Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
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How To Complete Your Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet With Thomas Sabo

When it comes to accessorising with a sterling silver charm bracelet, the possibilities are endless for the look you want to achieve. With any charm bracelet, you’re being given a base that allows for self-expression and individuality. Whether you’re wanting to showcase your hobbies and interests or wear charms that offer spiritual meaning as a form of protection and positive thinking, it’s completely down to you. 

Still unsure as to which charms match with which? We’ve got you covered. In today’s post, we’re going to use the charm collection from one of our favourite brands, Thomas Sabo, and show you just how you can create several stunningly stylish looks that you can mix up from day to day.

About The Brand: Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo is one of our oldest brands here at Joshua James. We first onboarded this unique and bold brand as we were looking for jewellery that made a statement, while still offering everyday wearability. First born in 1984 Germany, Thomas Sabo founded the business with the intention of creating high-end silver jewellery at every price point. 

Now, with 70 countries under his belt, Sabo is proud to say that he is one of the world’s leading premium jewellery suppliers and for a good reason. At the beginning, rings, necklaces and bracelets were all the hype but then his beloved Charm Club was born.

Charm Club was first introduced to the brand in 2005, and was built to give every individual the opportunity to customise their own jewellery pieces to suit their exact wants and needs. With that in mind, Charm Club now houses necklaces and even ear cuffs that you can modify to your own preferences.

Without further ado, we have taken Thomas Sabo’s classic sterling silver charm bracelet and given you several styles that’ll be sure to boost any outfit, day or night:

1. Taste Of Luck

For the first look, we’ve taken a collection of Thomas Sabo charms that all represent good luck or protection. This combination would make for a meaningful gift for that special someone, or for you to wear as a reminder of what you have achieved thus far and who is always looking down on you.

We’ve kept this bracelet set very crisp and consistent using sterling silver. However, Thomas Sabo does have several other spiritual charms that could help you create a mixed metal look.

Zirconia Cross Charm, Zirconia Angel Wing Charm, Horseshoe Charm, Heart Petal Clover Leaf Charm & Silver Eternity Charm

2. Mums The Word

For the next charm set, we have taken a select few charms that we’d typically see as gifting pieces for that special woman in your life: mum. While this combination may not scream your own mother, you can get an idea of how you can personalise a Thomas Sabo bracelet for the perfect sentimental gift.

We have also used both sterling silver and gold-plating in this mix of charms for a stylish mixed metal look. With a variety of charm designs, you are covering your mum’s personality in more ways than one too.

Cloverleaf Coin Charm, I Love You To The Moon & Back Charm, Letter M Charm, Yellow Gold & White Zirconia Padlock with Keys Charm & Terrier Dog Charm

3. Pop Of Colour

With this look, we have added a touch of colour for a more vibrant and eye-catching finish. Going for more style, this is a charm combination that makes this sterling silver charm bracelet the perfect accessory for both daytime and the evening.

Cubic Zirconia is often found on Thomas Sabo Charms as it gives them that stunning glisten as a diamond would, but they’re much more durable; perfect for charm bracelets.

Turquoise Feather Charm, Ethno Dreamcatcher Charm, Lotus Charm, Silver & Multicoloured Hummingbird Charm & Hand of Fatima Charm

Celebrity Looks Using A Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet UK

Whether they’re vintage sterling silver charm bracelets or from contemporary brands such as Thomas Sabo, these accessories have been worn by women worldwide for years. Here are some of our favourite celebrity ladies who are choosing to rock this timeless trend:

Kate Middleton Wearing A Charm Bracelet
Holly Willoughby Wearing A Charm Bracelet
Megan Markle Wearing A Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelets at Joshua James

Here at Joshua James, we have a wide selection of charm bracelets on offer from some of your favourite brands. Whether you’re looking for a Christening gift and you feel that a children’s charm bracelet in sterling silver would be the perfect sentiment, or you’re simply looking to add ageless pieces to your own jewellery collection, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out our entire sterling silver charm bracelet product menu from Thomas Sabo and start customising your wristwear today.