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How to Pack Jewellery For Travel: DIY Tips & Tricks

Packing jewellery for travel can be a real headache. Necklaces get tangled up, small earrings get lost in the depths of your bag, and you worry about your more delicate pieces getting damaged. 

We’re going to show you just how easy it can be to keep your jewellery organised and secure while travelling, whether you’re packing for a one-off summer holiday or constantly on-the-go for work!

Read on for our favourite DIY jewellery packing hacks (including advice on how to keep your necklaces from tangling when travelling!) and tips on how to pack your accessories for air travel.

In need of a more sophisticated solution? We’ll cover traditional jewellery packing options as well.

Several Rings In A Ring Roll

Before you start packing…

Before you even open your suitcase, it’s important to decide what jewellery you want to pack for your holiday.

You may base this around the clothes you’re taking, if you like to plan out your vacation outfits ahead of time, or perhaps you’ll have a few key pieces in mind that work for every occasion. 

Our key advice when deciding what jewellery to take on holiday:

  • Keep it minimal: You don’t want to take your whole jewellery box away with you! Try and stick with a few versatile accessories that work for every style. Alternatively, select a set of daytime jewellery and a set of evening jewellery – so you can easily go from beach casual to evening glam. 
  • Leave your valuables at home: However much you love that precious diamond necklace, it’s better off left behind! Whether your jewellery holds sentimental or monetary value, your most treasured pieces aren’t worth losing. If you’re unsure on whether or not to take something, just ask yourself: Could I replace this item? 
  • Engagement/wedding rings: If you wear these 24/7, it’s possible that these would actually be safer if you take them away on holiday with you. Otherwise, as with all other expensive and irreplaceable jewellery, we would recommend leaving them at home (in a very secure place). 

Now that you’ve decided on what accessories to take with you on holiday, let’s move onto the best ways to pack jewellery for travel!

DIY jewellery packing methods

In need of a quick and easy way to pack your jewellery for your holiday? You’ll be surprised at what you can do with just a few items from around the house! Read on for our favourite DIY jewellery packing hacks, with tips on how to keep necklaces from tangling while travelling and innovative earring storage ideas.

How to pack necklaces

  • The straw trick: Loop one end of the necklace through a straw and then fasten. Simple as that! It’s the most failsafe necklace packing hack there is, but keep in mind that it can take up quite a bit of space in your suitcase if you’re planning on taking lots of jewellery, and it won’t work for larger statement pieces. For your more delicate pieces, it’s a tried and tested trick for stopping your necklaces from tangling during travel. 
  • The towel method: Place necklaces on a small towel, leaving a few cm of space between each. Roll the towel up lengthways and fold it in half, then add elastic bands to each end in order to hold your DIY jewellery roll in place. This will keep your necklaces from tangling while travelling!
  • Cling film: Similar to above, but slightly less gentle for your delicate necklaces than soft fabric. Place each necklace on a section of cling film, leaving a few cm of space between each, then carefully roll it up.
How to use straws to keep necklaces from tangling when travelling.

How to pack bracelets

  • DIY bracelet roll: The best DIY jewellery packing method for adjustable and elastic bracelets. Find a cylindrical object (it can even be a rolled up hand towel or an empty toilet paper roll) and simply slide your bracelets over it. Make sure to place your DIY bracelet roll into a plastic bag before travel, in case any bracelets slide off during the journey.
  • The straw trick: For non-adjustable bracelets with clasps that won’t fit securely over any cylindrical object to hand, you can adapt the necklace packing hack from earlier. Simply cut your straws down and loop your bracelets through, then fasten.

