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How to Match Necklaces & Earrings With ChloBo Style Jewellery

When accessorising any outfit, there is a fine line between too little and too much. Of course, it comes down to necklines, the busyness of clothes and what event you’re dressing up for. But, the main question we get asked is how do you match necklaces with earrings?

We get it, it’s a tough one to crack. However, in today’s post, we’re going to take advantage of ChloBo style jewellery and showcase just how easy it is for you to create cute looks with just neckwear and earrings. This simple guide will give you the key to confident accessorising the next time you venture out of the house.

Choker Necklace & Studs

When wearing a choker, statement or not, this is an item of jewellery that usually takes all of the attention. With that in mind, a pair of studs keep all other areas of the upper body simple and non-busy. This is especially important if you have chosen a bardot neckline as there is already so much going on from the waist upwards. Chokers are most compatible with sweetheart, strapless, scoop, v-neck, off-the-shoulder and square necklines.

The ChloBo style jewellery that we have picked out for this look are the Silver The Tide Necklace & Silver Lotus Stud Earrings. These work perfectly as although the Tide choker is simple, it’s also chunky and bold. Combined with the lotus studs for a touch of detail can work wonders for when pairing these items.

Long Lariat Necklace & Hoops

Next up, we have a longer chain necklace that offers a detailed statement across the chest. Best worn with low cut necklines to complement the silhouette, long necklaces offer a wide enough gap for you to fill with hoop earrings, allowing for a flattering gap between the items.

ChloBo pieces such as the Gold Positive Vibes Lariat Necklace works beautifully when matched with Gold Moon Flower Hoop Earrings. With the same theme running across both pieces, you can add a warm pop of gold to your outfit.

Matinee Necklace & Tiny Hoops

Layering necklaces is the perfect way to make a bold statement with your accessories. Whether you’re wearing a plain dress or a simple white tee & jeans, a layered look instantly uplifts the entire outfit. 

Because layering necklaces is very much a stand-out jewellery look, we think they’re best paired with a small set of hoops. The great thing about smaller hoops is that they still give your face a lovely framing without being too daring. Matching a busy matinee-style necklace with daintier earrings offers a stylish contrast, whereas, with large drop or hoop earrings, this can take the attention away from all other areas of your look.

For this necklace and earring style, we have used the Silver & Pearl Confetti Falls Necklace and Silver Divinity Within Hoop Earrings. The Confetti Falls Necklace is just one piece but its length allows for you to create a layered look that hangs beautifully down the chest area. Not to mention, the chain continues past the fastening and falls down one’s back. A feminine and luxurious piece that every woman needs.

Princess Necklace & Small Studs

A princess necklace is a style of neck piece that holds impeccable details and femininity. They’re longer than a choker but shorter than a lariat or matinee necklace. A princess style is one of the most flattering styles of necklaces as it draws attention to the collarbones. This focal point is one of the most ladylike.

Matching this type of necklace with small studs also ensures that nothing is taken away from the prettiness of the Princess necklace. The ChloBo style jewellery we’ve chosen for this style is the Multi Charm Elements Gold Choker Necklace and Gold Fire Stud Earrings which resonate with Aries, Leo & Sagittarius people.

Opera Necklace & Drop Stud Earrings

An opera necklace is a more subtle layered look as opposed to the matinee. Using just two layers, you can add a new dimension to your outfit without it being too much. While this isn’t as busy as other styles, it still will become the focal point for your accessories. Therefore, larger stud earrings are as bold as you’ll want to go for your earpieces. 

That’s why the ChloBo pieces we’ve chosen make for the perfect pairing. The ChloBo Gold Soul Glow Necklace and Gold Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings are both stunning gold pieces that incorporate a galactical theming into the mix while complimenting each other lovingly through textures and vibrant tones. 

Now that we’ve styled up our ChloBo style jewellery, we’ve dug through the world of Instagram and found some of our favourite influencers who are rocking these necklace and earring pairings:


ChloBo Style Jewellery at Joshua James

ChloBo style jewellery is the perfect way to make sure your accessory pairing is done just right. Their collection of boho & feminine jewellery offers an array of metals and theming that can take your jewellery collection to the next level. We are proud ChloBo jewellery stockists so get your beautiful jewels today, and while you’re exploring, read our latest blog post on how to match your wedding dress neckline up with complementary jewellery.