Pisces Birthstone & Star Sign Jewellery: Gift Ideas

As we continue our zodiac series, we now move onto Pisces.

At Joshua James, we feature a range of star sign jewellery, including a number of charms and beads featuring the Pisces sign. If a special someone has a birthday coming up, then perhaps one of our Pisces birthstone charms would make the perfect gift? We feature a selection of charms from Nomination, many of which feature the Pisces fish symbol, the astrological zodiac symbol or the birthstone gemstones of Pisces.

Our wide array of zodiac charms can be browsed online within our designer jewellery collection, but for more information on this particular sign, read below to find out a little more about Pisces!

Key Facts about Pisces Birthstones

Dates: February 19 – March 20

Symbol: Fish

Element: Water

Personality traits: Gentle, intuitive, friendly, forgiving

Interests: Creative arts, philanthropy, spirituality, the supernatural

Famous Pisces: Drew Barrymore, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, Bruce Willis

What is a Pisces like?

A Pisces is often a friendly individual with a very forgiving nature. Their kind manner and compassion for others makes them a caring, selfless person. A Pisces is also said to be very intuitive, and often very aware and understanding of other people’s emotional states. They can be very tolerant and are not often judgemental of others. A Pisces does not usually like to be criticised and does not get along well with know-it-alls.

Pisces Birthstone Gift Ideas

With a wide selection of zodiac charms from Nomination to choose from, there is plenty of gift inspiration to make any Pisces go starry-eyed.

Nomination Charms for Pisces

Pisces Birthstone Stainless steel Nomination Pisces charm with 18k gold zodiac fish symbol
Nomination Classic Gold Pisces Charm
Pisces Birthstone Stainless steel Nomination charm with dangle pendant engraved with Pisces symbol and CZ stone
Nomination Classic Pisces Charm
Pisces Birthstone Stainless steel Nomination Pisces charm with 18k gold fish symbol and two cubic zirconia stones
Nomination Classic Pisces Cubic Zirconia Charm
Pisces Birthstone Stainless steel Nomination link with 18k rose gold oval engraved with Pisces zodiac symbol
Nomination Classic Rose Gold Oval Pisces Charm
Pisces Birthstone Stainless steel Nomination link with 18k gold oval engraved with 'Pisces' and zodiac symbol
Nomination Classic Gold Oval Pisces Charm
Pisces Birthstone Stainless steel Nomination link engraved with Pisces zodiac symbol and with single CZ stone
Nomination Classic CZ Silver Pisces Symbol Charm

February & March Birthstone Jewellery

As mentioned in our recent blog post about the Aquarius birthstone, the beautiful amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February. We also listed plenty of gift ideas that centre around this purple gem, so make sure to check it out!

What is Pisces birthstone? For a Pisces birthstone color, those born in March can enjoy the uniqueness of the stunning aquamarine. Beautiful in blue, Aquamarine is named after the Latin words for water and sea, exuding the tranquillity of the ocean.

Historically, the Pisces birthstone has been used by sailors to give them a safe voyage across stormy seas.

Believed to bring peace and calm to the wearer, Aquamarine is also associated with courage, loyalty and creativity. It is sometimes used by healers to drive out negative emotions.

For those who enjoy a gift with a personal touch, we recommend the engravable March birthstone pendant from our own Joshua James collection, but any jewellery featuring this dreamy stone is sure to impress! We’ve selected a few other March birthstone jewellery gift ideas that you can view below, ranging from sparkling stud earrings to a stunning Swarovski crystal figurine.

Joshua James 9ct Gold & Aquamarine March Birthstone Pendant
Pisces Birthstone Joshua James Aquamarine & White Gold Ring in a square shape, adorned by diamonds.
Joshua James Precious 9ct White Gold with Aquamarine & Diamond Pave Ring
Pisces Birthstone Joshua James Aquamarine Abstract Crystal Pendant with sterling silver framing.
Joshua James Radiance Silver & Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Pendant
Pisces Birthstone Stud earrings with round aquamarine stones claw-set in silver and framed by diamond pave
Joshua James Precious 9ct White Gold with Aquamarine & Diamond Stud Earrings
Joshua James Silver Engravable Pisces Zodiac Pendant
Pisces Birthstone Joshua James Aquamarine and Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
Joshua James March Birthstone Swarovski Aquamarine Stud Earrings

Nomination Birthstone Charms

For even more charms to signify special birthdays in the months of February & March, we have put together a little selection of Nomination charms that feature the stunning birthstone Pisces. Check out our entire collection of beautiful and best-selling birthstone for Pisces charms on our website.

Pisces Birthstone Nomination  Aquamarine Charm

Nomination Classic Aquamarine Charm

Nomination has taken simplicity and added an elegant touch with the Pisces birthstone colour of Aquamarine combined with Yellow Gold in this charm.

Pisces Birthstone Nomination Rose Gold March Charm

Nomination Classic Rose Gold March Aquamarine Charm

To signify the birthdays in March, Nomination has used the trendy and timeless metal of Rose Gold with a little March birthstone gem for a more personal touch.

Pisces Birthstone Silver and Aquamarine Nomination Charm

Nomination Classic Silver Aquamarine Stone Charm

Know a March birthday who prefers their Sterling Silver? Behold Nomination’s chic and delicate silver and Aquamarine birthstone charm.

We hope we’ve offered a little inspiration to those in search of the perfect Pisces birthstone gift for a February or March birthday! We’ll be continuing with our star sign series next month as we discuss everything you need to know about the Aries birthstone, along with more zodiac and birthstone jewellery ideas.

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