How to pack earrings

  • The card method: Punch pairs of holes into a piece of stiff card, then simply insert your earrings! Earrings with backs can be securely fastened to your card while fish hooks slide through and should stay in place on their own. To be on the safe side, place the card piece into a plastic bag in case any earrings do come loose during transit. 
  • Buttons: If you have any leftover buttons in your sewing box, they make a great earring packing solution. Insert the earring back through the buttonhole and then place in a plastic bag or jewellery pouch for extra security.
  • Pill cases: If you don’t have one of these, they’re super cheap to buy! A great option for packing stud earrings or other small and delicate pieces of jewellery. Each pair can have its own compartment, keeping them perfectly organised. You can even plan out a pair of earrings for each day of the week!
How to use buttons to pack earrings for travel.

How to pack rings

  • DIY ring holder: Similarly to the bracelet packing hack above, you can slide your rings over a rolled up cloth and then place into a plastic bag for travel. 
  • Pill cases: See in the “earrings” section above!

Traditional jewellery packing ideas

Of course, DIY jewellery packing solutions are great if you’re going away on your summer holiday – but they might not be ideal for those of us who travel regularly. 

If you’re frequently on-the-go and need a way to quickly and efficiently pack your jewellery, you might want to look for a more permanent solution. We’ve listed a few of the most convenient ones below!

Jewellery rolls 

This innovative jewellery storage solution saves space and keeps all of your accessories in one secure place. It’s the ideal jewellery packing method for the woman who’s constantly travelling, whether that’s for work or leisure!

Usually made from soft fabric or leather, jewellery rolls come with multiple zip compartments that can be used for storing different types of accessories. As suggested in the name, once you’ve organised and stored your chosen jewellery for travel, you can simply roll it up and fasten it (usually by tying it up). 

Individual pouches 

A lot of the time when you buy a new piece of jewellery (or receive some as a gift), it comes in a cute little pouch or wallet. You might think these are just for presentation, but they also have a practical use which makes them worth hanging onto!

When it comes to packing your jewellery for travel, you can use these little pouches for organising and storing your accessories. Of course, it isn’t the most efficient solution if you’ve got lots of accessories to pack, but it’s a great idea if you’re just taking a few key pieces. 

You can also store multiple pieces in each bag – e.g. have a bag for earrings and a bag for rings – but be aware that more delicate pieces and gemstones could get scratched by other items during transit. 

To keep your necklaces from tangling during travel, leave a small amount of chain and the clasp hanging outside of the bag, then seal the opening of the bag around it. 

Jewellery box

Firstly, we don’t generally recommend taking your entire everyday jewellery box with you on your holiday – it’s way too bulky and cumbersome, especially for your carry-on bag! 

But if you’ve got a travel jewellery box then that will work for a simple and efficient packing solution. It won’t be as space-effective as a jewellery roll, but if you’ve got the room in your luggage then it’s one of the easiest options there is. 

Stackers Travel Jewellery Box
Stackers Travel Jewellery Box – £50.00

A few final words on packing and travelling with jewellery…

Can I wear jewellery through airport security?

If you want to save space in your luggage, then wearing your jewellery for the journey seems like a simple solution. It also means you don’t have to worry about any of your pieces getting lost or even stolen. And – as a final bonus – you can get your holiday glam on before you’ve even left the country!

However, many people are unsure if it’s okay to wear jewellery through security at the airport. After all, those pesky metal detectors seem to beep no matter what you do! 

The good news is that it’s generally fine to wear jewellery through airport security, as long as you’re not laden down with bulky oversized pieces. Most jewellery – including necklaces, wedding rings and earrings  – are absolutely fine to wear through the scanner. If the alarm does happen to go off, just be prepared to remove any jewellery if asked! 

Where should I pack my jewellery when flying?

When it comes to air travel, you should always pack jewellery in your carry-on bag. Checked luggage is more likely to get lost in transit, and you don’t want to worry about losing your valuables when you’re going on holiday. Keep your Stackers jewellery box with you at all times for that extra sense of security.

You can take jewellery with you on the plane and you won’t have any issues. When you go through security, you don’t even need to remove your accessories from your carry-on bag (and it’s safer to leave them securely stored away). 

Know how to pack jewellery for travel now? Or have you got any of your own DIY jewellery packing hacks? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below 👇

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