that you would for ordinary tarnished rose gold.

We hope our guide on how to clean rose gold jewellery has given you all the information you need for keeping your jewellery looking brand new for longer. If you’d like further advice on jewellery cleaning, we also have our Ultimate Cleaning Guide & many others over on our blog.