Star Sign Jewellery – Pisces

As we continue our zodiac series, we move onto the Pisces. At Joshua James, we feature a range of star sign jewellery, including a number of charms and beads featuring the Pisces sign. If a special someone has a birthday coming up, then perhaps one of our Pisces charms would make the perfect gift? We feature a selection of charms from Trollbeads, Links of London and Nomination, each of which displaying the Pisces fish symbol. Our array of star sign charms can be found within our high end jewellery collection, but for more information on this sign, read below to find out a little more about Pisces.

Dates –

February 19th – March 20th

Symbol –


Qualities –

Gentle, Musical, Artistic

Strengths –

Intuitive, Friendly, Forgiving

Compatible With –

Cancer, Scorpio


About –

A Pisces is often a friendly individual with a very forgiving nature. Their friendly manner and compassion for others makes them a caring, selfless person. A Pisces is also said to be very intuitive and are often very aware and understanding of other people’s emotional states. They can be very tolerant and are not often judgmental of others. A Pisces does not usually like to be criticised and do not get along well with know-it-alls.

At Joshua James, you will find a number of stunning Pisces charms and beads from the likes of Nomination, Trollbeads and Links of London. Take a look below at some of our favourite designs.

pisces charm

Links of London 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil Zodiac Pisces Charm

pisces charm

Nomination Classic CZ Silver Pisces Symbol Charm


Trollbeads Pisces Silver Bead


Nomination Classic Pisces Charm

Trollbeads Star Of Passion Bead

Trollbeads Star Of Passion Bead

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