How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Stack with Different Metal Bracelets
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How To Wear Nomination Bracelets: Styling & Customising

Depending on your style, preferences and budget, wearing your Nomination bracelet can mean two different things to you and the next person. However, the beauty of Nomination Jewellery is that the brand boasts nothing but inclusivity within its designs- giving every one of our customers the guarantee that they’ll find charms to suit them.

Did you know that charm bracelets date back to Ancient times when both men and women wore them to reflect their profession or religion? It just goes to show how effective charm bracelets can be when expressing who you are.

In today’s post, we’re going to give you guidance on how to wear Nomination bracelets, finished off with an exciting Nomination offer. Whether you enjoy a vibrant and flamboyant style or you prefer timeless simplicity, charm bracelets are completely customisable; making them extra special to the wearer.

How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelets

So, you’ve got a Nomination charm bracelet, but you don’t know where to start within our huge product menu of Nomination charms. We get it, there is over 2,000 to choose from, but as we mentioned previously, choosing the right charms is down to you. However, of course, we had to give you some examples of how the team here at Joshua James would style them:

How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Rose Gold & Silver Nomination Bracelet
First up, Nomination has kept it sweet and simple with the warmth of rose gold over silver. Nomination Mum Charm, Nomination Infinity Charm and Nomination Dad Charm all work in correlation with each other, offering a considerate symbol to two of the most important people in anyone’s life. This can be the statement piece for your bracelet or you can add more rose gold decorative charms to make it pop even more.
How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Chrome Nomination Bracelet
Next, this men’s Nomination Bracelet uses chromatic steel and black rhombus for the perfect pairing. While it’s less personal with Aztec detailing, this charm bracelet would look good accompanying any outfit. Not to mention, it leaves more mystery than other styles. Take a look at our entire men’s Nomination jewellery range for more masculine and luxurious men’s Nomination charms.
How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Silver and Yellow Gold Nomination Bracelets
Last but not least, we have the beauty of another mixed metal collaboration. Using yellow gold on top of silver makes it even more eye-catching and glowing. All three charm bracelets offer a romantic effect, especially with the Wedding Nomination Charm and Anniversary Nomination Charm from one and three. Number two showcases a name too; making all three the ideal gifting bunch. By using the hearts to break up the detailed charms, you are creating a consistent but creative touch.

These three already-designed bracelets from the beautiful Italian brand Nomination are just the beginning of what you can do with your Nomination bracelet. A bracelet from Nomination allows for your creative and dynamic side to approach, and gift yourself a jewellery piece that speaks to you and no one else. Keep an eye on our socials if you want more inspiration on how our expert team styles up Nomination bracelets.

Creating A Look With Nomination Bracelets

Now that you’ve chosen your charms, it’s time to give you inspiration on what jewellery pieces compliment the magic of your Nomination bracelet. Through necklaces, rings and earrings, you can create an entire look that expresses your individuality. Here’s a few ideas of what we’d pair different Nomination bracelets with:

How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Rose Gold Bracelets with Complimentary Ring, Necklace and earrings
For a rose gold moment, we have paired a statement Nomination bracelet with these Fiorelli Drop Earrings, a Thomas Sabo Simple Chain & a ChloBo Stacking Ring for a mixed metal match made in heaven.
How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Silver Bracelets with Complimentary Ring, Necklace and earrings
For silver, we thought we’d go for a star-struck theme. Using the Joshua James Three Star Necklace, Thomas Sabo Star Ring & ChloBo Drop Star Earrings, we have created a sparkling and modern look that’ll compliment any silver Nomination bracelet.
How to Wear Your Nomination Bracelet Gold Bracelets with Complimentary Ring, Necklace and earrings
For the gold, we decided to keep the theme contemporary glam. Using embossed and bevelled gold, amongst the mixing of silver, we have produced a timeless and eye-catching look to go with your gold Nomination bracelet. Check out the Joshua James Textured Ring, ChloBo Gold Tassell Necklace & Fiorelli Bevelled Studs now.

Nomination Jewellery Offer

Are you looking to start your very own Nomination Bracelet with Joshua James Nomination charms? You couldn’t begin at a better time! If you spend £99 on Nomination jewellery, you will get a Nomination jewellery box completely FREE. The complimentary gift will be added to your basket automatically. The offer is on from the 22nd of April 2021 for two weeks, so make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic Nomination offer.

Don’t forget, we have several other articles on how to clean your Nomination bracelet and how to build your Nomination bracelet on our blog! In the meantime, learn how to style a Nomination bracelet by getting your shop on.