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Lockdown Style: How to dress up your loungewear with chunky silver jewellery & more

With another national lockdown underway, undoubtedly, we’re all putting away our everyday work clothes and pulling back out the lockdown essential, our favourite comfy and cute loungewear sets!

Loungewear has unsurprisingly become a lockdown staple with searches up 101% for these products compared to 2019! So, what is loungewear and how do we own this amazingly comfy style? Read on to find out everything you need to know about comfortable loungewear, and how to style it up with chunky silver jewellery!

What is loungewear?

Loungewear is all about comfort. It comes in a wide range of different styles, from matching sweats to comfy knits, the only requirements for loungewear is all-out comfort paired with Instagram ready style.

You could go for a classic style with a simple matching sweat set, perfect for lazy days on the couch watching tv. Or for a more zoom-friendly style, why not opt for an oversized shirt with joggers? Keeping it smart up top and comfy all over. Whether you’re a fan of bright colours, or you’re jumping on that tonal trend, loungewear covers it all. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to finding a comfortable loungewear look to suit your style.

Is loungewear in fashion?

The loungewear trend is taking over! From your favourite celebs to your style focused influencer faves, everyone is wearing loungewear right now, and who can blame them?! It’s time to throw out those uncomfortable clothes, and clear out a drawer dedicated to cute loungewear because that’s all we’ll be wearing for the foreseeable!

We’ve pulled out some of our loungewear style icons below to help inspire your loungewear style.

Outside Loungewear? Dress Up Your Loungewear with Chunky Silver Jewellery

Loungewear is so popular because it gives you pyjama level comfort with day-wear level style, making it perfect for a quick run to the shops or your daily walk. Wherever you’re going, you can go there in comfort and style with a loungewear set!

If you want to get that luxury loungewear look before you leave the house – here are our top tips including chunky silver jewellery:

1. Layer it up

Layers are essential right now in the UK, with temperatures hitting below 0 right now! But not only are they great for keeping you warm, they can also really elevate your look. Layer up your favourite co-ord loungewear set with a sleek and stylish open camel coat for an effortless style. Perfect for keeping your cute loungewear on show whilst keeping you warm. It really is that easy!
Camel coat not your thing? Layer your loungewear with black leather for some all-out loungewear glam!

2. Add statement shoes

If you’re keeping it simple with your loungewear, make a statement with your shoes! Go for a pair of leopard print trainers if you want to keep the focus on comfort. Or why not try a pair of chunky black boots for a more luxurious statement? The perfect pairing if you’re layering with your leather jacket

3. Go for chunky

Bold, chunky and extravagant chunky silver jewellery, as well as gold, is key to a luxury loungewear look, giving you all out style with minimal effort. With earrings and layered chains, throw it all on! Not only is layering up the chunky silver jewellery great for making your loungewear look outside ready, but it gives you a stand-out zoom ready style as well! We have several handmade silver jewelry and chunky chain pieces on offer at Joshua James Jewellery.
If you aren’t feeling the sleek silver trend, dress it up with lots of vibrant gold. Get out the big hoops and layer up your rings, giving you chic style in no time.

If you’re thinking of trying out our top tips for an effortless luxury loungewear look with chunky silver jewellery, don’t forget to tag us in your pics on Instagram with #stylebyjjj! We’d love to see you in our silver jewellery online.

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