Virgo Star Sign Gift Ideas

If you’re on the lookout for a gift for the special Virgo in your life, look no further! From starsign related charms and birthstone jewellery to styles inspired by our favourite Virgo ladies, we’ve gathered together a stunning selection of jewellery that anyone would be lucky to receive.

Virgo Star Sign Fact File

Virgo Dates

August 23 – September 22

Virgo Symbol

The Maiden



About Virgos

A Virgo has a number of wonderful strengths that make them great people to have in your life. They are kind, hardworking and incredibly loyal to those close to them. They also pay meticulous attention to detail and leave nothing to chance – a Virgo is likely to be the organised one in a friendship group, or the one you turn to in times of crisis!

Virgo’s are known for seeking goodness everywhere they go – they want to do good and be around good things. They are also intelligent, and happy to be constantly busy with people, hobbies and work.

Famous Virgos – Steal Their Style

If you’re looking for jewellery inspiration for yourself, or for a gift for someone special, why not take some fashion advice from one of these stylish Virgo ladies?

Blake Lively

Born August 25th.

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Blake Lively always pulls it out of the bag on the red carpet, with a simple and sophisticated yet always glamourous style. She often uses a sparkly pair of earrings or statement rings in order to stand out from the crowd. Day to day, Blake favours a bohemian inspired style, with layered rings and earrings. As she says herself, her philosophy for jewellery is “Stack. Stack. Stack”!

Swarovski Attract Triangle Clear Crystal Earrings

Swarovski Rare Clear Crystal Ring

Swarovski Spiral Clear Crystal Ring

Cameron Diaz

Born August 30th

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Another fan of boho styling is Cameron Diaz, who often layers necklaces together to create a stacked effect. The great thing about the stacking or layered trend is there are no rules – you can go wild and mix lengths, styles and materials to create an eye catching and unique look.

Swarovski Fresh Rhodium & Clear Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Circle Rose Gold & Clear Crystal Pendant

Swarovski Gilberte Rhodium Gold Clear Crystal Hoop Earrings


Born September 4th

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Beyonce is known for her showstopping, glamorous ensembles – she is vibrant and fabulous, never fading into the background. Even when she’s keeping it casual hanging out with her kids day to day, Queen B adds a touch of instant glam in the form of bold accessories and statement pieces of jewellery.

Swarovski Crystal Mesh Triangle Earrings

Nomination Yellow Gold Angel Wing Earrings

Fiorelli Silver Rose Gold Plated Cut Out Circle Earrings

Nicole Richie

Born September 21st

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Nicole Richie has totally mastered bohemian styling – whether she’s wearing a maxi dress, evening wear or a simple jeans and t-shirt, she uses a plethora of accessories to add a boho edge to her look. Nicole has been the first to admit she doesn’t follow fast fashion trends when it comes to accessorising, stating “I don’t even know what the jewelry trends are! I just layer, layer, layer”. When it comes to jewellery, for Nicole, more is definitely more! Choose multiple jewellery rings, and layer multiple necklaces to replicate her ever-fashionable style.

Nomination Extension Ring

Swarovski Duo Rose Gold With Green Crystal Clover Pendant

UNOde50 Yes Yes Silver and Crystal Ring

Virgo Star Sign Charms

When it comes to birthday gifts for a friend or loved one, a unique charm for their charm bracelet is an ideal option. Star Sign charms are individual and thoughtful, and we provide a number of options to fit on their Nomination or Trollbeads charm bracelet. Here are some of our favourite offerings for those falling under the sign of Virgo:

Nomination Classic Virgo Charm

Simple and sophisticated, this silver and gold plated classic Virgo charm will add a touch of elegance to their Nomination charm bracelet.

Nomination Classic Silver Virgo Symbol Charm

Fans of a simple, elegant style are sure to fall head over heels with this silver Nomination charm. The subtle cubic zirconia detailing will add the perfect amount of sparkle to their look.

Trollbeads Star of Hope Bead

For something a little different, how about this star of hope bead charm? The malachite detailing, the chosen stone for those with the Virgo sign, is great for injecting a touch of colour into their charm bracelet.

Nomination Classic Virgo Drop Charm

Charms with drop detailing are perfect for creating interest and diversity in a charm bracelet, and this pendant Virgo Nomination charm is no different. With the Virgo symbol as well as cubic zirconia detailing, this pretty charm is unique and individual, making it the ideal gift for any Virgo’s looking to add something new to their charm bracelet.

Birthstone Jewellery

Some believe birthstones can bring you luck – others believe they hold healing properties and the ability to restore your cosmic balance. Whatever you believe, there’s no denying that birthstones are a great jewellery option; they are personal, colourful, and unique.

August Birthstone – Peridot

For those born in August, take a look at the peridot stone. This stone is named after the French term ‘peritot’ which means ‘golden’, as the mineral in the stone can vary in colour and give off a golden glow. Usually however, peridot presents as a bright, vivid green or yellow shade, making it the perfect option for bright, sunny August days.

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for somebody born in August, we offer a selection of stunning peridot jewellery.

Nomination Classic Round Peridot Charm

Nomination Classic Oval Peridot Charm

Nomination Peridot Extension Bracelet

September Birthstone – Sapphire

September babies are granted beautiful sapphires as their birthstone. This stunning jewel stone is usually found in a rich, royal blue shade, and adds a colourful yet always sophisticated touch to any jewellery piece.

From bracelet charms to necklace and earring sets, a gift of sapphire jewellery is guaranteed to make the day of anyone with a September birthday.

Swarovski Angelic Sapphire Crystal Pendant and Earring Set

Trollbeads Sapphire Bead

Nomination Classic Sapphire Charm

From a range of unique charms to glittering Swarovski jewellery, explore the full Joshua James collection to find the perfect piece for someone special.

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