Singles Day 2020: Treat Yourself

Calling all the bachelors and bachelorettes: it’s Singles Day next week, which means it’s time to start adding to your wishlist!

Never heard of Singles Day? We’ve gathered together everything you need to know about this holiday of self-love, along with our favourite ideas on how to celebrate from home this year!

What is Singles Day? 

Originating in China, Singles Day is a huge online and offline shopping event that specifically celebrates single people. As well as businesses offering exclusive offers and products, today it’s an occasion to celebrate “singledom” and self-love!

When is Singles Day 2020? 

Singles Day takes place every year on the 11th of November.

You’ll see a few different explanations for this date floating around: some believe it’s because the date (11/11) consists of four ones, resembling four single people, while others suggest that the Chinese symbol for the number one resembles a slang term for “bachelor”.

How did Singles Day start? 

Allegedly, the concept of Singles Day was created back in 1993 by a group of four male students at Nanjing University (hence the four ones in the date). The story goes that these four students were bored with the bachelor life and decided to create a day of events specifically for single people. The idea has since grown into something much bigger, beginning as a university-wide celebration and soon spreading through social media.

Why is Singles Day called Singles Day? 

Since its humble beginnings, Singles Day has evolved greatly. While initially it served as an occasion for single people to meet (usually with the goal of ending their singlehood), nowadays it’s seen as a chance to celebrate single life and promote self-love.

So, while the sentiment may have changed over the years, the day ultimately remains an occasion to celebrate single people and the bachelor life.

How big is Singles Day?

You may recognise Black Friday as the biggest shopping holiday in the UK, but Singles Day triumphs as the biggest shopping holiday in the world

Just to put it into perspective: in 2017, the amount spent during Singles Day events in China came to about four times the amount spent during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the USA.

Where is Singles Day celebrated? 

Singles Day is most prominent in China, but over the years it has come to be celebrated on an international scale. 

While Singles Day represents a major shopping event in Southeast Asia, in the UK it’s become an occasion centred around self-love and the benefits of single life. 

How to Celebrate Singles Day (2020)

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, self-care is more important than ever. While it won’t be possible to meet up with friends or treat yourself to a luxurious spa day, there are still plenty of ways that you can celebrate Singles Day at home! 

Have a Zoom party with friends

Gather your single ladies together and have some drinks and some gossip over FaceTime. It’s not quite the same as heading to the bar or hosting a dinner party, but it’s still sure to lift some spirits!

Break out the bubbles

Spas might be shut, but never underestimate the power of a nice long bath. It’s time to light a few candles and open those expensive bath salts you got for your birthday.

Go on a virtual date

Okay, this one might go against the theme of “celebrate single life”…but historically, Singles Day was about bachelors/bachelorettes coming together to find love. If you’re looking for romance, why not join a dating site and plan a virtual date?

Treat yourself to takeaway

Not from the place round the corner that you always go to. Today, treat yourself to something a little more deluxe! Now that restaurants are shut, many of them are offering a takeaway service – even the fancy ones. It’s time to splash out!

Break out the bubbles (part 2)

While you’re at it, crack open a bottle of fizz. It is a special occasion, after all – this day is all about you!

Splurge on something special

All over the world, the key message of Singles Day is “treat yourself”. Why not use this occasion to splash out on that piece of jewellery you’ve had your eye on for ages!

Singles Day at Joshua James

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