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How to Make Your Own Charm Bracelet

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or a stylish accessory for yourself, a charm bracelet is a perfect option if you’re considering a piece of jewellery. Charm bracelets, like the name suggests, are bracelets that feature a number of charms, beads or links, often relating to special occasions or significant life events; resulting in a piece of jewellery that is individual to the wearer. Many often add star sign charms or age-related beads to their charm bracelets, as well as more trending designs.

If you are searching for a gift for someone you love that already owns a charm bracelet, then a bead, link or charm is the perfect option for a loving and thoughtful present. But for those who are starting from scratch, why not take a look at our short guide below on how to make your own charm bracelet?

Choose a Brand

There are a number of designer jewellery brands that specialise in producing charms and charm bracelets. Here at Joshua James, we feature a selection of some of the most sought after jewellery brands, including Nomination and Thomas Sabo. Each brand offers a unique take on charm designs, with different styles available from each designer label.

Italian brand Nomination, for instance, is known for its rectangular links, while Thomas Sabo uses their iconic style of cosmic motifs in 925 sterling silver. So depending on what kind of charm styles you are looking for, whether it’s links, hanging charms or beads, this will determine which brand is right for you when you’re going to look into a charm bracelet to make your own.

Find a Starter Bracelet

Once you have picked a brand, it’s time to find a starter bracelet, which will be the base that you will add your charms to. Each brand offers a selection of different styles of starter and carrier bracelets, ranging in colour and material. Nomination offers their classic link-style starter bracelets alongside the collection of gemstone beaded numbers from Thomas Sabo.

Pearl Rose Quartz & Hematite Bracelet
Classic Stainless Steel Base Charm Bracelet

Build Your Collection

After choosing your starter bracelet, you can then begin to build your collection of charms. If you are learning how to make your own charm bracelet, you may want to start with a number of simplistic charms or more trend-led beads so that you can add to your collection with charms that relate to precious moments or special occasions later on. Here at Joshua James, we feature an abundance of charm designs for you to choose from, hand-picked from Nomination and Thomas Sabo.

Classic Silver Feather Charm
Classic Gold & Blue Star Plate Charm
Rose Gold with White & Violet Zirconia Flower Charm
Multi Coloured Yellow Gold Dragonfly Charm

Combine Trends with Precious Moments

Next on our how to make your own charm bracelet instructions, it’s time to personalise your charm bracelet. A charm bracelet should be unique to the individual by combining the latest trends with precious mementoes. Mixing charms that feature the latest looks with charms that commemorate a special occasion will allow you to create a piece of jewellery that is truly unique to you.

Silver Stay Positive Heart Disc Charm
Cloverleaf Coin Charm
Classic Rose Gold Forever Pinky Promise Charm
Classic Silver & CZ Family Heart Charm

How To Add A Charm To A Bracelet

Now it’s time to physically learn how to make your own charm bracelet. Each brand will offer different style charms, therefore, adding the charms to your bracelet will differ depending on which brand you have opted for. Take a look at our guide below on how to attach charms to different bracelets.


Nomination links can be added to your bracelet by stretching and unhooking the base bracelet apart. You then add the new link by hooking it onto the existing link and closing the bracelet by hooking the other end to the new link too. If you need assistance as this can sometimes be a tricky task, we also sell a Nomination charm tool that’s designed to make it easier!  

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo charms are extremely easy to add to your bracelet. The hanging charms can be clipped onto your bracelet by hooking the attached clip to the charm carrier. The Thomas Sabo beads are added by simply stringing the beads onto the bracelet chain.

Make Your Own Charm Bracelet UK

We hope we’ve helped you with how to make your own charm bracelet. Don’t forget, you don’t have to fill your entire bracelet straight away; this way, you can add to it when something memorable happens in your life. Keeping it completely sentimental and special to you. Check out our entire selection of Nomination Charms & Thomas Sabo Charms to start thinking about how you’ll want your wristwear piece to look.

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