How to Wear Rose Gold Jewellery: The Joshua James Edit

Everything’s coming up roses for the jewellery world this season. We love the sheer beauty and versatility of rose gold jewellery; the somewhat underappreciated cousin of white and yellow gold. With its mesmerising pinkish hue, this truly beautiful metal is created when copper is infused with traditional yellow gold. If it’s not something you’ve ever worn before, rose gold will certainly make a refreshing change of pace for your jewellery collection, perfect for year-round style no matter the occasion.

Not sure how to style it? That’s what we’re here for. We’re experts in all things precious metals, so we’ve put together this simple guide on how to wear rose gold jewellery to ensure you get the most out of your precious new pieces.


Mixed-Up Metals

Gone are the days when mixing metals was a complete fashion faux pas. The story today is quite the opposite, where mixing metals is a true fashion trend that everybody needs to get on board with. Rose gold and rose gold plated jewellery is refreshingly easy to mix up with different metals thanks to its soft, pinkish colour, which works perfectly when mixed up with silver, platinum or white gold.

You can choose to layer up separate rose gold necklaces with silver or white gold necklaces for a casual contrasting look. Stacking jewellery like rings and bracelets is also a hot trend right now, so you can stack up rose gold plated bracelets and rings with silver or darker gold pieces to add depth to your outfits. Or, if you want to wear a solo piece, you can opt for jewellery pieces that already combine rose gold with other metals like this elegant eternity circles pendant by Hot Diamonds. Pre-mixed metal jewellery from top designers is guaranteed to strike the perfect balance between the colours and ensure you get a classy, on-trend look from your jewellery.

Tip: Avoid mixing more than two types of metal at once, as this can look a little too busy.


Gemstone Pairings

Rose gold jewellery and gemstones are a match made in heaven, which is why rose gold is such a popular choice for engagement rings. The warm, rosy hue gives gemstone jewellery a beautiful and almost vintage look, making these pairings even more popular with vintage and shabby chic styles remaining a hit fashion trend for the last few years.

Rose gold jewellery works perfectly with a wide range of gemstone colours including pink, blue, red, purple, brown, clear and even black gemstones. The warmth of the gold lends itself beautifully to almost any gemstone shade, making these pairings easy for necklace pendants, rings and even charm bracelets. Our collection of rose gold plated bracelets and gemstone charms and beads by Nomination is the perfect example of how wonderful gemstones look when framed by rose gold. And the best part is you can mix and match all your favourite rose gold Nomination charms together to create one stunning bracelet.  


Complementing Colours

Figuring out how to wear rose gold jewellery always comes down to the colours you pair it with. As well as ensuring you’re pairing it up with the best metals and gemstones, you should also aim to match it up with the right clothing colours for the best possible look.

Rose gold is soft and charming enough to work well next to a broad spectrum of colours, so your wardrobe is bound to be full of outfits to match up your new jewellery with. Your best bet, however, is nudes and neutrals. That warm, pinkish shade you see in rose gold jewellery works so beautifully next to white, cream, nude and brown clothing, adding sparkle and depth that complements the colour perfectly. Rose gold also looks incredible next to black clothing, with the sheer contrast of the two colours creating an incredible, arresting look.


How do you wear your rose gold jewellery? Discover a huge range of rose gold and mixed metal jewellery designs here in the full Joshua James jewellery range for even more inspiration on how to wear this rosy precious metal.


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