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Summer Festival Styling: Our top tips to stand out from the crowd

It’s August, which means that festival season is already underway. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to get your accessories in order! Whether you’re heading to Leeds Fest for the weekend or just your local day festival, here are some tips on how to stand out from the crowd and bring your outfit to life.

Be bold

When it comes to the big festivals, there really isn’t a limit to how daring you can be – anything goes. It’s the time to go all out with your accessories and really show your personality, meaning you should definitely go for the big ‘wow’ pieces.

Courtesy of our Motive collection, here are just a few of our favourite statement pieces for this festival season:

Go bohemian

Boho-chic is perfect for capturing the essence of any festival, allowing you to really express your individuality, creativity and free spirit. Boho jewellery means expressive gemstones and unique designs – and layering and stacking pieces as much as you can!



Turquoise is everywhere right now in the world of boho jewellery, and we’ve got the perfect pieces for you in our Radiance collection.












Embrace nature

Unfortunately, there is a less glamorous side to festivals (despite what you may see in all the celebrities’ Coachella photos). The wet UK weather can mean pools of mud, leaking tents and having to bring out the not-so-fashionable Pac a Mac. The answer is to not take it too seriously and do your best to just embrace the great outdoors! Maybe a few nature-inspired jewellery pieces will help you on your way to doing this…





















Still in need of inspiration? Shop all of our collections here on the Joshua James website, and check out our Pinterest. We’ve put together plenty to help you out with styling your perfect outfits this summer!