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How To Style Different Wedding Dress Necklines With Jewellery

Are you currently planning your dream wedding? This will probably consist of a hefty list of to-do’s. The cake, venue, photographer, catering and everything else in-between. With that being said, there is always one detail that stands out from the rest: the dress.

As a bride, you’re a major focal point for all of the guests at your wedding. Through the ceremony and even during the reception, which is why you probably know how important it is to find that perfect dress. Boutique after boutique, you’ve found the one. But now it begs the question “how do I style this dress?”.

That’s where we come in. There are several types of wedding dress necklines so in today’s article, we’re going to be matching each one up with complementary accessories. Because we all know that a high neck doesn’t exactly suit a choker-style necklace, right?

Wedding Dress Necklines

The Bardot Wedding Dress Neckline

First up, we have the bardot neckline or as others may call it ‘off the shoulder’. The bardot wedding dress neckline is one of the most romantic styles on the high street. By drawing attention to your shoulders, you are showcasing your decolletage which is a flirtier and French way of saying the collar bones. This is a very attractive area of the body, which is why a bardot neckline is so popular.

So, to style a bardot neckline, you want to keep the focus on this area of the chest. That’s why choker-style or shorter chains work best when it comes to neckwear. Then, you can focus most of your accessorising on bracelets and earrings. For this look, we have chosen the ChloBo Silver & Pearl Champagne Kisses Necklace or Thomas Sabo Silver & White Zirconia Stars Necklace as the statement neckpiece.

To accompany the necklace, we have chosen a ChloBo pearl stack to make the pearl choker pop. Of course, we also have the matching bracelet for the Thomas Sabo necklace too. To complete the look, a set of stud earrings would tie the jewels in nicely, ensuring that the right illusion for wedding dress necklines is met.

Dress: Adrianna Papell

The Asymmetric Neckline

An asymmetric, otherwise known as the ‘one shoulder’ neckline is a firm favourite of ours. Even though this style of neckline peaked in the 90s, it’s stuck around in the wedding industry! However, this is always a tricky one to style, especially as only have of the chest is on view. That’s why, like with the V-neck, it’s best to pay more attention to your earwear as opposed to any necklaces or pendants.

Again, to add a little spice to your appearance, we have chosen the daring brand, Shaun Leane. Leane’s Sterling Silver & 0.40ct Diamond Large Hook Earrings would make a sharp statement, while still using diamonds to soften the look with elegance. Match these gorgeous drop earrings with the Shaun Leane Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet to make the entire look come together.

Dress: Pretty Lavish

The Sweetheart Neckline

Now we have one of the classics. A sweetheart neckline is a classier version of the boob tube that we know and loved once upon a time. Its curved edging is what contours the chest so beautifully. Similar to the off the shoulder wedding dress neckline, short necklaces are your best bet at ensuring that attentions aren’t drawn away from your gown.

With that in mind, we have chosen a simple short necklace: the Joshua James Allure Silver & Pearl Necklace. This necklace sits high on the neck, allowing for a wonderful composition. To accompany this pearl necklace, we’ve chosen the UNOde50 Silver Plated & Swarovski Pearl Ego Stud Earrings and Nomination SeiMia Silver Dots & White Pearls Bracelet for a complete and luxurious pearl look.

Dress: Carolina Herrera

Queen Anne Neckline

Next on the wedding dress necklines guide, it’s Queen Anne. The Queen Anne neckline is one of the most modest and conservative necklines or wedding dresses. Depending on the body shape, these necklines can be extra flattering for someone with narrow shoulders and a small chest. As there is a lot going on with this style of wedding dress, we recommend showcasing most of your jewels on the wrists.

We have chosen a Thomas Sabo bracelet stack with the Silver with White Zirconia & Shimmering Pink Opal Arrow Bangle, Silver & White Zirconia Vintage Bracelet and Silver & White Zirconia Butterfly Bracelet. All three are very feminine and instantly eye-catching, especially with the pink opal. To compliment these bracelets, we are using the Joshua James Precious 9ct White Gold & Diamond Round Cluster Stud Earrings.

Dress: Ivy & Oak

High Neck Neckline

The high neck is always a winner for those with a short neck or chin. You can elongate your torso beautifully while wearing a high neck. Because of this, it’s important to not overdo your neck and high chest area as this can become a little too busy.

So, that’s where earrings & bracelets come into play yet again. The Fiorelli Silver & CZ Pave Long Stick Drop Earrings paired with the Silver & CZ Pave Long Stick Tennis Bracelet would work stunningly for such a bold and detailed dress.

