Jewellery Allergies: How to Spot Them and What to Wear

Do you suffer from some form of jewellery allergy? Perhaps you’ve suddenly experienced red, itchy earlobes after wearing your favourite studs, or you’ve just never got on with any kind of metal jewellery. Don’t be alarmed – it’s more common than you might think! According to surveys, approximately 20% of UK consumers suffer from allergic reactions caused by metal allergens, and will therefore avoid wearing jewellery altogether. In this blog post we’re going to cover the key facts surrounding jewellery allergies, including causes, symptoms and metals that you should most... Read More


ChloBo: Handmade Stacking Jewellery for the Boho Girl

Looking for ways to enhance your spring/summer style? The warmer months tend to bring out the boho girl in all of us, whether you’re dressing for a casual garden party or looking to create a statement festival outfit.   But as we move towards an era of sustainable fashion in 2020, it isn’t just about finding a stylish accessory. It’s about knowing where your jewellery comes from, understanding how it was made and discovering the story behind it. As you build your bohemian jewellery collection in time for festival season, we encourage you to consider ChloBo as... Read More