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5 Romantic Home Proposal Ideas

At first glance, getting engaged during coronavirus may not sound like the most romantic idea. But for many, the alternative of waiting it out is even less appealing! 

When you’re certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with another person, you don’t want to wait around and let external circumstances dictate your actions. Everyone dreams of that “perfect moment” for a proposal, but all you really need is the certainty that both of you are ready to begin your life together.

Private proposals have always been a favourite option for more introverted couples, but – given the circumstances – even the most flamboyant among us are now looking for romantic ways to get engaged at home.

In this post, we’ll be listing our top home proposal ideas, keeping it extra romantic and personal.

Ready to take notes? Then let’s dive in…

Our Top 5 Home Proposal Ideas

Proposing at home can be seriously romantic as it’s an intimate moment that just the two of you will share and treasure forever. You also have the ability to make it incredibly personal by considering your future fiancé’s preferences and basing your proposal entirely around that, without having to worry about anybody else.

Looking around the living room and feeling a lack of inspiration? Read on for our favourite private proposal ideas at home, all guaranteed to lead to a truly unforgettable moment!

1. Create an at-home cinema experience

Okay, we’re not saying that proposing at the cinema was ever a good idea (unless you do it like this guy). But at home, you get to decide exactly what gets shown on the big screen, and we have a very special idea on how to make it super romantic! 

All you need to do is gather together your favourite photos and/or videos from your time together, and use them to create a slideshow (or film) of your relationship. They’re sure to be teary-eyed by the time the credits roll, and that’s when you make sure to include a special bonus slide… asking them to marry you.

To really make this home proposal idea work, make sure you’ve got everything you need for a cosy home cinema experience: blankets, cushions, fairy lights (or candles) and maybe a few snacks. If you have access to a projector then that’s perfect, but the TV will do! 

2. Recreate your dream proposal destination at home

Had you been planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to somewhere across the globe in order to pop the question? Or perhaps you had a special place in mind that holds special memories for the two of you. 

Your travel plans might be squashed for the time being, but there’s no reason why you can’t bring that romantic destination to your doorstep and get engaged at home! Whether it’s Venice, Niagara Falls, Paris or New York City… you can recreate that romantic location with a little creativity. 

All you have to do is embrace the five senses: play some local music, draw inspiration from the cultural cuisine, light some scented candles. Hang up the appropriate flag and decorate your house with any other props you can find, and make sure that you’re dressed appropriately! One of our at home proposal ideas that’ll make for a fantastic story in future.

3. Send them on a romantic treasure hunt

The next on our list of home proposal ideas involves an extra dose of creativity, but trust us, it’ll be worth it! Every single clue should reference an inside joke, memorable date or cherished memory. Scatter these around your house and send your partner off on their quest for treasure!

The beauty of this home proposal idea is that you can perfectly tailor it to create a uniquely thoughtful and personal experience. As well as including personalised clues, you can make it as simple or complex as you want, depending on your partner’s preferences. Perhaps they enjoy a challenging puzzle, or maybe they value sentiment over complexity –  make sure to consider what would be best while you’re creating your treasure hunt!

Oh, and don’t forget the treasure itself: whether it’s a ring buried in the back garden or simply you waiting on one knee, make sure everything is perfectly set up for when your partner finds it!

4. Recreate a romantic dinner date at their favourite restaurant

We think it’s safe to say that many of us have missed dining out during lockdown, so this makes for one especially desirable proposal ideas at home right now!

Perhaps there’s a special eatery that you’ve been dining at together for years, or it’s a luxurious restaurant that gets reserved for special occasions only. All you need to know is her favourite dish, the right ingredients and a rough recipe to go off. 

And remember, the restaurant experience doesn’t stop at the food: make sure to create the perfect atmosphere by setting the table, lighting some candles and playing a little background music. You can even tell your partner to get dressed up, and make sure they don’t lift a finger when it comes to doing the dishes!

Just as you would in a restaurant, you can pop the question in a number of ways: make it a surprise course by serving them the ring on a plate, hide it in the dessert, or simply get down on one knee following a heartfelt speech at the end of the meal. 

We promise that you don’t need to be an amazing chef to pull this off – what really matters is the effort you put in. Of course, burning down the kitchen doesn’t make for a super romantic engagement dinner, so perhaps don’t go for this option if you think you’ll get too distracted with nerves!

5. Surprise them with breakfast in bed

Sometimes you don’t want a huge build-up to the moment you pop the question. For many couples, simplicity is the best option for home marriage proposal ideas.

Treat your partner to their favourite breakfast in bed (don’t forget tea or coffee!), and give them enough time to wake up and get over their morning grogginess. 

How you choose to present the ring is up to you: perhaps it’ll be hidden on the tray under its own cover, complete with a note that says “Save me till last”; or maybe you’ll keep it in your pocket, ready for when the moment is right to get down on one knee. 

Top tips on preparing for your at-home proposal

Once you’ve settled on a home proposal idea, you might be keen to start planning your private proposal. But there are just a few other things which you mustn’t overlook – whether you’re preparing an elaborate scavenger hunt or a simple breakfast in bed.

Make sure the house is tidy

We can’t stress this enough – nothing kills the romance like dirty dishes and an unmade bed! 

Your other half might be a little suspicious if you suddenly go on a mad cleaning spree, so you’ll probably want to tidy while they’re out of the house. Alternatively, concentrate your efforts on any chores in the preceding weeks and you’ll hopefully just need to do a little touch-up on the day! 

Time it right

You know your partner better than anyone: do they get the Monday Blues? Are they a morning person? Do they need alone time to decompress after finishing work? Think carefully about the best time to put your proposal plan into action. You don’t want them to be stressed or overwhelmed!

Want to capture the moment forever?

Having someone else video your proposal is becoming more and more popular. For many couples, it’s about capturing that moment on camera so that the two of you can watch it back in years to come; for some, it’s also about sharing that special event with close friends and family who couldn’t be there in person. 

If you don’t necessarily want a third party there, you can easily set up a phone or camera to record your home engagement: just make sure the placement is absolutely perfect before you go about your plan!

Plan a post-proposal celebration

It’s time to celebrate with loved ones following the big moment; get the bubbly ready and have a little get together at your house or local event venue/ Many people like to plan a post-proposal party in order to celebrate and share the news with friends and families, but due to the uncertain circumstances towards the end of 2021, maybe you’d prefer to do it online.

A virtual celebration might be a little unconventional, but with today’s technology, it’s so easy to gather everyone together on a group video call. Tell people to get dressed up, pop some champagne, and listen as your other half tells them all the romantic story of how you popped the question!

And there we have it! We hope our romantic home proposal ideas have inspired you. Whether you’re concerned about your health or you simply want to keep it intimate, an at-home proposal is still just as special. We know it’s a stressful and uncertain time right now, but for many couples, it’s an opportunity to cherish those special private moments.

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