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Winter Wedding Ideas: Tips for Planning

When organising a wedding, every intricate detail needs to be taken into consideration. From the flower buying to the guest list, we know how important it is to make your vision be brought to life. 

Did you know that November is one of the most popular months for a Winter Wedding? With that in mind, we have put together our winter wedding ideas to give you that much-needed inspiration for the biggest event of your life.

However, during Winter, this can come with a whole other list of obstacles that you’ll need to overcome for your dream day. From Winter wedding dresses to Winter wedding cakes, it’s about getting the theme and fine points sorted in good time. In today’s post, we’re going to give you our step-by-step guide on the journey of organising a Winter wedding in Yorkshire. 

Using local Yorkshire wedding suppliers and our own service for bespoke rings, you will be on the road to a day to remember.

Bespoke Jewellery UK Husband & Wife Wearing Bespoke Wedding Rings

The Planner

First, on our winter wedding ideas list, we have planning. Before you begin thinking about any other details, have you thought about acquiring some assistance? A wedding planner can often save you money by finding you the best deals or recommending you to suppliers that they’re in a close relationship with and also save you time when you’re working a 9-5.

What’s more, they already have the experience and knowledge to find you the best suppliers who can make your dream wedding come to life. Key Is In The Detail is a wedding planning service based in East Yorkshire. Run by Georgie, she knows what it takes to produce an exquisite wedding that’s had every last detail taken into consideration.

The Venue

So, you’ve got your date saved, and now it is time to find the perfect location to host your Winter wedding. If you’re based in the Yorkshire area, you’ll know that there are several stunning wedding venues in East Yorkshire available, including Bunny Hill Wedding’s Bunny Hill Farm which encompasses a giant barn… but not just any barn.

Using delicate lighting and a mezzanine bar that overlooks the picturesque grounds and woodlands that unveils the beauty of the Yorkshire countryside, brides and grooms can host up to 300 guests at this traditional location that sparks contemporary magic. For a Winter wedding, you can even keep your guests warm and cosy as they enjoy patio heaters, soft seating and the rural atmosphere outside this Yorkshire wedding barn.

Bespoke Jewellery UK Bunny Hill Farm Barn Exterior
Bespoke Jewellery UK Bunny Hill Farm Ceremony Room with Couple Getting Married

Bespoke Jewellery UK Bunny Hill Farm Reception Room Decorated with Flowers & Tables

The Entertainment

Whether you’re looking for a wedding singer or the simple fun of a photo booth setup, this region has so much to offer when it comes to wedding entertainment. One of our favourite types of wedding entertainment in the Yorkshire area is Twisted Belles Entertainment; a group of showgirls that are based in Goole. These girls can give your wedding everything from fire breathers to LED Light Performers, all while glitzing up the little ones.

When having a Winter Wedding, you want to make sure that your entertainment source is indoor-friendly. While you may not necessarily want the Twisted Belles to breathe fire in close proximity to you, they have several other skills such as showdancing that would make for fantastic indoor entertainment. 

Bespoke Jewellery UK Twisted Belles Fire Breathing Girl
Bespoke Jewellery UK Twisted Bells Aerialist On Hoop

Bespoke Jewellery UK Twisted Belles LED Dancers

The Dress

Next up, we have our Winter wedding dress ideas. If you’re in the Yorkshire area, we recommend popping into Ghost & Orchid. Ghost & Orchid stock wedding dress makers Alexandra Grecco, Daughters of Simone, Chantel Lauren and Chosen; some of the biggest names in the industry. With Princess, Mermaid, Boho & Lace cuts that even incorporate long sleeves to counteract the cold, Ghost Orchid can help you transform into the beautiful bride that you and your partner imagined. They even have a selection of bridesmaid dresses and accessories on offer too; including jackets for the harsh weather!

Bespoke Jewellery UK Ghost & Orchid Sequin Wedding Dress on Model
Bespoke Jewellery UK Ghost & Orchid Sequin Wedding Dress on Model

Bespoke Jewellery UK Ghost & Orchid White Silk Strappy Wedding Dress on Model

The Suits

Well, you’ve sorted the ladies, but what about the groomsmen? For our winter wedding outfit ideas, we have paired up with one of our favourite suit companies. The great thing about picking your Winter wedding dress first is that you can now tie in the men’s suits with your overall aesthetic. Leonard Silver, based in Hull, will certainly make the men at your wedding look extra dapper.

With tweed, check and the rich colours of Winter such as burgundy, royal blue and earthy brown tones, Leonard Silver will be sure to compliment your wedding party. As an added bonus, the shop can even supply cufflinks, bow ties, ties and even pocket squares.

