Libra Gift Ideas

As we sadly bid farewell to summer and enter into autumn, those under the Libra star sign get their moment in the spotlight. Whether you’re a Libra looking for more information about your sign or a loved one looking for gift inspiration, here at Joshua James we’ve put together the ultimate guide to all things Libra.

Libra Star Sign Fact File
Libra Dates: September 23 – October 23
Libra Symbol: The Scales of Justice
Element: Air

About Libras
Signified by symbol of the Scales of Justice, Libras are all about fairness. Balance is a key motive in their lives, from keeping things running smoothly in the workplace to helping resolve personal conflicts between family and friends. A Libra is known to be lovable, fair, sincere and charming. They are also hopeless romantics, and keen to find that one, perfect relationship. As natural negotiators, once in a relationship, they push to keep things running smoothly. This means they are usually very diplomatic and can empathise with multiple standpoints in a given situation. Libra’s are also known for paying attention to beauty and style. They are interested not only in looking fashionable, but in dressing in a way that expresses their bright and beautiful personalities, both inside and out.

Famous Libras – Steal Their Style
Whether you’re looking for a gift for the Libra in your life, or you’re a Libra yourself looking for some jewellery style inspiration, why not take a leaf from the books of these four fashion forward Libra ladies?

Catherine Zeta-Jones – 25th September

The saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” couldn’t be more true when it comes to Catherine Zeta-Jones. The glam actress has a penchant for diamonds and crystals, dressing up her sophisticated red carpet looks with beautiful earrings, rings and bracelets. Nothing adds a touch of class to a look quite like a pair of glitzy earrings. If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your look for a special occasion, the Swarovski Bella Clear Crystal Drop Earrings are a must in your collection.

Gwyneth Paltrow – 27th September

In line with her clean and sophisticated style, Gwyneth is usually unadorned when it comes to her jewellery, preferring to keep it simple even at glam red carpet events. She can, however, usually be spotted wearing a ring or two. If you’re looking to mimic Gwyneth’s understated yet classic style, opt for a couple of gold or silver rings with similar, but not matching, designs. Avoid anything too glitzy or colourful – the UNOde50 Tornado Silver Ring is perfect for a classic, subtle look.

Freida Pinto – 18th October


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Freida Pinto is well known for her effortlessly stylish looks. From nailing formalwear in floaty gowns or sleek suits on the red carpet to making an impression day to day, Freida’s style is always on point. In terms of jewellery, Freido keeps it relatively simple, letting the colours and patterns of her clothing do most of the talking. A classic, sleek and statement watch is usually found adorning her wrist, therefore those looking to get in on Freida’s effortless look should invest in one great watch. The Nomination Paris Classic Rectangular Pink Watch is both elegant and stylish. Available in a classic silver link design, this Nomination watch will look as fantastic years down the line as it does today.

Kate Winslet – 5th October

Kate Winslet’s style has evolved throughout her career, with the bolder and brighter numbers of days gone by giving way to the classic, timeless options of today. Kate’s recent red carpet style favours simple, black gowns in flattering silhouettes. In keeping with her classic red carpet style, Kate opts for dazzling jewellery to set her look off to perfection. If you’re taking a leaf from her book, look out for statement necklaces and pretty drop earrings. For a truly radiant look, we adore the Swarovski Bella Gold & Golden Shadow Crystal Drop Earrings.

Libra Star Sign Charms
If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a very special Libra, why not treat them to a Libra star sign charm? A star sign charm is the ideal gift – it is unique and thoughtful, and guarantees to make a statement on their charm bracelet.

Whether they’re a Nomination fan or prefer their Trollbeads bracelet, here at Joshua James we offer a stunning selection of star sign charms to suit. Choose from pretty drop charms featuring the Libra symbol, or eye catching beaded charms featuring the Libra stone, amethyst.

Trollbeads Libra Silver Bead
Nomination Classic CZ Silver Libra Symbol Charm
Nomination Classic Libra Charm
Trollbeads Star of Calmness Bead

For a further selection of charms that are the perfect option as gifts for someone special, be sure to explore the full zodiac charms and birthstone charms collections at Joshua James.

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