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How To Uplift Your Capsule Wardrobe With A ChloBo Gold Bracelet

Owning a capsule wardrobe is crucial for every woman. While trending pieces are great to inject into your daily style, having a collection of basics offers timeless outfits that can be worn again and again, especially when it’s full of investment pieces and a colour palette that you can’t go wrong with.

Once you’ve collected your white tees, mom jeans, black blazers, grey bodysuits & an array of comfortable footwear, you need to figure out how to make these pieces work continuously without looking so repetitive. 

In today’s article, we’re going to give you our advice on how to uplift your everyday outfits using just accessories. A ChloBo gold bracelet, as well as their vast collection of pendants, rings and earrings, are fantastic at transforming a look, especially as they hold an endless amount of beauty that you can keep in your jewellery collection for years to come.

Focusing just on gold wristwear, we have put together five gorgeous styles that’ll give you inspiration for transforming your everyday wardrobe:

Five Looks With ChloBo Gold Bracelets

We have chosen gold as this metal shade is both vibrant & eye-catching; the push you need for uplifting your most-worn items. A gold ChloBo bracelet is both delicate and high quality, which is why their versatile nature makes them perfect for stacking or wearing as standalone pieces for a daintier finish. Here are five varied looks we have put together using ChloBo gold bracelets. No matter your style, we have made sure to cover all grounds.

The bonus of having a ChloBo Gold bracelet in your capsule wardrobe is that they’re all ethically sourced and handmade here in the UK too. A prominent reason to create a capsule wardrobe in the first place as you’re given quality over quantity through sustainable sourcing and practises. Not only does this contribute to a greener future, but it ensures that you are given items that last.

The Little Black Dress

We all have an LBD in our wardrobe as a fail-safe outfit for when “you have nothing to wear” or haven’t had the chance to plan an outfit for an event. The little black dress always comes in handy, making it an essential piece for your capsule wardrobe. 

The great thing about an all-black outfit is that you can spruce it up easily. We have taken a few of the ChloBo bracelets from their newest collection launch, ‘Sacred Earth‘, which involves nothing but bold and beautiful statements. Encompassing the spiritual meaning of the Greek concept of the four elements, you will find earth, wind, fire, and water-inspired pieces in this range that speak to the wearer and ultimately make the perfect pieces for stacking together a consistent theme.

For this Lipsy Slinky Sweetheart Mini Dress, we have used the Gold Multi Charm Element BraceletGold Flower of Life BraceletGold Oval Bead Earth Bracelet & Gold Link Chain Air Bracelet

Mom Jeans & Black Blazer

Now, this is a look that we’ve accomplished at least once or twice in our time. You can’t go wrong with a black blazer, white tee and a pair of blue denim jeans. It’s classic and forever stylish, something we love to see here at Joshua James. To keep this style effortlessly chic, we have paired it with a mixed metal look using a ChloBo gold bracelet combo.

Get your hands on this New Look Black Pocket Oversized Blazer and match it up with ChloBo’s Triple Skies Bracelet, Gold & Silver Sparkle Sun Bracelet & Gold Rhythm of Water Bracelet for cosmic sky matching. Focusing on the sun, a symbol of power, passion and growth, this is a lovely sentiment that’ll finish off such a monochromatic look. 

Jeans & A Nice Top

After a blazer and jean combination, we, of course, had to include the simple but very effective jeans and a nice top look. This boohoo Puff Sleeve Button Up Blouse is a gorgeous sage colour that works gorgeously when paired with gold accessories. As this is a very feminine and girly blouse, we felt a bit of edging up was needed.

That’s why for this look, we have used the Gold Sacred Sound Bracelet, Gold Dancing Waves Bracelet & Gold The Tide Bracelet for something a little more bulky and statemented. These bracelets complement each other in every sense of the world, and to top it off, they were all designed with inspiration from the natural beauty of the ocean. 

Shirt Dress

If you have a shirt dress in your collection, you’re doing it all right. This mustard Ochre Tie Waist Shirt Dress from Dorothy Perkins is a piece that’ll never go out of fashion. Each Spring/Summer, this yellow shade is always on the high street, so it makes sense to be fully prepared for the warmer months with a comfortable, floaty, and very well-themed shirt dress.

To make this bright colour jump out, even more, we have paired it with pearl and gold ChloBo bracelets. The pearls break up the golden shades beautifully, and with the statement Gold Mini Small Ball Padlock Bracelet, it all ties in together for a well-created contrast. Also paired with the padlock is the Gold & Pearl Personalised Sparkle Rice Moon & Stars Charm Bracelet and the Gold & Pearl Heart of Love Bracelet

Bodysuit & Jeans

If you’re not wearing a cami or tank top, it’s going to be a bodysuit. The bodysuit has recently become a key staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Not only do they offer a fit to complement your silhouette, but they’re incredibly comfortable and stylish. This Recycled Petite Camel Rib Racer Bodysuit and light blue wash jeans look is certainly missing some accessories.

Because the outfit is very much a plain base, it allows for more depth in your jewellery. The ChloBo Gold & Iolite Graceful Aura Bangle and Gold & Iolite Cosmic Connection Bangle both uphold the ChloBo gold bracelet aesthetic, but by incorporating genuine Iolite, you’re offering new dimension and colour to the neutral tones. Iolite is said to be the stone of intuition and dreams coming true. When paired with Gold Sparkle Oval Adjuster Bracelet, you know it’s a match made in heaven. 

This would also be the perfect outfit to pair with a ChloBo rose gold bracelet such as the Rose Gold Mini Noodle Ball Flower Om Bracelet that offers stunning warming rosy tones for something a little more girly. ChloBo bracelets in rose gold are nothing but warming and feminine, the perfect vibe for a date night.

Have we given you inspiration for styling your capsule wardrobe up with a ChloBo gold bracelet? Here at Joshua James, our entire ChloBo jewellery collection is full of boho-inspired pieces that work alone or as layered and stacked vibes- the iconic look that Chloe Moss, the founder of ChloBo, has always span across her every collection. Start mixing and matching today, and your jewellery collection will have never looked so good.