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Mens Wedding Rings in a Mans Hand 08/10/2021

Men’s Wedding Rings: Which Looks Best?

You’re engaged. It’s time to start planning for the big day, which means phone calls with supplier after supplier. You have the flowers, photographer, dress, venue, caterer and everything else in between to think about. And you also have the rings. While it’s easy to decide on a wedding ring to suit your engagement ring, supposing that you’re aware of what shape compliments what stone, what about your soon-to-be husband’s? Men’s wedding rings aren’t often spoken about, but why? It’s still an accessory that’ll become an element of his everyday... Read More

Bespoke Engagement Rings Upon a Male & Female Holding Hands 07/05/2021

A Ring For Every Stage of Your Relationship: Bespoke Engagement Rings & More

There are many opportunities for when an individual will have to search for the perfect ring. First, we have the promise or eternity ring which acts as a token of wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person. Then we have the engagement ring, which as you know symbolises the promise of being wed. Lastly, the wedding ring is the final ring that makes your life together official. Each ring is immensely special to both the receiver and the proposer, which is why our customisation services can... Read More


How to Clean Wedding Rings

Whether it’s gold, platinum, set with diamonds or plated with rhodium – every wedding band requires regular TLC. This is a ring that you’ll wear for a lifetime, and so it’s vital that you take proper care to maintain its beauty and lustre. While wedding bands are crafted from precious and durable metals, they also have to put up with daily wear-and-tear, and even the hardiest of rings will begin to suffer eventually! We’ve put together our answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding how to clean wedding rings,... Read More


2020 Wedding Trends: Themes, Dresses & Bridal Jewellery Ideas

The current pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for couples across the country, as many have been forced to postpone or even cancel their upcoming nuptials. As uncertainty continues to dominate, it remains unclear as to when circumstances will return to normal, and so many have put off their wedding planning for the time being. Especially for those with hopes for large, lavish weddings filled with hundreds of guests, it seems unlikely that their dreams will become a reality this year.  But did you know that many... Read More


A Complete Guide To Wedding Rings: Everything You Need To Know

There are so many things to consider when it comes to planning your wedding: from the destination to the guest list to the cake to the bride’s dress. With so many things to arrange, it can be easy to overlook some of the finer details, including the wedding rings. Many couples can end up leaving this task until the last minute in favour of organising the more “urgent” aspects of the wedding day itself, or things that need to be booked far in advance such as the venue and entertainment.... Read More


Wedding season 19: Accessorising your guest outfit

Wedding season is upon us. It’s time to start thinking about what to wear, and we know it can be hard to find that perfect balance of being dressy without being too dressy. That’s why we’ve put together some tips and picks for wedding guest outfit jewellery.   Tone down the sparkle. Diamonds are the perfect way to dress up an outfit, but are often the choice of the bride, so try to stay away from any statement diamond pieces. Instead opt for the classic pearl. Pearls are always dressy... Read More

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Wedding Traditions And Why We Do Them

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different parts to a wedding that have become a standard part of any big day? A lot of couples don’t even think about – it’s just the norm and automatically we choose to make the same choices as our friends and family members with personalised variations throughout the day. That’s because weddings are full to the brim of traditions that we no longer even question. In our society, weddings follow a certain structure and there are many rules that we feel... Read More