Dress: Whistles

V-Neck Neckline

The V-neck is one of the most traditional necklines found on a wedding dress. It offers a small amount of skin exposure, while still being flirty and amorous. When styling a V-neck, there are two options that will work well. Firstly, you could wear a simple pendant that’ll fit lovingly between the material. Match this with studs and an array of wristwear and it becomes a showstopping look.

For this style, we have chosen the Diamonfire Silver & White Zirconia Teardrop Halo Necklace with the Nomination Chic & Charm Silver with White CZ Bracelet and Thomas Sabo Silver & White Zirconia Charms Bracelet.

Secondly, we can forget about the necklace and focus our attention on some statement earrings. Whether these are diamond hoops or drop earrings that end just above your shoulders, either will look stunning, especially if your V-neck is lacey. If we look at our product menu, we have chosen the Shaun Leane Yellow Gold Vermeil & Pearl Cherry Blossom Large Hook Earrings that add a touch of alternative romance to a V-neck wedding dress.

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Halter Neckline

Next for wedding dress necklines, we have the halter neckline. This has been a firm favourite for years and years, which is why we had to include it in the different wedding dress necklines. A halter neck neckline is best worn when you want to draw attention to the top of your dress. It creates a spotlight on your shoulders and decolletage.

Being a classic style of wedding dress, it’s important that you again keep the focus on the dress as opposed to the accessories. For this neckline, we are keeping it simple as this is such a busy style of dress. Using the Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Keshi Pearl Bracelet & Precious 9ct Yellow Gold & Freshwater Pearl Tier Drop Earrings makes for a timeless, elegant look; very fitting for this dress type.

Dress: Parlor

Jewel Neckline

The jewel neckline, very similar to a traditional crew neck, is very flattering for someone who wants to minimise the length of their neck or accentuate their chest area. This neckline has been around since 1932, it became ever popular for those in sports and since, has become one of the most popular wedding dress necklines to ever exist.

With this type of neckline, it is very much dependent on the detailing found on it. If your gown has sequins or lace but only at the bottom, accessorising with neckpieces works well. However, if your dress is very much detailed all over, this should always stay the statement. For this neckline, we’ve put a Diamonfire set together using the bold Silver with White Zirconia Marquise & Multi-Stone Double Row Necklace, Silver with White Zirconia Marquise & Multi-Stone Drop Earrings & Silver & White Zirconia Leaf Detail Bracelet.

Dress: Robert Cavalli

Illusion Neckline

The illusion neckline is one of the more contemporary styles of wedding dresses. As the name suggests, they give an illusion of having a higher neck using mesh-like or lace material, while the real neckline sits below. This is perfect for brides who love the look of sweetheart necklines or straight across necklines but don’t feel necessarily comfortable wearing them.

You’re given the best of both worlds with a stunning modern twist. For the illusion neckline, we believe that a pair of statement drop earrings such as the Stardust Silver & CZ Pave Lace Effect Statement Earrings and complimentary bracelet like the Stardust Silver & CZ Pave Lace Effect Bracelet will work best.

Dress: Monsoon

Scoop Neckline

The scoop neckline is another classic for weddings. They’re most flattering on pear & hourglass body shapes, and those who have shorter necks as they give the illusion of extending the chest area. Of course, with a scoop neckline, you’re showing off more of your upper body which means you can be as adventurous with your jewels as you desire. A full or simple look compliments this dress neckline but we have decided on the following to give you inspiration.

A choker, studs and bracelet sounds like a lot, but because you’re still leaving space, it becomes very completing. If, however, your dress has long sleeves, we recommend that you stick with just the choker and studs. We’ve chosen the Joshua James Precious 9ct Gold & Diamond Cluster Urchin Stud Earrings and Nomination Chic & Charm Silver with White CZ Necklace for a stunning combination.

Dress: Maria Gown

Square Neckline

Last but not least, we have the feminine and beautiful wedding dress square neckline. A square neckline helps elongate a short neck and narrow shoulders, leaving you looking poised and confident. Whether you’re rocking long sleeves or short, accessories can bring this type of neckline to life. We have paired this long sleeved gown with the Diamonfire Silver & White Zirconia Marquise Crawler Earrings and Silver & White Zirconia Marquise Necklace.

Dress: Macgraw

We hope our guide on wedding dress necklines has guided you in the right direction when choosing your accessories for your big day. Here at Joshua James, we have several stunning designer jewellery brands available, giving you a wide selection of jewels for you to choose that’ll complement your wedding gown. Check out our complete wedding planning guide for even more advice from the Joshua James experts.

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