The Sacred Earth Collection Being Worn By a Boho-Chic Woman on the Beach

Introducing ChloBo’s Sacred Earth Collection

We’re excited to announce that the ChloBo’s Spring/Summer collection, Sacred Earth, has landed at Joshua James. Based upon the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water, ChloBo has taken the power of this Ancient Greek concept and incorporated it into their iconic designs of stacked bracelets, rings and layering necklaces. Keeping in line with their bohemian style, ChloBo has devised this collection to guide wearers on how to live-in synergy with nature.

With air symbolising optimism and relaxation, fire for strength and passion, earth for healing and nourishment and lastly, water for refreshment and to be ‘more fluid’, this collection can have powerful connections to certain personality types and star signs. It also helps wearers align with all four elements.

Illuminating the spirituality in a being, Sacred Earth, ChloBo’s SS21’s collection can assist individuals be more present, and tap into life’s wisdom. Continue reading for this new collection’s inspiration, and to take your first look at ChloBo’s Sacred Earth collection while we concentrate on some of our top picks.

The Sacred Earth Collection's Triangular Symbols Paired With Resonating Star Signs

The Inspiration Behind ChloBo’s Sacred Earth Collection

To gain a better understanding of the meaning behind ChloBo’s collection ‘Sacred Earth’, we’ve got insights into Chloe Moss, the founder of ChloBo’s thought process for this brand new range. The main goal for Chloe was to produce jewellery that represents self-belief and staying grounded; while also coordinating with ChloBo’s signature aesthetic of boho-chic.

As all four elements relate to any person, Chloe wanted to give wearers balance in these emotions and spiritual awareness. All four elements hold the same level of importance which then correlates to all parts of one’s being; signifying that all of you is important. By staying aligned using these striking jewellery pieces in the ChloBo Sacred Earth range, internal healing sets into motion; allowing for self-awareness and change.

What to Expect From Sacred Earth Designs

While integrating the four elements within each piece’s accompanied charms, the collection very much keeps in-line with ChloBo’s iconic aesthetic that we always see through their most popular bracelet stacks, adjusters and earrings. Using the collection’s layering necklaces and stackable rings, they have taken the mantras of balance, healing and passion, and turned these pieces into true tokens of these powers. See below for an insight into ChloBo’s Sacred Earth collection:

The Sacred Earth Collection Elasticated Silver Ring with 'Water' Symbol
Silver Mini Water Ring
A lovingly detailed elasticated ring to add to ChloBo’s already vast selection of similarly-made rings. Using 925 Sterling Silver round and textured beading, finished off with a charm of the triangular symbol for ‘Water’ comes this classic aesthetic.
The Sacred Earth Collection Gold Necklace with Triangular 'Fire' Charm
Gold Fire Pendant Necklace
A vibrant piece for layering is this long pendant which encompasses yellow gold-plated large links for the chain. It is then completed with a hoop that holds the triangular charm of the ‘Fire’ symbol and accompanying flames.
The Sacred Earth Collection's Large Silver Hoops with 'Air' Triangular Charm
Silver Large Air Hoop Earrings
Add a statement to your outfit with Sacred Earth’s large hoop section. These 925 Sterling Silver beautifully textured hoops hold character as they are finished with the triangular symbol for ‘Air’.
The Sacred Earth Collection's Gold Bracelet with Triangular 'Earth' Bracelet
Gold Oval Bead Earth Bracelet
The iconic ChloBo stack is going to create even more of a stylish finish with this beaded bracelet. Using yellow gold-plated 925 Sterling Silver chunky oval beads and polished off with a ChloBo tag & a triangular symbol for ‘Earth’.

If you’re looking to incorporate all four elements into your jewellery collection for spiritual balance, check out the Sacred Earth products below that are suitable for anyone and everyone:

The Sacred Earth Collection's Gold Anklet with Triangular Water, Earth, Air & Fire Charms, as well as a ChloBo Tag
Gold Multi Charm Element Anklet
The Sacred Earth Collection's Silver Choker with Triangular Water, Earth, Air & Fire Charms
Silver Multi Charm Elements Choker Necklace

The idea behind a balance of all four elements is leading a life that contains the four most important foundations of life. The Fire of the Sun helps fuel our planet, the Earth gives us the surface beneath of feet, the Air we breathe and the Water that keeps us hydrated. All four foundations are essential for our existence; by incorporating these into this jewellery collection, you are acknowledging this importance and harmonising your appreciation.

Explore the full ChloBo Sacred Earth collection over on our website, and watch as this jewellery collection transforms your entire Spring/Summer wardrobe just in time for the sunshine!