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Latest From Coeur De Lion Jewellery

The latest collection of Coeur De Lion jewellery has finally arrived here at Joshua James and we are loving the current range of designs from this high end brand. Whether you are looking for necklaces, bracelets or earrings, the recent Coeur De Lion drop includes plenty of pieces for you to choose from. Featuring the brand’s signature cube shaped beads, the current collection of Coeur De Lion jewellery is the perfect mix of classic styles and unique looks. Within our latest range of Coeur De Lion jewellery, you will find... Read More

rose gold jewellery 27/10/2016

Style Edit – Rose Gold Jewellery

It’s officially autumn, and here at Joshua James we are celebrating the new season with a fresh collection of designs. Our designer jewellery features all the latest trends, including a vast array of beautiful rose gold designs from the likes of Nomination, Links of London and Swarovski jewellery. We at Joshua James just can’t get enough of rose gold jewellery. Over the past few years, rose gold has seen a huge surge in popularity, with those looking for stylish, on trend jewellery. For years, gold and silver were the colour... Read More

Nomination jewellery 28/09/2016

Bracelet Charms – Everyone’s Loving The Italian Look

It seems everyone’s loving Italian charms lately, and no, we’re not talking about the men of Milan, but Italian brands creating stunning charm jewellery, who are now the must have names to be seen sporting. Charms and links designed by Italian jewellers, like Nomination, are quickly becoming a popular choice among those looking for beautiful bracelet charms. These Italian designs are recognised by their unique style, usually a flat square, interchangeable link, featuring a loving symbol or personalised message. The links are then connected by an elastic base to create... Read More


Zodiac Charms For Bracelets – Could Your Sign Be Changing?

For years, many of us have known exactly what our star signs are, whether you’re an optimistic Aries or a passionate Scorpio, you’re date of birth determines which sign in the Zodiac you actually are, along with suggested strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, which may or may not match up to your own personality traits.   But could all that be set to change?   Recent findings have discovered that our star signs may actually be wrong and a change in the Earth’s axis and a little white lie from... Read More


Which Disney Princess Fits Your Style

Disney movies have had a special place in our hearts since the first films were released in 1937. The last five generations have grown up with Walt Disney classics and the magic of Disney has shaped the way we see the world around us. No corporate brand has ever done a better job than Disney at creating a commercial goldmine from consumer products and merchandise affiliated with their films – and that’s before even mentioning their 11 Disney parks and resorts around the world. Disney princesses in particular have inspired... Read More


Festival Season Style Guide

Festival season is here – so it’s time to get your flower crowns, crochet crop tops and wellies out! This year’s festival season promises to be an amazing one, with more fun, more good weather (hopefully) and even more opportunities to experiment with different fashion styles and trends in a relaxed atmosphere! Packing a festival bag/suitcase is always a lot of fun, and the end result is a colourful mash-up of flowers, long chain necklaces, knee-high socks (to wear with multicoloured wellies, of course), oversized sunglasses, a bunch of crochet... Read More


Wedding Traditions And Why We Do Them

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different parts to a wedding that have become a standard part of any big day? A lot of couples don’t even think about – it’s just the norm and automatically we choose to make the same choices as our friends and family members with personalised variations throughout the day. That’s because weddings are full to the brim of traditions that we no longer even question. In our society, weddings follow a certain structure and there are many rules that we feel... Read More


How To Choose Jewellery To Suit Your Face Shape

There are many factors that affect which jewellery you choose to wear. From your outfit and the occasion, to your body shape and skin tone, there’s a lot to think about. As you’ve probably guessed by now, in this post we’re going to focus on how to pick the best jewellery for your face shape. How to figure our your face shape Of course, we’re all unique in our own ways and no two face shapes are exactly identical. However, the general outline of your face can usually be described... Read More


Swarovski Presents The Disney Frozen Collection

Frozen fans, assemble! Oh, have we got a treat for you? Introducing the Disney Frozen collection from Swarovski! It features some incredible crystal figurines and accessories, all incorporating the signature sparkle that makes Swarovski so instantly recognisable. In fact, this isn’t the first meeting of Swarovski and Frozen. During the 2014 Oscars, Idina Menzel performed the film’s hit song ‘Let It Go’ on a stage adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals. This new collection allows you to bring a slice of Frozen into your own home. Let’s take a closer... Read More