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Which Disney Princess Fits Your Style?


Disney movies have had a special place in our hearts since the first films were released in 1937.

The last five generations have grown up with Walt Disney classics and the magic of Disney has shaped the way we see the world around us. No corporate brand has ever done a better job than Disney at creating a commercial goldmine from consumer products and merchandise affiliated with their films – and that’s before even mentioning their 11 Disney parks and resorts around the world.

Disney princesses in particular have inspired girls young and old to overcome all forms of problems that can be reflected in real life, taught them to be brave and taught them that friendship and love are the most important qualities someone can possess.

Needless to say, there is a huge amount of excited surrounding two upcoming Disney princess movies that are set to enchant us just as much as the classics have over the last eighty years. In November 2016, Moana is released and brand new Disney Princess will join the ranks. In March 2017, a brand new live action version of the ever-loved Beauty and the Beast finally comes out after months of excitement around it. The latter has been on our minds ever since we first saw the official trailer last month.

Belle is such an inspiration to many because she is not only stunningly beautiful, but she is also brave, smart, funny, compassionate and kind. She is not easily swayed by Gaston’s muscles but instead chooses to see the Beast’s hidden inner beauty. The movie is set to come out in March 2017 and so far the plot has been a well-kept secret and we still do not know whether the live action version will stay true to its animated predecessor. All we do know, though, is that Emma Watson is going to bring Belle to life in this version. We think she is a great choice!

Starting with Belle, have a look at the style sheets below to see which princess’ style you like the most.


If delicate gold pieces are your cup of tea then your style matches Belle!

You’re delicate, hardworking and strong. You’ve had to work hard to be where you are now, and you know what it means to put your head in the game. You also know exactly what your goals are, and will not stop at anything to make your dreams come true.

Your style is a combination between the classic touch of gold and colourful accents of precious stone.

A grid of four different items of yellow gold jewellery from Joshua James


If you are a rebel at heart with a thirst for adventure then your style matches Ariel!

You are a very original person with a rebellious soul that always yearns to know more about the world around you. Much like your style buddy Ariel, you seek new adventures, and have a fun-loving, free spirit!

Your style is…whatever you want it to be! You prefer to surprise everyone else (and yourself) with crazy combinations that somehow always look stunning. You also have a soft spot for dreamy aquamarine and cute starfish jewellery.

A grid of four different items of sea themed and aquamarine jewellery from Nomination, Thomas Sabo and Joshua James

Aurora / Sleeping Beauty

If you are a hopeless romantic and a true girly-girl then your style matches Aurora!

Needless to say, you have a soft spot for the colour pink! Why wouldn’t you though? Pink (especially combined with delicate rose gold) is a winner in your eyes and definitely in your wardrobe too!

You are a gentle spirit: loving, kind and humble, but you definitely have a very brave side that you’re not afraid to show when one of your close ones is in need.

Your style is girly and delicate and romantic: a true modern-day fairy tale!

A grid of four different items of rose gold and pink and purple gemstone jewellery from Joshua James and Swarovski


If you are classy, sassy and a bit bad-assy then your style matches Cinderella!

You can be a bit of a hopeless romantic sometimes, but that’s alright: true love is worth dreaming of…

You’re classy and feminine without being too over the top: just the right balance between sass and class! Your sunny personality and fun-loving spirit make you a great friend, and your spontaneous attitude takes all of your friends on great adventures.

A grid of four different items of royal blue gemstone jewellery from Joshua James and Swarovski

Which Disney Princess style do you like the most? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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