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The Joshua James Guide to Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Every love story is unique, and you’ve probably realised that your partner is just as unique. If you have found the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then it’s time to pop the question. But finding the right ring can be a challenge all of its own. Especially, if you know your bride-to-be is not a lover of traditional style. So, you may be asking yourself, what’s next?

Traditionally, most engagement rings are a simple silver or gold band with a small to medium sized stone in the centre. And, if you have browsed a lot of catalogues, websites and bridal magazines, you may have seen a lot of rings which look very similar to this design. It is what a lot of women envision for their engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. 

A vintage inspired engagement ring offers unique style and character, and if you find the right one, it can reflect your partner and your relationship together. Although, now that you’re considering a vintage inspired engagement ring, there are still a lot of options available, and unlike traditional rings, the difference can be a lot bigger. This is why we have put together an all you could need guide to choosing a vintage inspired engagement ring!

Keep it Simple

If you think your partner would fall in love with the idea of a vintage inspired engagement ring, but they prefer minimal jewellery, then why not consider a simple style? At Joshua James, we have a variety of simple, vintage inspired rings which utilise all of the best elements of a vintage ring in a subtle design. 

Explore rings with a simple band and small stones, that offer chic characteristics with subtle colour and design. These styles are perfect for people who love vintage design but don’t feel confident wearing a large or ostentatious ring which many vintage inspired designs are. 

You could even consider unique stone shapes, which offer versatile options for people that don’t like the traditional square or oval designs. Plus, if you’re not sure which couple to pick, why not pick a ring that incorporates multiple rich jewel colours? 

A simple yet vintage inspired engagement ring is a safe choice for the special moment, so browse a selection at Joshua James today. 

Go Bold with Colour

For many of us, when we think of vintage inspired engagement rings, we immediately think about the stunning and rich colours they’re often designed in. If when you first decided to look for a vintage inspired engagement ring for your partner, it was due to the beautiful colour options, then keep this in mind when browsing the vast selection of rings available. Think about what kinds of colours your partner prefers, or make it more personal and consider their eyes. What colour ring will complement their smile and make their eyes pop?

There is a lot that goes into picking the right colour ring which you may not have considered before but have no fear, we are here to help! If your partner prefers bold colours, which gives the impression of old royalty, then consider an amethyst stone, sapphire or ruby design.

If you think of your partner as being ethereal, then choose something lighter but equally as stunning. A rose quartz, morganite or pearl design offers a subtle and heavenly colour that reflects the beauty of your relationship. 

Or, for the ultimate vintage look, why not pick a ring which contrasts colours in stunning designs that are sure to catch everyone’s attention? For another way to emulate classic vintage designs, explore smokey quartz rings, a unique colour which will get people talking. 

Add Some Character

If you still haven’t found the right style of vintage inspired engagement ring in our guide so far, you may be looking for character above anything else. Character is often what draws people into the idea of a vintage style ring, and it is not hard to see why you would want something which tells a story. 

Being engaged is a new chapter in yours and your partner’s lives, and the beginning of your marriage story. For some, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the perfect ring which conveys everything you feel for your lover and the life you share together, as well as their own individual style which you fell in love with in the first place. If this is how you feel, then our advice would be to take a risk and pick a truly unique ring.

Instead of a traditional stone, choose a stunning glass bead with intricate detailing that will make your partner feel priceless and irreplaceable to you. Show them how beautiful you think they and your relationship are with a stunningly unique ring which takes inspiration from vintage whimsy with soft curves and intricate designs. 

We hope that our guide to vintage inspired engagement rings has given you a little more insight and direction into which ring will be perfect for your special moment. No matter which you pick, we are sure that when you pop the question your partner will love their stunning new ring, so explore our full collection of engagement rings available at Joshua James today. 

Plus, when it comes time, we also have a wide range of wedding rings also ready to make your special day even more perfect. If you need help planning your engagement even further, why not explore our engagement ring buying guide and tips on how to propose?