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How to Clean Engagement Rings & Care For Them

As you are no doubt already aware, here at Joshua James, we are dedicated to the selection and care of truly stunning jewellery and accessories. And we think that there is no piece of jewellery more special than your engagement ring. For many of us, it is the first truly sentimental piece of jewellery that we own, and of course, it is a sign of your commitment to your other half.

So, with all this considered, we wanted to make sure that you have all of the information, tips and advice that you could need on how to clean engagement rings, as well as taking proper care of it between washes.

Engagement Ring Care

1. Never remove your ring in public! 

It can feel a little jarring at first, for example, when washing your hands while wearing your engagement ring. However, taking it off, particularly in public bathrooms, opens up the opportunity to drop, damage or forget it. So, don’t take the risk!

2. Clean your ring at least four times a year, but don’t use any harsh chemicals

When it comes to how to keep engagement ring clean, harsh cleaning products such as bleach can damage a ring, dulling the metal and harming the precious gemstones. If you choose to clean your engagement ring yourself, use a suitable jewellery cleaner with a soft bristled brush – like a toothbrush, to get it sparkling like new again!

Depending on your metal, Connoisseurs have a wide range of cleaning products available for your engagement ring. Using delicate agents, you can stay confident that your ring will stay in top condition for every clean. Head to our website to check out our range of Connoisseurs jewellery cleaners.

3. Make Appointments with your Jeweller at Least Twice a Year for a ‘Check-Up’

Specific settings and stones can loosen over time, so it is important to check in with a professional who will be able to make sure your ring is kept in top condition. If there are any developing issues that might be a cause for concern, your jeweller will spot them and be able to fix them before the damage is done. When it comes to visiting a professional to discover how to clean engagement rings, they can direct you and give you tips.

4. Deep Cleaning and Repairs

For any deep cleaning or repairs, visit your jeweller to get your ring looked at professionally, especially if you spot any indication of damage. They will be able to expertly fix and repair any issues. 

5. Avoid having your ring resized more than once

Having your ring resized more than once can weaken the metal and cause it to become fragile. If your ring no longer fits but one day will, for example through pregnancy, why not just store it in a safe place until you can wear it again?

How to Clean Engagement Rings at Home

If you can’t get your ring cleaned professionally, it is still important to learn how to clean your engagement ring at home. This is because dirt, oil and residue can lodge itself into your diamond, and although you may not realise it is getting dirty over time, the comparison from dull to brilliant will shock you once you’ve cleaned it! Even the slightest film of residue can alter how the light reflects off of your ring. 

Here are our tips for how to clean an engagement ring from the comforts of your home: 

  1. Firstly, choose a cleaning product specifically suited for the materials in your ring. No two engagement rings are the same, and so they shouldn’t be treated as such. What works for one ring might actually damage yours, so when shopping for a suitable cleaning solution make sure you read the label carefully, or take advice from your jeweller to get some expert guidance.
  2. Let your ring soak in the solution for around 30 seconds. 
  3. Next, take a soft bristled brush, or even a soft toothbrush, and work in the solution into all of the nooks and crannies. Pay attention to cleaning around the claws and stone settings especially. 
  4. Finally, rinse your ring with lukewarm water, and gently dry it with a lint free cloth, and you’re done!

Of course, you shouldn’t be letting your ring accumulate a major build-up of dirt or grease, and regular polishing can make the task of cleaning your ring much easier. We recommend you use a tarnish and polish cloth on your engagement ring every couple of weeks to keep it in sparkling condition. And there you have it, a clean engagement ring!

When it comes to learning how to clean engagement ring in white gold, this can differ from yellow gold or platinum. What’s why using the Gold Jewellery Polishing Cloth & Precious Jewellery Cleaner from Connoisseurs ensures that you’re using less harsh product on such a vibrant metal.

Is it OK to Shower with Your Engagement Ring?

One question that we see asked a lot is whether you can keep your engagement ring on while you shower. Many women prefer to never remove their ring, and in fact, see it as an extension of their hand not to be altered. But, it is just an all-round bad idea to shower with your engagement ring, and we do not recommend it. 

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the shower could even be cleansing for your ring, and a quick way to keep it clean. However, the opposite is true and showering with your engagement ring can be quite damaging. Think about your shower products, which usually have a lot of exfoliating qualities that we love for our skin, but should avoid for our rings.

The tiny exfoliants in these soaps can cause microscopic damage to precious metals such as gold, and the scary part is, you won’t notice it happening right away. Over time, this consistent wear and tear will damage an engagement ring, and by then it is too late! We recommend that you keep a special trinket dish or box dedicated to holding your engagement ring when you’re not wearing it. This way you will always know where it is after you’ve taken it off and it will be protected by velvet lining and plush cushioning. 

Looking After Your Ring

Now you know how to clean engagement rings the right way, as well as how to look after your ring, you can feel confident that your special jewellery is going to get the very best care. Whether you choose to clean and maintain your ring yourself or have it professionally done, you can look forward to a brilliant sparkle that will last a lifetime.

 If you’re looking for more advice on cleaning jewellery, you can explore more of our expert guides on our website now. Plus, we have a full engagement hub that will give you tips on advice from popping the question to taking the perfect engagement ring selfie and everything in between. Alternatively, explore our vast collection of engagement rings available and find the perfect ring to signify your love and commitment.