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Keeping Jewellery Safe While Travelling With A Stackers Jewellery Travel Box

Now that lockdown rules are slowly lifting, travel is becoming more and more accessible, especially if you’re thinking of a lovely English getaway. If we take a look at the lift of travel restrictions by the government, from the 17th of May, hotels reopened which meant that although it might not be the usual Spanish break, people could take advantage of the beauty that is found in England.

If you are one of these people, it’s time to start packing those bags that have collected dust over the past year or so! While your essentials are a must, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up, and with any good outfit comes good jewellery.

Continue reading for our top tips on how to keep your jewellery safe while travelling, especially when using a stackers jewellery travel box.

Carrying Jewellery On The Go

Now, you’ve got all of your outfits planned with their complementary accessories, however, this also means that you’ve got more to look after while away. You can never be too careful when travelling, especially if it’s on public transport which is why we have put together our top tips for keeping your jewellery safe:

  1. Keep Your Bags Close To You
    First and foremost, if you’re travelling by public transport such as a train, it’s important that you keep your jewels close to you. Whether it’s a handbag, backpack or even a suitcase, you will most likely always have a bag in sight and if your jewellery is expensive, it’ll give you peace of mind having it close to you.
  2. Keep Note Of What You’re Bringing
    This relates to all personal belongings that have some value to you. By making a list on your phone or in your notebook, you can reference back to this when you unpack at your destination or en route if you’re concerned that you’ve misplaced anything. This can also contribute to your packing list!
  3. Insure Your Jewellery
    Of course, if your jewellery is worth quite a bit, it is important that you have it insured so that if anything were to happen to it, you’re guaranteed to be able to purchase a replacement. Here at Joshua James, we partner with T.H. March, a world-leading jewellery insurer.
  4. Don’t Leave Your Jewellery Unattended
    While we’ve covered during transportation, this also means when you reach your hotel and anywhere in between. This day and age, most hotels will have a safe for you to keep your valuable objects in and if not, we advise that you take a locked jewellery box or keep a padlocked bag hidden in your room.
  5. Use A Stackers Jewellery Travel Box
    It’s worth hiding your jewellery, but what better way to store it away than within a protective Stackers jewellery travel box? Our Taupe Faux Leather Deep Watch Stackers Travel Jewellery Box is the perfect storage solution to protect your prized jewels. See below for a rundown of all of its benefits:

All You Need To Know About Stackers

Stackers, the well-known jewellery box brand has been around for over 10 years. Before that, the parent family run business, LC Designs, has thrived in many industries including watches & clocks since 1922. The Stackers jewellery box was born out of the love for staying neat & tidy through flexible storage solutions while adding that luxurious aesthetic to any home.

Nearly every travel jewellery box from Stackers is designed with the intentions of being used in correlation with one another. Using layers, lids and an abundance of compartments, you can customise your Stackers jewellery travel box to meet your exact needs.

With three large compartments; one for large jewellery items, one with a wristwear pillow & one with a ring roll, no matter the size of your jewellery, there will be a place for it to be stored in this Stackers medium travel jewellery box.

More Travel Jewellery Boxes From Stackers

If the Stackers Taupe jewellery travel box doesn’t take your fancy, we also have several other options available on our website. Here are some of our travel-friendly storage solutions from this brilliant brand:

Stackers Navy Croc Faux Leather Oval Travel Box
Stackers Jewellery Wrap
Stackers Blush Faux Leather Medium Travel Jewellery Box

To check out the entire Stackers jewellery travel box range, head on over to our website. Stackers have a wide variety of fantastic storage solutions for all of your accessories. In the meantime, check out our blog on how to organise your jewellery so that you can say goodbye to tangles or our blog on DIY hacks for packing your jewellery when travelling.