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Our Tips for How to Propose

If you’ve found the love of your life, for many of us it’s clear that we are ready to pop the question. But now that you’ve decided to ask, it’s not as simple as just coming out with it. A lot is riding on how you deliver the proposal, and sometimes it can even affect the answer that you get.

So, if you’re trying to plan the perfect way to propose, then read through our tips on making the moment just right for you and your partner.

Get Permission 

It may seem dated to some, but the centuries-old tradition of asking your partner’s family for their hand in marriage is a traditional first step. If your partner has a strong relationship with their family, it can be quite important that you get their approval before getting down on one knee. 

Just like you might ask your family and friends for advice about your decision, your partner’s family should be let in on the secret, too. Even if it’s not so much the approval side you’re after, they might be able to share with you some tips that might help with your delivery! 

So, try and get together with the people that mean the most to your partner, and let them know your intentions. Your partner will love the preparation and thought that you have put in right under their nose!

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re planning a large production or its just the words themselves, it’s always best to practice the proposal before the big day. The last thing you want to do is get the question wrong, miss your cue or even drop the ring from your undoubtedly amazing hiding place. 

Try practising in the mirror or making a friend stand-in for your partner, test out the question for yourself and find your rhythm. Will your tone be light-hearted or serious? 

Consider what you’re going to say, leading up to the question. Letting your partner know exactly how you feel about them will make that special moment even more amazing, and most likely, they will treasure your words for a lifetime. 

It may seem silly, but you should also practice getting down on one knee, so for the big moment, it’s as smooth as possible. The last thing you want to do is lose your balance, drop the ring and drag your partner down with you! It might be a funny story to tell your grandchildren, but you will thank yourself later when you feel absolutely comfortable in your movements.

If you’re planning a spectacle, you might also want to put it into practice. Maybe you have a special song that needs to play just at the right time, or you might have a sign in the sky that you need to be in the right spot to see? 

When you’re going to make such a big effort to plan the perfect proposal, don’t let something so simple let you slip up right at the big moment. Practising may seem unnecessary, but you won’t realise you needed to do it until it’s too late! 

Make Sure You’re On the Same Page 

Whilst a proposal should be a surprise for your partner, that doesn’t mean it should be a total shock. Maybe they didn’t realise it was going to be this month, or on this holiday, but the fact that you’re asking shouldn’t come out of the blue. 

If you and your partner have never spoken about your future together, you might not be sure of the answer they’re going to give you. There will always be a slight touch of nerves, but the danger is never real unless you have no idea. 

For some people, marriage is simply not a part of their plan, and that might not have anything to do with you or your relationship. So, try and slip it into some light pillow talk one evening and see what their thoughts are. You don’t always need a ceremony to know you’re a committed couple. 

Choose the Right Location 

When you’re going to propose, one of the first things you might decide on is the location! You and your partner have likely created many amazing memories in special places during your relationship. Think about if you might want to revisit one of these spots for the proposal, or if you want to choose a new destination and make it a unique memory.

However, you shouldn’t put pressure on finding the right location. For some couples, a proposal is made more special if it’s at home, you could try cooking them their favourite meal or even do it as you’re going to bed. 

If you’re not sure whether you want a large crowd or whether it’s best just the two of you, then consider popping the question in front of family. An evening with your closest family and friends can be the perfect moment to propose, whilst you’re surrounded by the people who care for and support you the most. 

Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in where you propose and not focus on who you’re with!

Find the Perfect Ring 

Finding the perfect engagement ring can often be the hardest part about proposing. There is a lot of pressure put on finding the right ring that your partner will love, especially because they’ll be wearing it every day. 

Follow our quick tips to finding the right engagement ring today! 

  • Explore Their Jewellery Collection: If your partner wears a lot of jewellery, you might be able to get a good idea of what they like by some rings in their existing collection.  
  • Ask Friends for Tips: Their friends will know your partner’s style well, and they might have even talked about this topic before! 
  • Choose a Family Heirloom Ring: For some, it’s best to go with sentiment, and a family ring will be the only real choice. 
  • Take Them Window Shopping: Come up with an excuse to go shopping and see if any styles catch their eye!
  • Pick a Ring to Suit Their Personality: If they love to be the centre of attention they might want a large, sparkling ring, but if your partner is quite laid-back, opt for a simple style. 

Once you’ve found the right ring, it can be a whole other story trying to find the right size! Fear not, we have put together an expert guide on finding the right engagement ring size in secret. Plus, you can explore our full collection of engagement rings at Joshua James.

Presenting the Ring 

When you present the ring, you might be planning on doing something quirky. This can be a fun way to pop the question, but some methods need a bit more consideration and thought! 

If you’re going to leave the ring in the bottom of their glass or even baked into food, then you will need to make sure they’re not going to swallow the whole thing in one. The best way to do this method is to make sure the ring is partially visible, you want your partner to see the ring before it’s too late!

Remember that animals can be unpredictable… It might be a cute idea to have your dog run up with the ring on their collar, but make sure they’re not going to keep running! Our advice? Keep all animals on a collar and lead if there’s a lot of space for them to escape with their treasure. If they’re not trained, don’t put it near their mouths!

Why not keep it traditional and present the ring in a box? The act of unveiling the ring as you open the lid adds to the magic of the proposal, and for some the simpler the better. If your ring is perfect for your partner, it should be a spectacle in its own right. But if you want to add more sentiment, then why not ditch the box it came in for a special keepsake? It may be based on your partner’s favourite things or a special memory from your relationship.

Presenting the ring may be a small portion of the big moment, but it can be as special, unique or as traditional as you make it.

Not too Much, Not too Little

When you’re proposing it can be tempting to go overboard on the event, but you don’t want to overwhelm your partner for the wrong reasons. If there is a massive crowd or a million things happening at once, it can be enough to make your partner want to curl up in a ball instead of answering. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to pass the question off as easily as you might ask ‘what’s for dinner?’

The right proposal should feel comfortable for both of you, our best advice is, if it doesn’t feel natural, don’t do it. 

Consider What They Want

Whilst you may have a plethora of wild ideas for what you want to do, always consider what they might want! 

Some people plan the moment they get proposed too meticulously, and they might have strong ideas about what they envision for the big moment. Of course, it’s nice to add your own twist and element of surprise, but consider your partner’s feelings and what they might like too. 

Planning a proposal should be an exciting time in your life, so savour the moment and don’t allow yourself to put too much pressure on the event. This is a memory you will look back on throughout your life, and in the future, you won’t dwell on the tiny details like you may work yourself up over now. 

Only the good will be remembered, so relax and enjoy the start of a new chapter in your life! We hope that our tips on how to propose have helped you, and you feel more confidently about what step you’re going to take next. If you need help on finding the perfect engagement ring, why not explore our full collection of engagement rings today?

After the Proposal – Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?

So you’ve asked the big question, and they’ve said yes! Now, one of the most common queries about engagement rings after the proposal is, “Do I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?”

To put it simply, there is no definite answer, and the decision is down to you and your personal preferences. Some would rather not wear their engagement rings on their wedding day, preferring instead to store it in a safe place. Others move the engagement ring to their right hand before the wedding ceremony. This leaves the left hand free for the traditional placement of the wedding ring which is “closest to the heart”, whilst still allowing you to show off your engagement ring. The engagement ring can then either be moved to sit above the wedding ring following the wedding, or stored safely for special occasions – it’s totally up to you!