Say Hello to the Latest Trollbeads Collections: Hello & Stardust

What started as just one beautiful silver bead in 1970’s Denmark soon became one of the biggest and best-loved charm beads brand in the world. Characterised by its quirkiness, originality and creativity, Trollbeads is one of those brands with a knack for designing collection after collection of covetable, must-have jewellery. And it just so happens that we have two of those stunning new Trollbeads collections right here at Joshua James Jewellery.

Got a craving for a bit of new sparkle for your jewellery box? Let us introduce you to the amazing Hello and Stardust Trollbeads collections; your soon-to-be new jewellery obsessions await …

The Hello Collection

Say “hello”, quite literally, to the Hello Collection from Trollbeads and fill your jewellery box with the warmth of friendly greetings. Each piece in this beautiful collection is named after a unique greeting from around the world, from the Bonjour bangle to the Kia Ora ring, bringing friendly, happy vibes to your day.

Stardust hello collection

The majority of this stunning collection is made up of elegant bangles, all crafted from a mix of copper and silver. These beautiful metals are then combined with glimmering precious stones, pearls and delicate pink accents to create one of the most wonderful, feminine jewellery collections of the season. The entire collection is subtle, sophisticated and filled with pieces that all work in harmony together. This can only mean one thing: it’s stacking time! Mix, match and stack your favourite designs and greetings to create your own unique look with the Trollbeads Hello Collection here at Joshua James.

A couple of our favourite pieces from the collection include the Namaste bangle stack and the Konnichiwa necklace, part of the stunning Pacifica Set.

trollbeads hello collection namaste

Trollbeads Hello Collection: Namaste Bangle Stack

This elegant, understated stacking set is super sophisticated and blends effortlessly into any look. The subtle mix of silver and copper adds depth and intrigue to the stack, while the additional combination of smooth and twisted metal adds a delicate touch of texture. If this isn’t proof that good things come in threes, we don’t know what is!

Trollbeads Hello collection konnichiwa

Trollbeads Hello Collection: Konnichiwa Necklace

A glowing copper bead combines with an elegant freshwater pearl to create this unique necklace design. The necklace forms part of the Pacifica collection, which encapsulates the Konnichiwa necklace, the Kia Ora ring and the Aloha bangle; all greetings from the Pacific. Whether you wear them as a set or just pick out your favourite piece, these gorgeous pearl and copper creations add a touch of fantasy and timeless elegance to your jewellery box.

The Stardust Collection

Miracles, magic and winter beauty come to life in the Trollbeads Stardust collection. Brimming with twinkling glass beads, glittering gemstones, glowing gold and splendid silver, the Stardust Trollbeads charms collection is a magical break from the norm. There’s a bead in this collection to tickle the fancy of all fans of Trollbeads charms. The gorgeous faceted glass beads seem to twinkle and sparkle just like the starry winter night sky, with lots of beautiful colours to fall in love with. Alongside the glass beads sits an equally beautiful collection of intricately-cut sterling silver and 18K gold beads, each exquisitely detailed and designed to evoke their own sense of magical winter spirit.

Our favourites? It’s hard to pick! But if we had to, we’d choose the Blanket of Love 18K gold bead and the Blue Twinkle Facet glass bead.

trollbeads stardust collection gold bead

Trollbeads Stardust Collection: Blanket of Love Gold Bead

We fell in love with this bead the moment we saw it; and how could you not? We love the intricately-crafted orb shape with its many golden hearts, all designed to blanket the wearer in the warmth of love. Designed by Danish jewellery designer Jytte Kløve, the Blanket of Love bead makes the perfect gift or an extra special addition to your own Trollbeads charms collection.

Trollbeads Stardust winter collection blue twinkle bead

Trollbeads Stardust Collection: Blue Twinkle Glass Bead

Reminiscent of the deep blue velvet skies and star constellations of the winter sky, the Blue Twinkle glass bead is simply mesmerising. Designed by glass artist Lise Aagaard, simply gaze into the faceted, glassy depths of this bead and you’re guaranteed to love it just as much as we do. Psst! It works beautifully when sat next to the Blanket of Love gold bead, thanks to the golden, twinkling shimmer dappled into the glass design.

So whether you’re searching for finished pieces or if you’re searching for brand new beads to add to your Trollbeads charm bracelets, these two stunning Trollbeads collections are the perfect places to start your search.

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