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The Best Designer Women’s Watches With Nordgreen

Owning a luxurious timepiece makes for a gorgeous accessory and everyday convenience. But, what makes the best women’s designer watches? Is it the face design, the strap material, the longevity or the brand? When it comes to Nordgreen, you can expect all of these boxes ticked and more. 

Nordgreen women’s watches are powerful in appearance and their origins. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian heritage, you will see minimalism and class throughout each design. And with their giving back programme that we’ll outline at the end of this blog, it’s a no-brainer for your next designer watch purchase. 

For the ladies, although femininity is subtle, each Nordgreen women’s watch is timeless in style. And in this article, we have put together our top 5 Nordgreen watches for women so you can see for yourself.

Our Top 5 Nordgreen Picks

1. Native Rose Gold & Brown Leather Ladies Watch

Firstly, the Native Rose Gold & Brown Nordgreen women’s watch takes a traditional look but adds a pop of vibrance. Rose gold, the most feminine and romantic metal known, exudes vibrance against a clean white clock face and supple brown leather.

The Native design, inspired by traditionalism and poise, was produced to spark creativity and imagination for storytelling in a way that you’ve never before.

2. Native Gold & Black Vegan Leather Ladies Watch

Next up on our list of best women’s designer watches, we have this vegan leather & gold Native number. Using the same theme and design as the previous, this Nordgreen watch women’s uses a much darker colour palette to suit evening attire and casual and simple styles.

Next to the navy hues and black strap, the gold hardware adds that luxurious touch through striking golden tones. Moreover, using vegan leather, the strap is both comfortable and as lavish as traditional leather looks.

3. Infinity Rose Gold Mesh Ladies Watch

Mesh styles have become increasingly popular over recent years. This modernised but sleek design paired with the rosy hues in this Nordgreen women’s watch is what makes it one of the best designer women’s watches on our product menu. 

The Infinity collection from Nordgreen is known for its clear-cut construction that holds five hourly marks that glide right to the edge of the dial for an elegant touch.

4. Native Silver & White Leather Ladies Watch

Second to last on our selection of Nordgreen women’s watches top picks, this unique timepiece uses a crisp white leather strap next to chrome hardware and a black face. This is very much an eye-catching style that exemplifies the Danish heritage.

Perfect for every day, the practical strap has a quick-release function that allows easy removal and customising your strap with other Nordgreen watch straps.

5. Native Gunmetal Mesh Ladies Watch

Finishing on another mesh Nordgreen women’s watch, this Native style uses dark features for a bold but sophisticated look. The subtle detailing of a navy dial and gunmetal casing & strap makes for a slick combination. The perfect accessory for work attire, as well as evening events to keep you on schedule, stylishly. 

Another selling factor for this designer watch brand is that all packaging is recyclable; as Nordgreen states, working today for a greener tomorrow.

The Nordgreen Promise

Furthermore, to our previous point, Nordgreen continuously adapts their operations to become more sustainable. Through a giving back programme, you can choose a cause for each watch purchased. Whether that’s two months of clean water to those in African countries or preserving 50 square metres of rainforest in Latin America, it’s entirely up to you. If gifting a Nordgreen women’s watch, this is also a lovely touch for the recipient to do their part.

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Have we inspired you for your next designer watch purchase? Nordgreen offer the best designer women’s watches on the market. This brand dominates the watch industry from timeless aesthetics to incredible values, which we share. As a proud Nordgreen stockist, we have a stunning selection of timepieces to choose from.