All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane Model with Stunning Silver Drop Earrings
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All That Glitters 2021: Get to Know Shaun Leane

With All That Glitters hitting our screens soon, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about the Shaun Leane brand that’s shoppable on Joshua James!

The London-born jeweller that is renowned for creating fine jewellery that defies traditional conventions, Shaun Leane, has redefined the standard of British jewellery design. Through a fusion of exceptional craftsmanship, breath-taking designs and endless passion, Shaun Leane has rapidly made its mark as one of the world’s most innovative jewellery houses. And he’s coming to your screen soon.

All That Glitters’ Shaun Leane

All That Glitters, known as the bake-off for jewellery, is a brand new jewellery making competition television show that is going to be airing on BBC2 from Tuesday the 13th of April at 8pm; and every Tuesday after for six weeks. This show is dedicated to finding the UK’s next big jeweller and Shaun Leane, the man behind this remarkable brand that we have loved and stocked for over a year now, is going to be a judge!

A brand that blends high trend and modern art, Shaun Leane jewellery is worn by fashion-forward celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Cara Delevigne; as well as featuring on numerous international catwalks. Meanwhile, this atelier has also produced bespoke masterpieces that can be viewed in museums such as the V&A and even undertook a groundbreaking architectural venture in 2018.

In a style that embodies timeless elegance and sophistication, Shaun Leane jewellery presents exquisite pieces that can often be admired as miniature works of art themselves. We expect to see several pieces appear on the BBC show on both Shaun & Katherine Ryan, the well-known comedian and All That Glitters 2021’s presenter.

Each stunning collection from Shaun Leane reveals its own irresistible personality, with selected jewellery from each available on our website. Take a peek and see what catches your eye – we’ve summarised the key themes below that you’ll be able to spot on the show…

All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane sterling silver hook earrings with diamond decoration

Hook & Talons

Must-have jewellery for the modern woman: each precious piece captivates with an almost primal seduction, taking inspiration from nature.

Each sleek silhouette entices with its simplicity, occasionally enhanced with a sprinkling of diamonds.

Make a bold and contemporary statement with a pair of over-sized hoops, or go for a look that is classy yet daring with the yellow gold vermeil talon earrings – as seen on Meghan Markle.

Pictured: Sterling Silver & 0.14ct Diamond Hook Earrings

All That Glitters 2021 Yellow Silver Serpents Shaun Leane Bracelet

Serpent’s Trace

An alluring mélange of bracelets in sleek, gleaming tones, each of these pieces elegantly coils around the wrist in serpentine manner.

The fluid designs and graceful movements take inspiration from the snake as it twists and turns through the grass.

An exquisite example of unisex wrist-wear, Serpent’s Trace presents must-have pieces for all fashion-conscious men and women.

Pictured: Sterling Silver Serpents Trace Slim Bracelet

All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane Silver Diamond Tusk Ring with Diamonds


Luxuriously modern, this collection looks to evoke the artistic side of Shaun Leane, ranging from diamond-tipped bangles to cat claw hoops.

Perhaps the most iconic motif of all is the tusk, first seen in a 1996 collaboration with Alexander McQueen.

Slick, sculptural simplicity meets refined glamour as certain pieces embrace dazzling diamonds.

Pictured: Sterling Silver & 0.08ct Diamond Tusk Ring

All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane Rose Gold Rose Thorn Studs

Rose Thorn

As the name suggests, the rose thorn is the prevailing motif throughout this collection. Fierce yet delicate, there is an almost menacing beauty to every piece here.

Spanning simple stud earrings, elegant bangles and contemporary rings, this alluring collection is perfect for those looking to enhance their everyday style.

Pictured: Rose Gold Vermeil Large Thorn Stud Earrings

All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane elongated stud earrings in gold vermeil, from the Quill collection


Irresistibly daring, the bold pieces of this collection are designed for the fierce, independent woman.

Inspired by the porcupine quill, there is a distinctly tribal quality to each of these items, brought to life in sleek, pointed silhouettes.

Embrace your wild side through a captivating mix of silver and gold vermeil rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Pictured: Yellow Gold Vermeil Quill Long Stud Earrings

All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane Silver & Pearl Cherry Blossom Necklace

Cherry Blossom

Inspired by the beautiful Japanese sakura, otherwise known as the cherry blossom, these delicate pieces embrace lustrous pearls held within sleek, organic structures.

Evocative of modern romance, this floral collection puts a contemporary twist on the timeless, shimmering pearl, while also offering a uniquely stunning option for bridal jewellery.

Pictured: Yellow Gold Vermeil & Pearl Cherry Blossom Pendant

All That Glitters 2021 Shaun Leane Triple Lined Silver Cufflinks


Elegant, must-have jewellery for the modern man.

This collection embraces the mindset of ‘less is more’, offering sleek, sophisticated pieces ranging from timeless cufflinks to stylish leather bracelets.

The embodiment of luxurious minimalism, each of these pieces would make a stunning gift for that special man.

Pictured: Sterling Silver Arc Cufflinks

Keep an eye out for BBC2’s All That Glitters 2021 on Tuesday the 13th of April at 8pm, as well as our Instagram stories and blog where we will be creating a weekly round-up of all of the pieces worn in each week’s episode! In the meantime, shop Shaun Leane below.