Bespoke Jewellery UK Mens Oatmeal & Navy Tie Full Suit
Bespoke Jewellery UK Black & White Classic Suit

Bespoke Jewellery UK Blue & Navy Tweed Full Suit

The Florist

Because what’s a wedding without stunning flowers decorated all over anyway? Now, the flowers are very much dependent on your wedding’s theme. If you’re going for a conventional vibe, white roses and lilies always work a treat. However, if you’ve got a shabby chic and boho style going on, you may be looking for something a little more dried and textured. 

Flowerstyle Florist Beverley is our pick for a wedding florist. Having experience with every wedding theme you can think of, FFB knows what it takes to create a masterpiece within their bouquets and boutonnière’s. Based in Beverley, these flower artists will take your vision and turn it into a reality. As you’re planning a wedding in Winter, we recommend using berries, foliage and frosted coloured leaves for an icy but romantic touch. 

If you’re looking for strictly dried flowers or a stunning floral backdrop, there is also Floral & Lace who are known for their magical arrangements.

Bespoke Jewellery UK Flowerstyle Florist Bouquet with bride
Bespoke Jewellery UK Flowerstyle Florist Pink & Peach Bouquet

Bespoke Jewellery UK Flowerstyle Florist Bride Holding & Wearing Flower Arrangements

The Photographer

Now that you have the basis of your wedding using our winter wedding ideas, you need someone who is going to capture the beauty of it. There are plenty of wedding photographers in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, but that doesn’t mean to say that all of them will add that special touch to your photographs; ensuring that they represent your day for what it is: nothing but wonderful.

With that being said, you also need to make sure they don’t mind being a bit nippy in the Winter. One photographer that stands out to us, and our quirkiness has to be Nicola Mackrill. Nicola is a West Yorkshire born and bred cat and tea-loving photographer who seizes every funny or un-staged opportunity that she can while attending weddings. She will capture those moments that are so easy to miss, but prove how much fun and exciting a wedding is. She’ll also cover the romance too, so there’s no need to worry about that!

Bespoke Jewellery UK Nicola Mackrill Bride & Groom Photo
Bespoke Jewellery UK Nicola Mackrill Bridesmaid Photo

Bespoke Jewellery UK Bride & Groom Confetti Photo

The Cake

Most will often see the cake as being an insignificant part of the wedding planning process, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The cake, as well as being extremely yummy, is the centrepiece of your reception and it also acts as the anchor that ties your entire theme together.

Grace Eva Cakes creates absolutely delectable wedding cakes that offer style, taste and affordability all in one. What’s more, the cake makers are happy to really bring the Winter magic to life within your spongey goodness. See below for examples of what Grace Eva Cakes can make for you:

Bespoke Jewellery UK White & Yellow Floral Wedding Cakee
Bespoke Jewellery UK Green Leaf Wedding Cake

Bespoke Jewellery UK Rose & Gold Wedding Cake

Bespoke Rings at JJ

Now, we could be here all day if we went through every last detail of a wedding. Instead, we’re going to talk about the element that you’ve been all waiting for; bespoke jewellery from the UK. Located in Hessle, you will find our jewellers Joshua James which as of recently, is now offering a bespoke wedding ring and engagement ring service by appointment. 

Couples can join us in our brand-new, state of the art consultation room that offers comfort, magic and professionalism all at once. Choosing a wedding ring is like choosing the dress; you want to make sure that it compliments everything about the day, but also suits your style, personality and preferences as this isn’t a piece of jewellery that you’ll just be wearing for the day, but for the rest of your life. 

That’s why we now offer two packages for our customers. The first being the basic package which can just include guidance on choosing your ideal ring from our vast selection or giving you the option to change up the style, profile or metal. Then we have the fully inclusive bespoke package for bespoke handmade jewellery from the UK.

We say jewellery because this service can be used for engagement rings, weddings rings or even the jewellery that’ll accompany your dress on your big day. That’s right, you can even have bespoke silver jewellery UK made! What happens is you’ll be invited to several consultations in our Hessle store where we will give you the opportunity of designing your ideal ring. However you envision your ring to look, we can make that happen. 

You’ll give us your initial idea, and we will then work our magic to design it just as you’ve described and shown us. Once you’ve approved the design that’s in response to your request, we will then begin to create a 3D render and wax model of the item which will then be sent to you. If you are satisfied with how it has turned out, we will then begin to craft it… properly this time.

Then voila! Your dream ring is right in front of you. This entire process is completely bespoke to each individual customer, and we’ll even throw in some bubbly while you join us in our shop. 

Bespoke Jewellery UK Handmade Ring Being Inspected
Bespoke Jewellery UK Groom Putting on Brides Bespoke Ring
Bespoke Jewellery UK Woman Making a Customised Diamond Ring

Have our winter wedding ideas given you that inspiration you needed? Don’t forget to book in for your initial consultation today to start your journey with only the best bespoke jewellery designers in the UK.