Slow Fashion Woman Wearing Joshua James Stardust Collection
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Slow Fashion Tips: How to Utilise Jewellery

With Earth Hour on the 27th of March, it’s the perfect opportunity to shed light on slow fashion and how our brand helps support the movement of sustainability.

Getting a few quality pieces of jewellery can be a great way of mixing up an outfit, but people can often be put off due to the initial layout for purchasing jewellery. However, when we look at it in relation to fast fashion, promoting the message of investing in a few quality pieces which will last a lot longer than cheaper items ultimately saves people money, and reduces the impact on the environment.

Here at Joshua James Jewellery, we encourage people to move away from fast fashion by purchasing timeless pieces that they can wear among their capsule wardrobe. In today’s article, we’re going to delve deeper into slow fashion, and how our key jewellery pieces deliver you with accessories that’ll become staples in your collection.

What Is Slow Fashion?

Although slow fashion is discussed more in today’s society, there is still the question of slow fashion and what it is. In simple terms, slow fashion is an approach to the industry that challenges the resources and operations that fashion outlets use to manufacture and distribute garments.

If consumers purchase higher-quality pieces that’ll last longer, this has less impact on the environment, animals and people by reducing the need for materials to refresh one’s wardrobe. Slow fashion is becoming more frequent in the fashion world, with both designers and merchandisers considering this in their processes.

Harriet Quick, a Vogue Editor, once commented, “Against a backdrop of climate change, material scarcity and consumer fatigue, the very notion of disposable seasonal trends – the currency that fashion has dealt in since the proliferation of ready-to-wear in the 1960s – is increasingly irrelevant.”

How Do We Contribute to Slow Sustainable Fashion?

Here at Joshua James, we pride ourselves in only stocking slow fashion brands such as ChloBo and Thomas Sabo that are established in their efforts to produce jewellery that lasts. Combined with clothing that creates an abundance of staples, we give our customers the key to ageless styling.

Our very own brand, Joshua James, is also developed using fine materials such as 925 Sterling Silver and 9ct Yellow Gold to uphold this level of sustainability. Our pieces are handcrafted with the notion of becoming fundamental pieces in anyone’s jewellery collection.

See below for a selection of our jewellery pieces that were designed with the intentions of becoming timeless components in your accessory collection.

ChloBo Jewellery

Slow Fashion Woman Wearing ChloBo Stacking Bracelets and Rings
ChloBo jewellery is designed and manufactured in the UK. Their mission is to create jewellery pieces that allow you to express yourself while still encompassing a contemporary twist. They do this while avoiding conforming to the latest, short-lived trends.
Slow Fashion ChloBo Gold Mini Oval Elasticated Bracelet
ChloBo Gold Mini Oval Disc Bracelet
Slow Fashion ChloBo Rose Gold Earrings Featuring Three Stars in a Row
ChloBo Rose Gold Plated Shooting Stars Stud Earrings
ChloBo Long Gold Necklace Featuring Circular Beads
ChloBo Gold Positive Vibes Lariat Necklace

Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Slow Fashion Woman Wearing Thomas Sabo Silver Huggy Hoops and a Dangling Butterfly Earrings
Thomas Sabo jewellery‘s main values are to focus on their sustainable efforts, while still standing out from all other jewellery brands. They long to be a reliable partner to their customers, offering pieces designed and made with nothing but love. The materials used to create Thomas Sabo jewellery prove how much this brand respects its place in the industry.
Slow Fashion Thomas Sabo Silver and White Zirconia Necklace with Cross Pendant
Thomas Sabo Silver & White Zirconia Pave Cross Necklace
Slow Fashion Thomas Sabo Gold and White Zirconia Crystal Ring
Thomas Sabo Yellow Gold & White Zirconia Ring
Slow Fashion Thomas Sabo Black Beaded Bracelet with Silver Ornament
Thomas Sabo Silver Ornament & Black Obsidian Bracelet

Joshua James Jewellery

Slow Fashion Joshua James Jewellery Stardust Collection featured on a Woman. Bow headband, silver drop earrings and silver drop necklace.
This is our own brand, so we have the opportunity to manipulate our operations so that we’re upkeeping sustainability throughout. Each of Joshua James‘ pieces is handcrafted with longevity in mind. Through extensive consumer research and outsourcing durable materials, our customers are given nothing but quality.
Slow Fashion Joshua James Rose Gold Heart Stud Earrings
Joshua James Precious 9ct Rose Gold Dainty Organic Heart Stud Earrings
Slow Fashion Joshua James Lucky Charms Bracelet Featuring a Horseshoe, Hamsa Hand, Four Leaf Clover, Evil Eye and Wish Bone Charms.
Joshua James Serenity Silver Lucky Charms Bracelet
Slow Fashion Joshua James Gold Disc Pendant
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Cut with Granulated Edge Disc Pendant

How to Utilise The Key Pieces

Now that you know how to distinguish staple jewellery items, it’s time to discuss how you can incorporate these into your wardrobe so that every outfit is met with the right accessories; transforming your look for any occasion, season and time of day. See below for some of our top styling tips.

Workwear to Work Fashion

Slow fashion work shirt and trousers with accompanying jewellery pieces from Joshua James & ChloBo
Shirt:, Trousers: Dorothy Perkins, Necklace & Bracelet: ChloBo and Huggie Hoops: Joshua James

A simple shirt and trouser combo will always be a sophisticated style for work. However, without the right accessories, this look can become quite bland. By pairing it with simple gold hoops, pendants and bracelets, you’re complimenting the simple, elegant and professional approach.

Day to Night

Slow fashion work dress with accompanying jewellery pieces from Joshua James & ChloBo
Dress: Next, Necklace & Ring: Joshua James and Bracelet: ChloBo

Got work in the day but drinks with the girls afterwards? We’ve got you covered! These timeless, glistening designs will help you dress up any outfit. Like with this plain black skater dress, we’ve incorporated the beauty of Cubic Zirconia with silver for a little bit of sparkle.

Casual to Smart

Slow fashion baggy white t-shirt and mom jeans with accompanying jewellery pieces from Joshua James & Fiorelli
Top & Mom Jeans: Next, Ring & Necklace: Joshua James and Bracelet: Fiorelli

For this simple and casual look, we decided to pair it with the warming tones of rose gold. These stunning pieces will instantly add dimension to casual outfits such as this; making them suitable for lunch dates, dinners and days out that require being a little more put-together.

Here at Joshua James, we push our business to become more sustainable. Through our slow fashion intentions, we can always deliver our customers jewellery pieces that will last for many years to come. Make sure to stay up to date on our business’s activities and sustainable efforts on our blog!