2020 Wedding Trends: Themes, Dresses & Bridal Jewellery Ideas

The current pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for couples across the country, as many have been forced to postpone or even cancel their upcoming nuptials. As uncertainty continues to dominate, it remains unclear as to when circumstances will return to normal, and so many have put off their wedding planning for the time being. Especially for those with hopes for large, lavish weddings filled with hundreds of guests, it seems unlikely that their dreams will become a reality this year. 

But did you know that many of the latest 2020 wedding trends are steering away from ostentatious affairs with lengthy guest lists, and instead, are leaning into more intimate gatherings which place a greater focus on personalisation? Although right now it’s impossible to say for sure, there is a chance that your wedding won’t have to wait until next year. Why not consider a small-scale affair that incorporates some of the most popular wedding trends for 2020, and if you and your partner would like, you can plan a more extravagant wedding with all of your long-distance friends and family for a later date!

With this in mind, we’ve decided to cover some of the key wedding trends for this year, along with some of the most popular wedding dress trends of 2020. Of course, we’ll also be giving our expert recommendations on how to pick wedding jewellery to match your dream dress! Read on for our coverage of the most popular and unique wedding themes for 2020. 

Wedding Themes for 2020

Nature lovers, rejoice: many of the most popular wedding trends for this year look to embrace the great outdoors, often with a charming and memorable twist. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, it’s possible to put a luxurious spin on any of these nature-inspired wedding themes. Just make sure you have arrangements in place in case the good old English weather decides to play up at the last minute!

The wedding decor trends of 2020 have consisted of earthy tones and incorporating the natural beauty of our planet, and here’s how you can introduce this into your special day:

Desert Chic

It’s certainly one of the more interesting wedding trends for 2020: the “desert chic” theme is perfect for the boho bride, offering a unique way to incorporate the outdoor lifestyle into your ceremony. 

But how can I have a desert-themed wedding in the UK? I hear you ask. Well, the fact is that you don’t need an epic desert landscape and baking heat to recreate this particular theme. You don’t even need sand! The real heart of a desert chic wedding lies in the decorations. Weave cacti into your floral arrangements and bridal bouquet, throw in some bohemian cushion seating, adorn tables with earthy gemstones and handcrafted touches. And really focus on your colour scheme: you’ll want to develop a warm palette of rustic colours such as champagne and dusty rose mixed in with bold pops of terracotta. 

Although you don’t necessarily need a desert wilderness setting for this wedding, finding a location could still prove tricky. Ideally you want an area that feels isolated from civilisation, in order to create a more intimate and “deserted” atmosphere. A tipi can be a fabulous way to stay on-theme, while also ensuring some protection from the elements if the weather takes a turn for the worst!


The rustic theme presents a more traditional and timeless interpretation of the outdoor wedding. A trend which is perfectly suited to the natural beauty of the UK, think of lush, rolling green landscapes and strong garden or farm-like influences. Simply put, a rustic wedding is all about paying tribute to the great outdoors, so location really is key.

Popular venue options for rustic countryside weddings include farms and barns, so you’re sure to be spoiled for choice! If you live in a rural area, you may already have a perfect setting in mind which is close to home; those of you living in the city may need to spend a little more time researching! 

For any indoor portions of your wedding, you can embrace this theme by adding plenty of nature-inspired touches to your decor, including organic materials and textures such as wood and natural flora. Rustic weddings also tend to be quite casual in nature; you can create a relaxed atmosphere with touches like cosy fireplaces, handcrafted table decorations and blankets for if it gets chilly. 


Love the idea of partying under the stars? The celestial trend has greatly influenced fashion and jewellery styles in recent times, and it’s now permeating the wedding industry as well. There’s no denying the deep and profound meaning which can often be associated with the planets and constellations found in space, and even if you’re not a huge fan of astrology, the night sky is irresistibly beautiful.

So how can you make your guests starry-eyed at your wedding? For starters, don’t think that you need to hold your ceremony outdoors in the middle of the night in uncomfortably cold temperatures – this theme can work wonderfully indoors. It’s all about the colour scheme and the lighting: you’ll want to embrace dark and moody hues that are enhanced by swirling metallic and iridescent details and twinkling star-like lighting. Weave fairy lights into your floral arrangements – bonus points for those hanging from the walls and ceiling! – and make sure to feature celestial motifs all throughout the decor. Tailor the wedding cake to the zodiac signs of the bride and groom, and above all embrace the sparkle of the endless cosmos! 

Micro Weddings

This 2020 wedding trend is sure to be huge – not only due to circumstances but also because it embraces the theme of personalisation which continues to flourish in the wedding industry. 

Although there is no strict guest limit, a wedding is generally considered “micro” if it has 20 guests or less. Any larger than this, and it should really be considered a “small” wedding – but let’s not get pedantic! 

A micro wedding can relieve some of the pressure often associated with planning a large-scale affair, as the couple may choose to leave out some of the elements traditionally included in a wedding – for example, the speeches, bouquet toss or first dance. Rather than feeling as if they must go through the motions in order to please a large crowd, the wedding can be entirely tailored to suit the bride and groom’s personal vision.

