Female Figure Candle Holding a Gold Love Your Body Pendant

Introducing The Joshua James X Jess Megan Collection

The team here at Joshua James is so excited to announce that we have teamed up with award-winning body confidence advocate, Jess Megan, to raise awareness and money for the charity Beat with our new ‘Love Your Body’ Collection! 

About Beat

Before we get into the details of this new stunning range, let’s talk Beat. Beat is the charity that Jess and Joshua James have chosen to donate 20% of all sales from our new collection to. Established in 1989, this cause empowers and encourages individuals to seek help in overcoming an eating disorder they have or have previously had. Through guidance, listening, and an array of resources available, Beat are there for all needs. They also work with close family and friends to help them understand the effects of an eating disorder to assist them in providing the best level of care and compassion to those suffering. 

For more information on the charity Beat, get in touch with them on 0808 801 0677 or via email at help@beateatingdisorders.org.uk if you’re in England. 

The Designs

Jess’ two designs consist of a female bum and a female body, both in the form of line drawings. From the initial sketches to the engraving itself, Jess has worked hard to perfect her two designs with us from the very beginning. Accompanying these adorable line motifs are two of Jess’ famous quotes: “Stop sucking it in” and “You’re a peach”; both empower and encourage women to resist the urge to conform to societies idea of beauty, and instead, embrace their natural and beautiful selves.

The pieces are in the form of classic disc pendants and bracelets that originate from our recently released The Signature Collection, which is only the beginning of what Joshua James has to offer as a brand. Customers can choose from the understated 925 Sterling Silver, as well as gorgeous fairmined 18ct Yellow Gold & 18ct Rose Gold plating on all four variations. 

Two 'You're A Peach' Disc Bracelets

The Reasoning

Over the past few years, Joshua James has teamed up with Save The Bees, Age Concern, Macmillan Cancer Support, as well as our long-term partner Trees For The Future, amongst other fantastic causes. Working with charities is an important part of our business model, and we wanted to mark the launch of our first own-brand collections with an extra exciting charity partnership.

For this collection, the JJ team came together to identify an area that we all felt passionate about, which happened to be an area that challenges the societal justifications of beauty, which ties in with the ongoing concern of eating disorders. With the recent advancements in education on this topic, we felt it was time to show our support with the help of Jess Megan, an award-winning advocate for body confidence.

Jess Megan’s Mission

Jess Megan, curve model, activist and online best friend to over 500K followers on Instagram, sets out to use her online presence to educate and inspire women to appreciate their bodies for their abilities as opposed to diminishing them for their appearance. With statements such as ‘in a war between you and your body, the loser is always you.’, she consistently uses her voice within writing, videos and podcasts to act as a continuous reminder of self-love.

From a young age, Jess was where a high percentage of women are now. Looking for ways to lose the pounds, lather themselves in cream to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cover up any ‘blemishes’ with foundation. However, through self-growth and her realisation of appreciation for what her body does for her and how every inch proves nothing but beauty, she found a new outlook on how she sees herself, which is what she sets out to advocate for everyone that listens to her teachings. 

“Diet culture has us longing for the future when we are thinner and anti-wrinkle creams have us longing for the past when we were younger.

But you will never ever ever get to be the person you are right now in this moment. Every second that goes by you are changing.

Before I know it, this body will have become frail and my bones will ache and my eyes will tire.
So let me be here, let me love it here, stop trying to send me to a different place and promise me that there is a time where I’ll be happier just so long as I adhere to an abstract standard. I’ve been there before. I was younger before. I was thinner before. I was still chaotic, and confused, and longed for a different time. And there will come a time where I long for right now. So let me slow down and hold myself, and watch the sun set.”

Jess Megan, Body Confidence Advocate

Jess Megan Wearing the 'You're A Peach' Gold Pendant

Love Your Body Jewellery From JJ

Derived from the body positivity movement, a concept first introduced in the 1960s as the Fat Acceptance Movement, which is becoming more and more spoken of. This movement was designed to tackle the toxicity in diet culture and the negative connotations towards those above a size six. An argument that such a powerful message deserved a long time ago.

We hope that our new collection of ‘Love Your Body’ Pendants & Bracelets can inspire you to do the same- be kinder to yourself and love every inch of skin that you’re in. Please help us raise money for the fantastic charity Beat by purchasing one of the pieces in our Joshua James X Jess Megan Collection, as 20% of every purchase will be going to the cause!

Follow Jess Megan & Beat over on Instagram for further insights, and of course, Joshua James Jewellery for news offers and everything else in between. 

A message of body confidence, wherever you go.