Women Wearing Bracelets

The Best Bracelets For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spoil your significant other. Roses, chocolates, spa days, you name it, there are so many thoughtful gifting options available to you. But, one thing that all of these have in common is that they won’t last forever.

Bracelets for girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and whoever else you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with offer a lifelong sentiment. Here at Joshua James, we stock a vast collection of wristwear from brands you know and love. We pride ourselves on offering premium quality, which is why our designer bracelet collection is a fail-safe for every special occasion.

Here are our top picks from the likes of ChloBo, Thomas Sabo & yours truly:

Bracelets For Girlfriends

First up, we have the Mrs. Your wife, girlfriend, fiance or the lady you’re dating deserves to wear a piece that signifies how much she means to you. That’s why, no matter the occasion, we have put together three of our top choice bracelets for girlfriends, giving men that sometimes needed help with present buying. 

ChloBo Silver Life Lover Bracelet

The Silver Life Lover Bracelet is one of ChloBo’s stunning stacking pieces. Using 925 sterling silver within rounded beads, oval beads and the all-beautiful dangling heart charms that adorn all curves of the bracelet. ChloBo are known for their layering. While this bracelet was designed to represent everlasting love, combine it with another, such as the Moonflower Bracelet, which signifies light in the darkest of times, and you’ve got yourself a meaningful pair.

ChloBo Silver Life Lover Bracelet

Hot Diamonds Silver & Diamond Warm Heart Bracelet

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? So, gift her a new friend with this stunning Silver & Diamond Warm Heart Bracelet from one of our latest brands, Hot Diamonds. This bracelet is as modern as it is romantic. Using a design that combines 925 sterling silver with glistening diamonds, this is a bracelet for your girlfriend that’ll become the missing piece to her jewellery collection. 

Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Wellness Bracelet

Last but not least, on our top three cute bracelets for girlfriends, we have this warm-toned wellness bracelet from our very own Joshua James brand. This bracelet is nothing but meaningful, with a symbol of wellness and positivity encrusted onto the statement charm. It will add a subtly beautiful addition to her everyday jewels. 

Bracelets For Boyfriends

Next up, we have gift inspiration for the fellas. Bracelets for boyfriends can be just as well-received as for the ladies. With the finest leathers, metals and designs from leading men’s jewellery brands such as Thomas Sabo & Fred Bennett, it’s another fail-safe gift for ladies who may be struggling to decide on what to get their partner. 

Fred Bennett Stainless Steel & Black Leather Engravable Small Bracelet

If he’s not massively into wearing jewellery, this Fred Bennett Stainless Steel & Black Leather Engravable Small Bracelet is a sophisticated but subtle piece to wear. Using supple leather paired with sleek brushed stainless steel, this is the ideal gifting piece for every modern man. Not to mention, you can engrave this bracelet with a special message for Valentine’s Day and what could be more meaningful? 

Nomination Instinct Stainless Steel & Grey Hematite Bracelet

Although a beaded bracelet, this Nomination number is still streamlined in its design. Using grey hematite beads next to stainless steel, you’re given a charming contrast that’ll make any man’s outfit pop. Finished with an adjustable claw clasp, it’s made for comfort and everyday wear.

Thomas Sabo Tigers Eye & Obsidian Bead Bracelet

Last on our menu of bracelets for boyfriends, we have this statement piece from Thomas Sabo. Using Obsidian and Tiger Eye beads, you’re given a vibrant and edgy wristwear piece that’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eyes. Finished off with the classic Thomas Sabo engraved hoop bead, this bracelet isn’t for the faint-hearted. What’s more, it was designed to represent self-expression and belief; making for a powerful message.

Bracelets For Couples

Now, while this may sound a little daunting, matching bracelets for boyfriends and girlfriends don’t have to be so in your face. Instead, you can wear a similarly designed piece to commemorate your love for one another. This is a wonderful idea if you and your partner are long-distance or you’re celebrating an anniversary. 

Shaun Leane Sterling Silver Arc Bangle

On the more luxurious end of the spectrum, Shaun Leane produces an array of contemporary and glamorous jewellery that both men and women can wear—making this brand the perfect choice for a less obvious pairing of bracelets for boyfriend and girlfriend. This Arc Bangle uses sharp finishings and 925 Sterling Silver for a minimalistic and highly stylish look.

Thomas Sabo Silver Classic Engravable Bracelet

Thomas Sabo is back with yet another piece that’s suitable for bracelets for girlfriends and boyfriends. Its simplicity and personalisation potential make this piece a wonderful gift for anyone, especially someone who enjoys thoughtfulness. Buy these as a pair and wear together for a heart-warming accessory.

Nomination Bracelets

Last but not least, we have Nomination Bracelets. These world-renowned wrist accessories are available in various colours, making them perfect for both ladies and gentlemen. We recommend the Blue Stainless Steel Bracelet for the boys and the Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet for the girls. 

To make it extra special to your relationship, you can both customise your bracelets using our vast selection of Nomination Charms. With over 3,000 charms to choose from, you’ll have the means to make this gift as personalised as you desire. 

So, what’s it going to be? Bracelets for the girlfriend or boyfriend? No matter the milestone or occasion, you can never go wrong with a beautifully made wristwear piece that you can treasure for years to come. Shop our entire selection of designer bracelets for even more choice.