Another huge advantage of the micro wedding: budget. A smaller guest list means less individuals to cater to, and so you can go all out to treat your nearest and dearest. This could mean more decadent meals, personalised gift bags and more opportunity for interactive entertainment. 

Above all, micro weddings allow the bride and groom to spend plenty of time with each and every valued guest, as well as each other.

2020 Wedding Dress Trends & Bridal Jewellery to Match

Have any of our wedding themes caught your eye? Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can keep this in mind when choosing your dream wedding dress!

As many of this year’s wedding trends embrace themes of nature, personalisation and distinctly bohemian vibes, it only seems natural that this has had an influence on the wedding dress trends for 2020. But if you’re a more traditional gal, don’t worry – the classic ball gown still proves to be one of the best wedding dress options according to the runways of Bridal Fashion Week!

Let’s take a look at the most popular wedding dress styles that have used the top 2020 wedding trend colours along with our advice on how to pick bridal jewellery to match!

Floral Prints

Okay, but this is floral wedding dresses with a twist: for 2020, you’ll want to incorporate bold pops of colour that pattern the traditional white gown. Something that we saw lots of during Fashion Week was 3-D floral embroideries, designed to really make a statement. If that sounds like a little much for you, you can still embrace this trend with delicate pastel prints to give your wedding dress a whimsical edge. Or why not accessorise with some of our favourite nature-inspired jewellery picks? Head over to our Serenity collection for plenty of inspiration, or look to the Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom collection for luxurious pearl creations.

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil & Pearl Cherry Blossom Talon Earrings
Thomas Sabo Magic Garden Silver & White Zirconia Leaves Bracelet
Joshua James Serenity Silver & Yellow Gold Plated Cherry Blossom Drop Earrings
Shaun Leane Sterling Silver & Pearl Cherry Blossom Pendant


If you’re tempted by a celestial wedding, your dress will definitely need some sparkle! Especially at a wedding filled with galactic motifs and twinkling lights, you’ll want to make sure that you’re the brightest star of them all. Wedding dresses adorned with sequins, metallic accents and glittering beads were a huge hit on the 2020 bridal runways. 

Dress courtesy of Ghost Orchid Bride, Hull

If you decide to go for a dress with lots of bling, our advice is to keep your wedding day jewellery relatively minimal. You don’t want to go too OTT! Alternatively, go for a subtler gown and accessorise with showstopping celestial jewellery, like the stunning pieces from the Thomas Sabo Magic Stars collection. It’s all about balance!

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

Joshua James Stardust Silver & CZ Star Gazer Drop Earrings
ChloBo Silver & Iolite Moon Dust Necklace
Thomas Sabo Royalty Star & Moon Earrings
Thomas Sabo White Zirconia Magic Stars Drop Earrings

Ball Gowns

Prefer to keep it classic? You can’t go wrong with a traditional white wedding gown in regal style, complete with billowing skirts and a show stopping silhouette. Your wedding is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear this style of dress, and is perfect for bridges looking to make a grand entrance! In addition, the ball gown style of wedding dress is incredibly versatile, suited to both traditional and less conventional wedding themes. 

What jewellery you wear with this wedding dress is entirely up to you. We would suggest keeping it glamorous but understated, perhaps a pair of classic diamond earrings paired with a matching solitaire pendant; or if you really love the traditional look, why not opt for some timeless pearl jewellery?

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

Diamonfire Silver & White Zirconia Cushion Cut Pendant
The Wedding Room 18ct White Gold 0.40ct Diamond Earrings
Joshua James Allure Silver with Rose Gold Plating & Pearl Baroque Pendant
Diamonfire Silver with White Zirconia & Pearl Round Drop Earrings

Airy Dresses

Think silk, tulle, organza: beautiful and ethereal fabrics that will leave you feeling light-as-air as you walk down the aisle. This stunning style of wedding dress is perfect for the boho bride, and especially suited to outdoor weddings where such lightweight gowns will really come to life. It’s also wonderful for the bride who loves to dance, as there’s no chance of feeling weighed down!

Keep those free vibes going with delicate, lightweight jewellery on your wedding day. You may also want to incorporate some natural gemstones such as opal or mother of pearl to really embrace that bohemian feel.

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

Joshua James Radiance Silver & Mother of Pearl Trellis Pendant
Claudia Bradby Audrey Pink Pearl Stud Earrings
Joshua James Radiance Silver & Rose Quartz Cushion Cut Pendant
Joshua James 9ct Gold & Opal October Birthstone Stud Earrings

Browse our full collection of bridal accessories here at Joshua James for plenty more ideas on what wedding jewellery to wear on your special day! And remember, even if your wedding gets delayed this year, it just means that you can make the most of this extra time for planning. You can choose your dream wedding dress and matching bridal jewellery at any point, and if you fall in love with any of the most popular 2020 wedding trends in this article then you can still incorporate these at a later date. Make sure to check out our blog post on how to take the perfect engagement ring selfie and our complete guide to wedding rings – for plenty more stuff to keep you occupied while you wait for your wedding day!

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