New Year’s Eve 2019: Enter The New Decade In Style

Whether you’re hosting a laid-back dinner party for friends, going for a romantic meal for two, or dancing the night away, we’ve got all the essentials you might need to complete your New Year’s Eve style.

It goes without saying that this is the night of year to go all out-glam with your outfit. That sequin jumpsuit that’s been hanging up in your wardrobe for months? It’s time to give it a purpose! Alternatively, you might prefer to repurpose that little black dress that you wore for your Christmas party, and simply dress it up with some different jewellery. After all, at this hectic time of year, does anyone really have time to go out and buy a whole new outfit?

Many people also take the new year as an opportunity to completely revamp their style, and perhaps try something new and adventurous. It’s important that midnight goes off with a bang, so that you can enter 2020 feeling bold, confident and full of energy to take on the challenges of the new year. In fact, as well as just being a new year, midnight on December 31st is going to mark a whole new decade – so it really is the perfect occasion to go all out and embrace your daring side.

That being said, we also think it’s important to revisit some of the biggest jewellery trends of the 2010’s. Why not incorporate some of these in your New Year’s Eve outfit? Although we doubt that any of them are going to disappear anytime soon, it’s a sure-fire way to elevate your outfit and show off the style highlights of this past years, while staying on-trend right up until the final moments of 2019.

Statement Earrings

Statement jewellery in general was a trend of the early 2010’s. Hoops in particular have been a big hit as the decade progressed. The right pair of earrings will frame your face perfectly and make a stylish show-stopping piece.

  • Swarovski Rhodium Plated Clear Crystal Hook Earrings

Colourful Gemstones

Who says we have to leave the colour behind once summer is over? Keep the vibrant tones going and add some cheer to your NYE style. Semi-precious stones such as opal and morganite have taken centre stage this decade, so make sure to check these out as well.

  • Precious 9ct White Gold & Colourful Gemstone Necklace


Gone are the days of ‘less is more’. Whether it’s bracelets, rings or necklaces, stacking has become a popular way to style jewellery. Brands such as ChloBo fully encourage this, with endless options for creating your personalised layered look.


This one’s a more recent occurrence. We’ve been loving this trend since spring, as our favourite brands have continued to bring us stunning collections inspired by the cosmos. Check out Magic Stars by Thomas Sabo, Cosmic Connection by ChloBo, and Nightdream by Nomination.

  • Thomas Sabo White Magic Stars Multiple Star Bracelet

Bonus: Gold Jewellery

Okay, this isn’t a trend from the past year, but we think it deserves a special mention. Although Christmas is now over, why not keep the festive spirit alive a little longer by embracing some gold tones on New Year’s Eve? It’s bright, it’s warm, and it adds a certain luxurious feel that you just can’t get from any other metal. It’s also a more daring choice for many (remember what we said about trying something new?), as most people nowadays tend to opt for silver jewellery. Shop our new Precious collection to check out the stunning pieces we have on offer!

So, what’s your plan this New Year’s Eve? Whatever you end up doing, there are countless ways to kick off the new decade in style. And watch this space for info on all the new trends that 2020 is going to bring!

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